What can you do for a stiff neck?

Have you ever woken up with a stiff neck, one that feels like it’s made of cinderblocks and refuses to move? Or maybe you’ve had one come on after spending way too long hunched over your computer or desk. Either way, we all know the familiar pain of a stiff neck.

Fear not! With some simple tips and tricks, plus tasty home remedies from your grandma’s recipe book (or okay – Google), we’ve got your back(…neck). Let’s dive into what can be done for that annoying soreness in the neck!

Check Your Text Neck

First things first, let’s address strains caused by digital devices cough mobile phones/ tablets / kindles /cough. Yes SLM, looking at our screens too much calls them “text-neck” related problems. If so guilty as charged…take breaks. Instead of binging mindlessly on Netflix shows face-down on your desk banishing eye-balls to strain-causing angles: sit up straighter, don’t crane the head in front an inch closer than needed – or bring any gadget right above eye level. The chest will thank you because sitting upright isn’t only beneficial for spinal health but also helps with breathing.

A Warm Cloth Might Help

For immediate relief apply heat/moist heat pack – wait is this another trick where Grandma strikes again? No really though she does have something there. Using moist warm towel compress may help ease muscular tension, no need to microwave every cloth ya own just have hot water soak in towels wrapped around affected area (not directly onto skin though!) Rubbing essential oils such as camphor & eucalyptus mixed in carrier oil might help escalate relief.

Massage Yourself Out Of It

If you thought Massages always needed hands-for-hire think again; DIY tools like tennis or foam rollers can be a pleasing option too. Try gently rolling one of these babies on the affected area placing it behind neck and using palm to grasp handle- Roll it slowly up down over sore spots, holding where necessary for a minute or two. Another suggested tool is Thera-Cane that helps work out knots and manage massaging at difficult-to-reach points. Sometimes upward strokes from base of skull going all way to the shoulder is more effective than heavy pressure in restricting motion areas.

A Game Of Exercise

While staying active sounds counter-intuitive – stretching/do breathing exercises/ yog(b)endings actually help release tension in the neck muscles; Look up online tutorials such as chin tucks(head tucked back creating double-chin), side bends(ear towards front shoulder pressing gravity’s pull with arm); Gently inclining head press/release against resistance from either your hand, towel held between jaws are options for quicker relief/speedy recovery!

Epsom Salt Bath May Help

The internet does suggest some strange stuff – one being taking an epsom salt bath. Not gonna lie but when mentioning how grandma knew “everything” was right–this may seem little far out there! But really though this combination might reduce discomfort often associated with stiff-neck woes. Add about 1-2 cups (or few scoops depending on product instructions) into hot water filled bathtub & soak for about 12 minutes initially adjusting time based on sensitivity.

Let The Right Pill Do The Work

Where home remedies (ahem Grandma’s intervention) only provide temporary relief, backing them with Over-the-counter analgesics/pain relievers like Ibuprofen/acetaminophen/aspirin could subdue inflammation & mild muscle pain enough to allow performing other remedial methods comfortably (& probably sleep through night). Although not recommended by SLM doctors before evaluating treatment plans/checking for any severe underlying cause/use contrary against health history’s contra-indications.

Don’t Overlook Your Sleeping Support System

What if the root of sore neck is something as trivial-looking as your pillow? Pay attention to it. Try fluffing from time-to-time, getting a firmer fill/ special cervical traction pillows designed for keeping chin in alignment with shoulders- Prevents stiffness creeping up overnight (did you know – adjusting height of head-rest before sleeping has major impact on spinal alignment too!).

Hydrate Good Health!

When unsure what caused cricks/nodules so painfully sitting around neck – just drink water. Not only does staying hydrated prevent muscle strains/cramps in first place but also helps flush out toxins-taking adage “drink for your life” quite seriously! & not just leave SLM team(and momma) high and dry while combating terrible puns.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Neck pain can be stubborn – once it strikes relief requires both patience and an arsenal of remedies at bay; Best way to evade them: Take preventive measures instead! Hit the gym/stretch often, stay mobile(sitting still sounds boring anyways), Listen to grandma more(add those crazy home ingredients she suggests).

So go forth our reader friends, don’t let Pain drive its stake through heart…er-neck again. Apply these weird-but-effective-in-treatment tips that surprise us actually work wonders— curing stiffs neck one stretch/compress/massage at a time or even all three together(Disclaimer-not scientifically proven).