What can you eat with one kidney?

If you’re one of the lucky ones who have made it through life with two functioning kidneys, congratulations! But what happens when tragedy strikes and you find yourself with just one? Fear not my friend, because in this article we will be diving into all things dietary and answering the question on everyone’s mind: “What can I eat with one kidney?”

The Skinny on Kidneys

Before we go any further, let’s take a quick biology lesson. Our kidneys are essential organs that play a vital role in our overall health. They work hard to filter out waste products from our blood and help us maintain proper fluid balance.

But guess what? If you only have one kidney, it doesn’t mean that it has to do twice as much work. In fact, the remaining kidney will compensate for its missing partner by growing larger and working harder.

While there are some dietary restrictions that come along with having just one bean-shaped organ, they aren’t too difficult to navigate. So sit back (or lean forward if that suits your style) and let’s get right into it!

Limiting Sodium Intake

One of the biggest changes you’ll need to make in your diet is limiting sodium intake. This is because excessive salt consumption can lead to high blood pressure which can damage your remaining kidney. Therefore cutting down on table salt (and salty snacks) is essential for optimum kidney function.

Here are some tips for reducing sodium:

  • Use fresh herbs instead of salt to flavor dishes
  • Opt for low-sodium foods (check labels!)
  • Rinse canned veggies before cooking
  • Avoid processed foods such as chips or frozen dinners (those plastic microwavable meals should be personal banished)

Protein Moderation

Another change you may need to implement is moderation when consuming proteinous food items like meat or eggs(this does not mean giving up bacon). Proteins converted to urea which the kidneys need to remove, so eating large amounts of protein can put excessive strain on your remaining kidney.

However, you still do not require a special diet consisting only of tofu burgers and pea soup (Madam vegan, please walk away from this page). Instead, opt for lean meats like poultry or fish as they are relatively low in phosphorus. Take note that some plant-based sources such as beans and nuts may be high in phosphorus(I mean seriously who knew nuts contained proteins πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ), so it’s important to keep track of portions sizes.

To make things even easier here’s a stellar table:

Food Item Protein per serving (g)
Chicken breast 26 g
Salmon 22 g
Almonds 6 g

The Double Ds- Diabetes and Diet

People with diabetes are at an increased risk for developing chronic kidney disease.(Another one bites the dust) Therefore precaution needs to be taken concerning sugar intake. In fact those with diabetes have greater dietary restrictions than those without but don’t worry we’ve got you covered!

Here are three tips on controlling glucose:

  1. Eat foods that raise blood sugar slowly.
  2. Monitor portion control instead(goodbye seconds!)
  3. Avoid processed food items particularly sweet ones

Potassium Parade

A possible issue occurs when there is too much potassium content in your diet leading hyperkalemia where blood becomes overloaded by potassium causing fatigue amongst other symptoms . For healthier adults potassium can typically balance itself through urine output therefore consider taking a low-potassium approach.

Few tips help u take charge ;

1.Bananas,sweet potato & spinach,betrayed me I had no idea.

2.Tomatoes & mushrooms will be in your next grocery list.

3.Engage more with apples & berries (Antioxidants!!)

Let’s Wrap It Up

To round it up, consider relying on whole foods that are low in salt and sugar so vegetable ,fruits and lean proteins should be yo go-tos.Sadly this leaves out all appetising junk food but imagine just how healthy you will be!

Remember the human body was designed to perform incredibly well even if injured.So diet for a person with one kidney is not much different than the overall healthy diet.It only asks of few amendments but fully worth it!.

Small Changes comes great impact!🎏