What can u take to calm your nerves?

Worried? Scared? Anxious? Don’t panic, and definitely don’t call a therapist. There are plenty of things you can do to calm your nerves and boost your mental health that don’t involve spinal manipulation or a copay! In this guide, we’re going to break down some fantastic tips for keeping those butterflies in check.

Take Deep Breaths

Before you even get started on any other calming technique, try taking deep breaths. We all know how good it feels when we finish an amazing meal, but did you know that opening your jaw wide and inhaling big breaths through your nose can have the same effect?

As our heart rates pick up (perhaps because someone cut us off in traffic?), our bodies go into “fight-or-flight” mode. This sends stress hormones coursing through our veins – not ideal if we want to feel relaxed as jellyfish.

What’s the solution here? You guessed it – slow, deliberate breathing exercises designed to regulate our breathing back into whatever state most natural based on tension levels present. Not the type who smiles at profundity without reason I decided to breathe near her feline console, trying various techniques until she found something soothing.

Some people would say ‘inhale peace’ whilst others may suggest deeper concentration – regardless of what method used one thing holds true- just remember what MrSatan said.. that exhaling is underrated .

Need some more guidance on breathing practices perfect for tuning out road rage or restaurant reservations gone wrong? Well loosen up those vocal cords partner! The next tip is gonna be music therapy…. So grab that microphone like Jack Black!

Turn Up The Tunes!

Nothing beats a great playlist ending with blasting unforgettable tunes made by real instruments; except maybe Tibetan gongs played exclusively by monks from isolated temples deep within the mountains. But Spotify will get ya close.

Music is a universal language that need not be spoken, and it almost always has the power to transport us away from our everyday anxieties. Studies show how music therapy cultivates calm; as MRI scans detect increased activity in regions associated with logical processing and memory retention within individuals who regularly listen while trying calming their nerves.

Of course this can take on many forms- a classical composer like Beethoven or Chopin may take you away to an idyllic European countryside, Ariana Grande or Mariah Carey could put stomp your worries into submission with attitude packed lyrics and pop hooks…

Whatever [audio-fuel] you opt for, dedicated time meditating along with strong mental imagery whilst listening ought to help ease those jangled nerves.” Hit shuffle in silent meditation mode? Sounds good!

Take Up Yoga

If someone gets anxious then voila! Get off the couch/table/chair -and down onto the yoga mat (as Lisa would say “you can’t scream if you’re inhaling slowly towards balance”). It’s also one of her favorite activities that has helped turn said fangirl/fanboy from sad mess into a collector of Namaste merchandise alongside maybe even getting her housecats involved..

Anyway what are some benefits accomplishing aimless stretches? Well plenty – firstly & foremostly: blood flow increases, which stimulates lymphatic drainage, leading ultimately reducing tension throughout entire body system when done correctly. Interesting fact – When performing headstands specifically increasing blood pressure through inversion-altered respirations helps combat chronic stress symptoms making hamstrings sore yet keeping mind ripe

Make Some Chamomile Tea

Next step when it comes tackling anxiety sounds simple… brewing tea!? Yup Its true!! A nice cuppa made up some soothing chamomile tea is perfect remedy whenever we feel frazzled . Also something decent source magnesium␣and folate that can help stress levels.

Ahmed, a tea connoisseur mentioned something special: “Traditional Medicinals’ Chamomile with Lavender helps me relax after a tough day at work. Michael Thompson had some other opinions on this subject though – being British he nearly choked up when learning his coworker puts milk in his chamomile. Tea doesn’t belong to cow’s domain; That’s sacrilege!”

Try Aromatherapy

If CBD oil is not an option for you then here’s your new favorite thing- aromatherapy! Research shows that certain smells may have different effects on our minds and performance overall wellbeing of users.

“Essential oils like lavender & vanilla have naturally calming qualities” says Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo. “Plus there are no negative side effect either,” she tells us enthusedly

Better yet many of these products offer additional benefits as well such as improved relaxation along release endorphins often towards most relaxed whilst close to the scent source vial!

Munch On Some Almonds

“I heard somewhere once that almonds good nervous eaters so just started chowing down!” states Jeffery when asked how he overcomes those jittery moods in life.” Also discovered they’ve significant amount Vitamin E with it!”

Albeit limit fine pieces please because its high calorie content as due majority nuts containing protein and healthy fats,snacking between meals might slow digestion little bit driving symptoms against anxiety early on if going too fast…

Talk It Out

“Just talk? About what?” Janeesh questioned pondering before proceeding further her interest piqued CBT – cognitive behavioral therapy-. Her therapist suggested simply talking issues through realistic knowable deep seated expectations one has about stressful situations ahead or current ones

“Point out positive aspects ain’t always easy but some things at least recognize things.”

Keeping journal also works wonders coming off suppressed trauma urges since becomes easier unloading such woes on mere paper as if words had left interior truly where forever might go!

Watch A Comedy

We turn to our televisions for news and entertainment, but comedic shows serve a different purpose. They make us laugh! The power levity has immense within.

Accordingly laughter affects bodies likewise breathing techniques list earlier same mental positive activity; stimulating vital organs whilst releasing endorphins physiological reaction helping boost mood in the process which leads to relaxed muscles throughout frame. So why not Netflix binge guilt-free today?

“BoJack Horseman” always worth mentioning since gives what nobody wanted beforehand most humor that one can aspire towards each day…every time catch phrase gains popularity even with those reluctants around them stuck inside rooms beyond reach planet earth!

Give Yourself A Hug

“If anyone wants give me tips of how to hug themselves thing is actually pretty great,” Rajat says when we asked him about exercises involving self-compassion or gentleness period he referred this method being amazing cure-all.

Accordingly study published Psychological Science showed “holding hands rub cooling pad-holding object enhances personal safety”. Reaffirming the importance touch connection people overall…

So if you feel anxious or overwhelmed trying wrapping arms so warmly tight tackling life’s various curveballs before energy depleted replaced flush hopelessness

Some Final Words Before We Go Full Circle(Or Spiral!?)
In summary;
There are ways calm nerves that don’t require medical intervention: Just breathe deeply spin records stretch bask chamomile scent nosh almonds talk someone close reward mind funny moment take occasional embrace oneself!

Ultimately just remember everyone experiences anxiety differently~ It may be tough dealing panic attacks at times though its important work together via coping mechanisms toward more fulfilling existence without letting nerves control very beings resides within them -So go ahead & try alongside happy mindset because it’ll all work out perfectly fine!

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