What can u use for constipation?

Welcome to the ultimate guide on getting unstuck from constipation! Don’t let a slow mover ruin your day by backing you up. Here’s what can help relieve that annoying bloating and discomfort so suit up Batman, we’re about to save the day!

Fiber Up Your Routine

Does fiber make you poop? Yes it does! So grab some leafy green vegetables and get ready to clean out those pipes.

High-fiber foods such as beans, fruits and veggies are excellent stool softeners. They bulk up waste material in your digestive tract making it easier to move out of your system easily.

Here’s a list of high-fiber foods that will have you pooping like a champ:

  • Bran cereals: oatmeal, bran flakes
  • Fruits: raspberries, apples, bananas
  • Vegetables: spinach, broccoli
  • Beans & legumes: kidney beans , lentils

A Word of Warning About Fiber…

While loading up on fiber-rich foods may seem like an easy fix for easing constipation, be careful not to overdo it especially if you haven’t been eating enough fiber previously. Too much
fiber quickly could result in abdominal cramps or diarrhea which isn’t exactly the solution anyone is looking for!

So ramp your intake slowly while ensuring adequate hydration throughout the day.

Drink More Water

Might sound obvious but guzzling good old agua just might be one of the most effective remedies for ending constipation once and for all (well… at least until next time).

Drinking more water than usual helps soften stools reducing blockages making them tiny timbits which exit with ease (we won’t colour this picture any further!). Aim fo 8 glasses per days during normal times; however,during hot summers or intense workouts add another glass or two.

Without adequate water intake nothing can move as efficiently along the digestive tract. So make it a rule: Always hydrate for smooth sailing!

Don’t Wait to Go

Going regularly at roughly the same time each day trains your bowels to function on cue. If you wait too long, however, waste materials which haven’t moved out of your system tend to
become dry and harder to pass.

So don’t sit around twiddling your thumbs when nature calls! As soon as you feel like pooping, head in straight into battle!

If you’re not getting signals from down below try taking deep breaths, focusing attention there or ease yourself by rubbing massage-like circles on lower belly with gentle pressure.

Exercise Your Way Out

Roll up those sleeves and brace yourself for some physical activity!

Exercise improves gut motility (contraction of muscles involved in digesting food). This boosts overall digestion and promotes regular bowel movements.

Physical movement can also help relieve bloating that usually accompanies constipation.
As little as 20-30 minutes of brisk walking or jogging daily go a long way so gear up!

Check These Simple Exercises!

Committing some simple exercises aimed at mobilizing abdomen area should do trick:

1) The knee-to-chest stretch

Lying flat on back use both hands pull right thigh towards chest holding this position for twenty seconds before releasing slowly then switch leg doing same process again.

2) Forward fold

Stand arms distance apart with feet parallel; breathe deeply leaning forward letting hands dangle over ground before returning slowly standing upright.

3) Squat now stand
Simply squat low bringing fingers near toes center pushing heels into floor and rising torso gradually high raising body upwards.

Use Relaxation Techniques

Apart from being less stressful than medicine popping relaxation techniques can be an effective natural remedy against constipation .

Stress primarily puts the nervous system’s go button higher resulting energy diverted away from unnecessary bodily functions such as digestion.

So by redirecting breathing patterns, mind and body you can effectively counteract stress relaxation techniques. Yoga is one such example.

With yoga, attention on deep slow breaths that enhance circulation increasing energy to abdominal region where most tension located

Meditation practitioners also enjoy similar benefits being able to reduce stress levels thereby offsetting digestive system shutdown.

Kiwi! A Delicious Remedy!

Kiwi fruit amongst other things named after a bird / only national symbol of New Zealand (bet you didn’t know this).

Kiwifruit has high prebiotic fiber content contributing significantly towards healthy bowel movement. Better yet recommended amounts do not result in gas-forming tendencies which natural components usually include..

Research indicates kiwi consumption improves gut health reducing constipation severity hence hailed as an effective remedy against persistent constipation without intrusive methods.

So get ready for lunch or snack preparing a delicious serving full of natural goodness!

Take Over-The-Counter Laxatives

If none of these more straightforward remedies cut it moveto the frontlines with over-the-counter laxatives! Make sureto read instruction labels carefully take them at their recommend dosage’s preferably with glass water when taken!

Here are common types:

Osmotic Laxative

Named due contribution fluids intake from surrounding tissues direct colon transferring stool moisture softening making easier pass through rectum – quicker than dietary-lifestyle changes but should not be long-term resolutions in spite rapid results

Non-Stimulant/Stool Softener Laxative

Softens dry stool allowing progress down intestinal tract revolutionising easy waste matter releasing without extra exertion.

Such options work their magic slowly taking some hours before symptoms improving considerably so stronger medications aren’t necessary.

Stimulant Laxative

Most commonly used type;stimulating bowels into action within hours providing almost immediate relief must not use long term solution though since regular use could damage nerves controlling bowels.

Frequently Asked Questions About Constipation

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about constipation:

How often should I poop?

There is no set standard. While many people may poop once a day, others as few times per week feel down on themselves if they do not go daily of course it varies individually.

What foods help me stop being constipated?

Foods loaded with fiber and vegetables facilitate improve bowel movements. Certain fruits like prunes or kiwifruit have also been proven to speed things up behind the scenes! Protein helps too so include meats or choose vegetable proteins such as nuts whilst keeping hydrated..

Does stress cause constipation ?

Yes,stress is one major reason for irregular bowel movements.Stress puts our nervous system’s fight-or-flight response into overdrive interfering with natural digestive mechanisms this results in things slowing down.

In conclusion, good poops require a little thinking ahead but remember that usually the most effective strategy includes a combination of lifestyle modification which includes these easy steps:

  • Adding more fiber-rich food items
  • Exercise/exercising regularly
  • Hydration optimal
  • Reducing stress levels
  • Kiwi fruit consumption

If all else fails,non-prescribed medications-Laxatives always exist providing quick relief just make sure their instructions taken carefully.Should symptoms remain schedule appointment healthcare provider who can recommend additional tests treatments necessary.. Happy pooping everyone – get ready for smooth sailing!

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