What can you do to help a pulled muscle?

  • Take it easy and rest your strained muscle.
  • Apply something cold if the muscle injury is acute.
  • Apply moist heat if the injury is chronic.
  • Take anti-inflammatory medicine.
  • Try some light stretching.
  • What is the best treatment for pulled muscle? Taking a hot shower or bath is a common home remedy for a pulled muscle. A gel pack can be used to soothe pain caused by a pulled muscle. The hamstring is a commonly injured muscle. A warm bath may help ease a pulled muscle.

    How do I know if I pulled a muscle? Physical Symptoms. A muscle that has been pulled may feel slightly sore with a dull, aching kind of pain. Pulled muscles can also feel more acutely painful, especially when the affected muscle is being used. Some pulled muscles are also sore or tender to the touch. The joints near the injured muscle may also be sore.

    How do you pull back muscle? Apply heat to the pulled back muscle. Try applying heat directly to the area that is strained or sprained right after the ice. This is a powerful way to “double-shock” your back muscles out of the pain-spasm cycle. Apply 20 minutes of ice followed by 20 minutes of heat and repeat up to three times.

    How do you treat pulled leg muscle? Leg strain is also known as a pulled muscle. It results from damage to a muscle from excessive physical activity. Proper treatment of a pulled muscle includes a cold compress, rest, and elevation of the damaged muscle above the level of the heart.