What can make you start your period sooner?

Have you ever found yourself wanting to start your menstrual cycle earlier than usual? Maybe you have a special event coming up or just want to get it over with. Well, look no further because we’ve got some tips and tricks that could help kick-start your period.

Understanding the Menstrual Cycle

Before we dive into ways to start menstruation early, it is essential first to understand the menstrual cycle’s basic structure. The average duration of a menstrual cycle is 28 days, but this can vary from 21-35 days among women.

Fun Fact: In ancient times, people believed that menstruation occurred in sync with the moon phases – hence “the curse.”

In general terms, there are three critical parts of the menstrual cycle:

Phase One: Follicular phase

The follicular phase commences on day one of your period and lasts for approximately 7-14 days. During this phase, an egg begins preparing for release while hormone production (estrogen) increases levels in preparation for ovulation.

Phase Two: Ovulatory phase

Approximately halfway through the menstrual cycle (12-16), hormones trigger ovulation resulting in releasing an egg cell from its host called ovarian follicle.

Phase Three: Luteal Phase

This stage marks weeks preceding another flow as extreme waiting if fertilization was successful which would produce pregnancy. If not impregnated within two weeks after ovulating.Luteinizing hormone(you know LH right?) falls sharply so does estrogen amounts as cells become corpus luteum(a mass programmed to degrade). Menses then transpires making way towards reproductive system restoration before next upcoming buildup cumulates nearing dispersion all over again anew – quite fascinating stuff!

Methods That May Induce An Earlier Period

Here are six proven methods that could potentially induce starting your period sooner:

Technique #1: Rapid Weight Loss

Have you ever noticed that when athletes, like wrestlers or bodybuilders, rapidly lose weight before an event, they often miss their periods? This is because sudden changes in body composition can affect hormone levels.

Fun Fact: The average menstrual cycle produces around 30-40 milliliters of blood!

Adipose tissues release estrogen which boosts menstrual flow for consecutive weeks. However massive decline specifically in fatty tissue may prompt delayed menses.Women who drastically shave off excess fat mass and cutting calories could induce a hormonal response resulting in faster menstrual start.

Technique #2: Vitamin C

There’s some evidence to suggest that taking high doses of vitamin C every day could help bring your period on prematurely. Ingesting 1000 mg/day generally spikes progesterone providing aid towards perking menses up earlier than usual.This supplements amounting the needed maximum nutrient required helps reduce prolactin concentrations thereby regulating oestrogen amounts (which keeps bloody results at bay).

It’s worth noting that taking excessive amounts of Vitamin C might not be suitable given its gastrointestinal side effects.

Technique #3: Herbs & Spices

Throughout history across cultures, numerous spices had been described assenuating painful cramps and promoting early expulsion.Red raspberry leaf tea has been utilized traditionally towards resembling benefit during premenstrual timeframe by balancing hormones stimulating muscle relaxation inducing quicker onset menstruation.Another folk remedy involves eating/pushing down whole carom seeds popularized from Indian Ayurvedic medicine would positively promote digestion immune system while boosting reproductive-bits cleaning ejects.

Technique #4: Birth Control Pills

While increasing the dose of birth control pills will not initiate immediate Menstrual transfer.Special contraceptives made available through prescriptions prescribes that can manipulate cycles with Hormones are called oral contraceptive measures Women taking these tablets regularly experience less frequent menstruations— roughly four times annual compared to twelve/yr minimum as seen with typical cervical cycles.

Technique #5: Stress

Stress is a common cause of period delays. This happens because stress signals the brain to stop releasing its hormones, affecting the menstrual cycle’s regularity.Having one’s mind constantly preoccupied with pressure affects hormone balance and disrupts blood shedding that follows. You know what they say about stressed chicken nearing egg laying? Yikes!

Technique #6: Sexual Intercourse

Phew! We made it to number six—the most enjoyable of all methods but by no means for everyone.Intimacy enables contractions in vagina causing tightening movements resulting towards stimulation frequently bearing similar effect akin towards cleaning muscle strain producing greater discharge,moving menstrual outcomes along faster. It stimulates muscles which are involved in menstruation-related activities(flexibility) thereby promoting faster onset as more stimulation produces results quicker.

Fun Fact: The average age girls reach menarche (first period) has dropped significantly over time—from 12-13 years old 100 years ago down to ~10-11 today!


While we have discussed some techniques here that could potentially speed up your period’s arrival, it is essential first to consult with a medical professional before attempting any suggested remedies.Something else worth mentioning is having period itself doing its job makes body feel good – into a lesser/humble extent.Consider telling someone anticipating early days off due bodily changes how detrimental you thought earlier periods must be! Stay happy AND healthy out there 🙂