What can lack of rem sleep cause?

It seems like every day there’s a new thing we need to be concerned about when it comes to our health. From getting enough vitamins and nutrients to avoiding stress and taking care of our mental wellness, it can feel overwhelming at times.

But one area that often goes overlooked is sleep. So many people fall into the trap of thinking that being busy is more important than getting enough rest, but the truth is that lack of sleep can have serious consequences for both your physical and mental well-being.

One aspect of this conversation that doesn’t get enough attention though is what happens specifically when you’re not getting enough REM sleep – which stands for Rapid Eye Movement. We all know how important restful nights are; however, REM sleep or dreaming stage as I’d like to call it plays an even more significant role in helping us stay healthy long term.

Not All Sleep Is Created Equal

Before we dive into what happens when you don’t get adequate amounts of dream time, let’s talk about why REM sleep matters so much in the first place.

There are actually four stages of sleep:

  1. Stage One: Light Sleep
  2. Stage Two: Slightly Deeper Sleep
  3. Stage Three: Deep Sleep
  4. Rapid Eye Movement (REM) Sleep

Each stage serves its own distinct purpose; light sleep helps you relax initially while deep cures exhaustion accumulated throughout the day providing energy for tomorrow, whereas REM bundles memories and thoughts we’ve gone through over some time together by investing non-essential connections formed within neural circuits while discarding irrelevant ones (thanks Google!).

Deep slumber can help with physical restoration while refreshing your mind mentally rejuvenates gained experiences throughout life conjoining relevant events across nodes allowing easy retrieval later on! But without quality pure R.E.M., things might start falling apart!

Health Implications Of Insufficient Dreaming

Now that we’ve established the importance of REM sleep, let’s talk about what happens when you’re not getting enough.

Memory and Learning

One significant aspect of why dreams stage is so essential is that it plays an undeniable role in learning and memory. As I pointed out earlier, this phase consolidates long-term memories under clusters of linked neurons to forget unnecessary info than just storing more than required data which becomes problematic as we irrationally base our decisions on unrelevant events from years back which have taken root due to inadequate purging over time;

A lack of sufficient dream time can impair your ability to learn new things as well as recall old information because you don’t have a structured place in mind where everything can safely be kept with ease.

Repeating lackadaisical work throughout without much progress made? Now there’s something new altogether for ya!


Another issue associated with insufficient REM sleep is depression—insufficient restful nights consequently increasing susceptibility towards substance abuse disorders littered through emotional fatigue resulting from accumulated junk thrown around mentally eventually leading hopeless-ness corroding life into pieces one by one making us feel like broken dolls left outside exposed brutal weather elements only .



On top of depression comes crippling anxiety borne via taking refuge in societal pressure; “employers prefer those who are ready 24/7 right?” or even their desire at times pressures themselves leading up-to burnout

Without adequate dreaming periods each night anxiety levels tend to shoot up, degrading overall nervous system health lethargy kicking adrenaline into overdrive state leading vibrations irregular heartbeat causing even weight gain. Isn’t it amazing how missing out on some good slumber can leave such diverse traces throughout+ waking ones entire existence?

Physical Implications Of Not Getting Enough Sleep

Of course, the impact isn’t limited solely to psychological implications, and missing out on REM sleep can have serious physical consequences as well.

Weight Gain

One of the most apparent dangers of inadequate rest is weight gain. Your body needs time to regulate hormones and such activities are moderated during periods where dreaming occurs; thus, not getting sufficient dream will adversely affect your overall metabolism rate resulting in increased levels of unwanted fat!

Say hello to that extra belly flab that never seems to go away even after exercising every day!

Poor Coordination

Another effect REM deficiency might wreck is coordination loss leading towards slipping, tripping, or other dangerous interactions like car accidents due to impaired cognitive performance which deter steering instincts eventually BOOOOM

“Welcome TO Jamaica HAVE A NICE DAY!”


There you have it – what exactly can lack of rem sleep cause? To be precise Depression anxiety Obesity memory problems slow reflexes carelessness at work are just some potential effects we tend to overlook but should take seriously when searching for why our mental states may waver from time-to-time It’s easy at first thought for one separate their activities routines while neglecting something so fundamental causing long term negative impacts: much like a neglected car which gradually falls apart over years before finally going kaput completely turning us into mere shadows compared against ones lively self portrayed earlier.
So let this article be a wake-up call – prioritise sleeping longer today if possible keep those alarm bells ringing occasionally reminding you not only need some snooze once you deeply unravel truly healthy life benefits obtained having Rem directly proportional down there increasing chances living happier successful lives in turn gaining rightful authority among peer competition.