What can you do for cracked rib pain?

People with cracked ribs know that unbearable pain is no joke. Laughing or even breathing can be a chore with the nagging ache caused by rib fractures, but all hope is not lost as there are some measures one can take to alleviate the pain and promote healing.

Understanding what causes cracked rib

Cracked ribs may result from trauma such as an accident or fall. It can also be caused by repetitive stress like constant coughing, osteoporosis that weakens bones or certain types of cancer.

Regardless of how they occurred, cracked ribs require prompt medical attention. In most cases, patients recover within six weeks with appropriate care during this delicate period.

What are the symptoms of cracked rib?

Symptoms associated with fractured ribs include:

  • Pain in the chest when laughing or moving
  • A crackling sound felt beneath skin tissue
  • Tightness in chest muscles followed by bruising
  • Difficulty breathing when lying down

When the injury persists for more than three days without any change in condition or unbearable pains accompanied by shortness breathe, visit a healthcare provider immediately.

6 Ways to Alleviate Cracked Rib Pain

Suffering from a broken rib? Here’s what you need to do –

  1. Proper Rest:
    The first step towards recovery involves being kind enough to your body system and allowing it just enough rest while using your injured side sparely.

  2. Apply heat:
    Applying moist heat on affected areas relaxes muscle spasms and improves blood flow around strained tissues.

  3. Over-the-counter (OCT) medication:
    Pair over-the-counter (OCT) medication-like aspirin and ibuprofen -with elevated legs-once per day helps soothe painful sensations reducing swelling along lung lining aiding ease shallow breaths .NB Consult your doctor before taking anything OTC

  4. Mind your mobility:
    It’s helpful to perform exercises that offer the right amount of challenge without going too far. Avoid activities such as twisting, bending or lifting heavyweights.

  5. Breathing deeply:
    Take in deep breaths frequently to keep chest muscles active, avoiding stiffness and breakage of adhesion tissues during the healing process.

  6. Get proper support:
    Get an elastic breathing compression bandage to help with quick recovery times when used correctly.

Should you see a doctor if the pain persists?

While broken ribs can take several weeks or months for full recovery dependent on severity; one should seek medical attention if symptoms get more severe after seven days exhibiting symptoms such as chest pressure alongside a rise in body temperature greater than 101°F.

In summary, adequate rest utilizing heat packaging while staying mobile -without exercising is fundamental to cracked rib care while OTC medication aids in prompt relief from painful sensations.Challenges understood? Seek expert medical consultation immediately.Most importantly,” Go hard or go home!”

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