What can mess up your liver?

The liver is like the janitor of your body, it cleans up all the toxins and waste products that enter your system. It’s what keeps your internal organs functioning properly, kind of like a referee in a soccer game. However, there are a few things that you might be doing that can mess up your liver’s cleaning abilities.

Too Much Alcohol Consumption

We’re going to start with an easy one (or not). Drinking alcohol continuously on weekends or even weekdays can cause significant damage to your liver over time as it increases the risk of developing cirrhosis (a condition caused by sudden increase of scar tissue replacing healthy tissues since it affects the normal function of this organ). That’s why if you are someone who likes to party hard at every chance will only end up messing more than just their day-after plans… besides everything sounds better when wrapped in ‘health issues’ right? So next time you’re contemplating whether or not to have another drink remember “Everything in moderation except poisoning yourself.”

Unhealthy Eating Habits

Your liver also does not appreciate unhealthy eating habits (gee thanks TELL US SOMETHING WE DON’T KNOW) such as consuming high processed food items (think fast food), sugary drinks, fatty foods etcetera. All these acts contribute towards increasing fatty deposits in our bloodstreams which eventually lead us down multiple paths such as obesity/overweightness, type2 diabetes and other digestive problems while simultaneously clogging our livers filters! Hence taking good care is very important!!

Let’s do some myth busting: Contrary to popular belief “detox” juice diets focusing specifically on fruit juices cleanse/detoxify our bodies isn’t exactly true (we know hurts right?). No juice alone cleanses livers but while organic fruits and hearty vegetables include vitamins/electrolytes crucial for aiding filtration tasks they certainly cannot replace a balanced healthy meal plan for the full spectrum of our body needs…not one trick pony anymore are they?

Prescription Medications

We all love it when our favorite TV shows make light hearted material around over-the-counter (OTC) and prescribed drugs but if you thought it was just there to promote laughs, let’s stop you right there! In actuality, It is said that OTC medicines like acetaminophen made famous by its brand “Tylenol” or Ibuprofen known as “Advil” can cause serious harm to your liver.

Exceeding regular recommendations/dosages generally tend to get more common amongst the citizenry nowadays hence making medication intake a trivial feat. For instance- Taking too much Tylenol on top of drinking alcohol increases risks since this painkillers contain dangerous sub ingredients such as hydrocodone/oxycodone which not only worsens opioid epidemic but additionally blunts our livers detoxing abilities that ultimately backfire!

Hospitals have recorded cases where toxic substances’ overdoses rendered acute liver damage in patients simply from self medications (and no we’re not talking about Dr.house’s maverick medical treatments here). This should serve us a heads up “Always ask your doctor before taking any meds; don’t play pharmacy yourself”.

Environmental Toxins & Chemicals

There are plenty of toxins and chemicals out there floating around (literally) that wreak havoc to human health so much for oxy clean right?(More like uh..oxyBURN?). These pollutants include lead found in everyday items (paints/glasses), mercury often traceable within fish caught in contaminated waters etcetera.

Such hazardous implications linked with environmental pollution has urged governmental sectors/specialized international organizations such as the WHO towards more stringent monitoring protocols thinking of ways combating toxicity. Now what happens when such contaminants enter into someone already suffering with something underlying it doubles the risk, hence make sure to always check with your doctor regarding any potential toxic exposure levels in your region.


As mentioned previously multitudes of factors contribute towards clogging liver filters/internal organs and the one that rises high on top is obesity. Our lifestyle choices (like a diet full of calorie-rich foods alongside lack of physical activity) tend to be unhealthier leading to aggregated fats accumulation in our livers causing ‘Fatty Liver Disease’. So all you guys out there stuck scrolling through those social media feeds desperately wanting those delicious burgers… feel free go ahead but remember “A moment on lips, lifetime fat logs”.


The human body is an intricate piece of machinery (without getting too scientific) that requires consistent maintenance just like other electrical gadgets we might possess; Regular upkeep help ensure its healthy functioning throughout its shelf life. While it’s true that no one gets rewarded from constantly worrying about their health 24/7 and having fun once while as aforementioned carried itself along with certain cons, however allowing oneself plausible leisure time amidst healthier options whilst avoiding anything harmful can really make huge differences over long term for us! Always keep these simple precautionary measures in mind when dealing with health issues so as to lead more wholesome/worry-free existences ahead! Peace Out✌️..oh wait isn’t this supposed end here? Oh well guess I messed up my work then sigh<shrugs>

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