What can you do with quail eggs?

Quail eggs – they’re tiny, they’re cute, and they’ve gained some serious popularity over the years. Whether it’s for their nutritional value or just as a fancy garnish on a dish, these little guys have become quite the sensation. But what in the world can you actually do with them? Buckle up folks because today we are going to explore all sorts of amazing things you never knew you could do with those tiny little eggs!

Quail Egg Basics

Before we delve too deep into eggscellent recipes and uses, let’s take a quick primer on what exactly are quail eggs?

In short: quail eggs come from small birds called Quails (Coturnix Coturnix). These birds typically lay anywhere between 4-8 eggs per day (chicken who??) which means that if one is lucky enough to find themselves in possession of these little guys – well then you better get cracking! (pun intended)

Ranging about one-sixth to one-fifth of chicken egg sizes and weighing roughly 9 grams each; quail eggs pack a lot of punch. They contain nearly twice as much Vitamin A,B1,B2,B6,B12,Iron & Zinc than your average domesticated chicken egg!

Quails not only need less space but also require less food compared to chickens which makes it easier for people living in smaller spaces like apartments, balconies etc.

Now that we know how cool quaiI’eggs are; let us now talk about some quirky ways you can make use out of them.

#1 Hard Boiled & devilled

Okay so starting off simple here… Firstly hard-boiling is definitely an option for these little guys when used best way possible.
Once boiled , return them quickly into cold water marked by ice cubes so they become easy to peel.

But have you ever heard of quail egg deviled eggs? Instead of making your traditional devilled eggs with chicken eggs, why not switch it up and use everybody’s favourite – the quail egg!

1. Boil one dozen quail eggs
2. Peel them (after cooling)
3. Slice each in half
4. Mix together mayonnaise , mustard & paprika
5. Use a piping bag or spoon to portion out mixture onto top of sliced halves.

Don’t be surprised if these don’t last too long!

#2 Quails Eggs Benedict

Do you think we should rock brunch tables with more colors?
Absolutely you should and what better way than using sunny-side-up quail’s instead ! Try this quirky twist on the normal-eggs benedict recipe below:

Ingredients for Hollandaise Sauce:
80g unsalted butter, cubed
2 Egg yolks
Juice of half a lemon

Accessories: Can include bread or buttermilk biscuits!
Instructions :

1.Separate two egg yolks(Keeping whites aside)and Microwave butter cubes in intervals till runny.

2.Whip one table-spoon cold water into Microwaved-butter until its emulsified and frothy.

3.Add whisked yolks salt lemon juice & continue process for upto 20 seconds.Allowing thick cream colored “emulsion” to form slowly at bottom.

4.Be patient whilst Cooking Poached-Qui’s(Tip: add some white vinegar into boiling water)

5.Serve newly poached Qui’s over warm bread/biscuit halves – Layering sauce atop

6.Trip Peppery arugula over as garnish.

Trust us; doing something different is always worth trying once !

#3 Scrambled Quails- Quick Recipe for everyone

Quails eggs are odd but not difficult to cook with. For the simplest preparation, think scrambled quail egg on a toast(buttered perhaps). You can also use this recipe and add toppings like chopped scallions or simply salt and pepper.

Ingredients :
4-6 Quail Eggs
Salt/Pepper for seasoning.


1.Whisk four to six quail eggs together in a small bowl until nicely blended.

2.Heat up your choice of oil or cooking spray on a pan

3.Pour in whisked mixture into heated pan,and stir continoulsy until fully cooked through.(Tip:Lowering heat from medium to low after pouring ensures perfect outcome).

4.Seasonate sprinkling some Salt & pepper.

5.Serve atop freshly done toast slices.(Optional) you can garnish using crushed red chillies as well.#ForExtraZest

#4 Asian Style Scrambled Quails-

SOS: Did someone say “Food Expedition’s” for us armchair travelers!?
If you haven’t then let me drop an Idea down below!

Think about giving your most basic scrambled quail egg recipe(make sure it doesn’t turn out dry/scralled-yellow-well-done type) an Asian twist – Soya Sauce Scramble QuailEgg !

1. Whisk two(quite visibily larger than chicken ones)quaiI’eggs, two tablespoons of milk (almond is fine too), one teaspoon grated ginger, fresh garlic(chopped finely )and half tablespoons Soy sauce(dark)!

  1. Add beaten -ingredients-mixture onto medium hot skillet.(Tip: Use butter or sesame oil for that extra kick)

3.Continously strain gently,tip around so ingredients mix artfully .

4.At this point;likely pastel yellow scramble would have started taking shape,sprinkle some Sesame seeds to elevate its taste.

Serve any which way – on side of Jasmine rice or maybe simply as an appetizer.

#5 Quail Toast

Feeling quite peck-ish but not in a mood for anything serious i.e. brunch items? Maybe give “avocado- toast” trend a break, and experiment with something more playful but equally filling – like an open-faced tasty-licious quail’s egg toast!

Slices of preferred bread /Sourdough is kind of our favourite these days
Guacamole / Homemade salsa sauce/ Garlic Mayo(Pick swiftly)
Fresh Arugula leaves(for garnish stages)


1.Start by spreading either guac/salsa over thick slice(s)of bread

2.Preheat your oven about 350F(optional)

3.Put slices on baking tray (better if lightly buttered to get that richness )

4.Making sure ,QuaiIs are perfectly boiled and peeled – place them atop the tortillas

5.Distribute some chopped red onions(optional) followed by dollop size amount fresh made “Garlic Aioli”

6.Bake until quiet crispy

7.Top off generously dished out serving bowl with green crunch arugula

What had been feeling -blue moments before now vanished because you’ve just entered imitable, ‘brunch spread’ game!
but it’s okay; sometimes even Eccentricity can also be impressively appealing.

#6 Scrumptious Wrap-up !

We have come across how awesome are quails sometimes exaggerated,-when used wisely! Some people prefer small oval-shape eggs due to their balanced inside-out nutrition package(cost effective?) whereas others love variety & novelty . Despite lacking popularity,this exotic element comes loaded-with surprises, carry-& take anywhere one desires life span mini-bombs !

How’d find this listicle selection today?
Did your mind cook up some creative quail egg inspired recipe? Share your thoughts in the comments below. We’d be excited to decipher more “quirky propositions” you may have come up with!