What can vaseline be used for?

Ah, Vaseline, the ultimate multi-purpose item in your bathroom cabinet. This little tub of wonder has probably been a staple in your home for years now, but did you know that it can be used for way more than just moisturizing dry skin? In this article, I’ll take you on a journey of discovery as we explore all the unique ways to use this petroleum jelly.

What is Vaseline?

Before we dive into its uses, let’s first get our facts straight about what exactly Vaseline is. At its core, it’s made up of petroleum – yes, really – and was first discovered over 150 years ago by Robert Chesebrough who found out how great at lubricating machinery and healing burns or cuts it could be!

Now, without further ado:

Overcoming Common Skin Problems with Vaseline

When most people think of Vaseline they usually think “skin”. With good reason!

1.Dry Elbows And Knees

Knee and elbow skin are subjected to lots of wear and tear so there’s nobody better equipped to deal than this gooey substance right here. After showering or bathing smear an ample amount onto towel-dried joints–the vaseline will lock moisture into those hard-to-keep-hydrated areas/cracks.

2.Moisturise Cuticles

You’ve done everything else beauty-wise-check: face care-check: nail polish-check.: wait . . .. cuticle oil? Don’t worry-genius has struck because you can swap that oil with some trusty vaseline instead^.^ Sit down,take a dab/portion & rub around each nail bed until stuff absorbs completely

3.Remove Stuck Rings;Greasy Hair

It double action time when ring gets stuck on greasy fingers-useful,right?.Smoosh some^ body lotion,petroleum jelly or shampoo on the ringed finger then give twist action until it slides off easily. Wait,is^this hypocritical when we say greasy hair though? Nay! You can create a dry hair cap with Vaseline that’ll pick up all excess oils overnight.As disgusting as its sounds,it’ll be worth your manageability come morningCue wink

4.Fade Stretch Marks (If you’re into that sort of thing)

Some folks have pretty fantastic skin and others may have some marks,imperfections or scars,no shame in either game.Yet wouldn’t it be cool to have these lines gradually vanish?. Rubbing vaseline onto stretchy areas ( like post-pregnancy stomach area for instance) regularly didn’t quite work out but fans assure us having more hydrated skin will add elasticity thus easing visibility of said-marks.

Non-Skin Wonders with Vaseline

Believe it or not – this tub is versatile enough to make magic outside of the vanity mirror too. Don’t believe me?-Keep reading!

1.Lubricate Things

Do you live in an environment where things rust quickly? Simply apply/brush some petroleum jelly onto hinges,bolts,latches-even locks and away goes squeaky mechanical items- forever. For extra credit if camping/survival training lubricate zippers,worn-in leather shoes,pistol barrels etc to avoid erosion

2.Restore And Preserve Leather Goods

Did I already mention this nifty product makes leather shine again? Oh well,here’s another reason–because it does exactly that.Ask literally any car-lover.Most importantly they tend crack over time from exposure,sun,dirt just name few.Needless to say vaseline boots bag gloves/shoes belt protector for shiny,clean-upkeep.When being applied right after cleaning affair-so technique really matters here-,your beloved pieces get longer lifespan thus new heirlooms-for-the-grandkids repelling too¤

3.Setup Your Very Own DIY Humidifier

Is your skin suffering from breathless-dryness caused by indoor heat system or?don’t worry,petroleum jelly’s to the rescue once again.Create/heat safe dish/bowl with hot steaming water drop 1-2 teaspoons of vaseline let the mixture sit in room for a while.viola! A makeshift humidifier has been created♻️ Breathe easy and sparingly.

4.Remove Rust For Science Class

Did you know,(sort of like earlier)petroleum jelly is actually useful when rust abatement comes into play?.Exposure air/moisture will cause oxidisation which buds these ugly brown spots.Talk about rusting away. Use good quantity anywhere there are rusted bolts knobs etc,wipe away after a night-time soak & rub so smooth metal’s visible¤

Vaseline®: More Than Just Petroleum Jelly

Isn’t it wild how one product can be used in so many ways besides moisturizing dry patches?!Our household companions continues evolving.Everyday people discover more uses for simple items without having an expensive arsenal.Similar products such as aquaphor,intense hydrating body balms contain petroleum jelly leading to wide range usage options.Oh well no surprise there,mines already part/partner of my beauty routine.Guess that makes me guilty of being eco-private anyway.•~^•

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