What can i use as a weight bench?

Are you sick of paying exorbitant amounts for gym memberships or home gym equipment? Are you tired of doing push-ups on your bed or using shampoo bottles as weights? Fear not, my friend! There are many unconventional items in your house that can be used as a weight bench. In this article, we will explore some creative and budget-friendly ways to work out from the comfort of your own home.

The Couch

Who says couch potatoes can’t get fit too? Your trusty sofa may be the perfect substitute for a weight bench. Simply move it away from the wall, so there is enough space behind it to lie down safely. You can use the seat cushions as support or remove them entirely for a firmer surface. Plus, with all that time spent binge-watching Netflix, you might as well multitask and get ripped at the same time!

Pro tip:

If you have pets around, make sure they don’t jump on top of you while performing exercises.

The Coffee Table

Don’t underestimate this small piece of furniture – it’s more versatile than you think! Whether square or round-shaped (or even hexagonal if you’re feeling fancy) coffee tables are sturdy enough to handle upper body workouts. Place yourself facing upwards over it and securely grip onto its edges before raising and lowering yourself up into different positions like dips.

Milk Jugs/Gallon Containers

You know those jugs leftover from your latest grocery run? Those gallon containers stacked around waiting patiently to be recycled right next to where they probably won’t spill easily Hey, how about putting them into good use instead! They’re often filled with liquid weighing between 8-10 pounds making them an excellent makeshift dumbbell option for lighter exercises.

Pro Tip

For better gripping during exercises hold milk jug handles tightly ensuring lids are screwed tight also.

Children’s Furniture

Kids furniture aren’t just for the little ones, folks! Small chairs or stools designed to hold up to 50lbs that may have started gathering dust in the basement over time. Try out moves like Donkey Kicks and Hip Thrusts while seated.

Laundry Detergent Bottles

Just when you thought your laundry-day schlepping couldn’t pay off anymore, detergent bottles come hauling in as useful home gym equipment space-savers. Full bottles of detergent weight about 10-12 pounds perfect for upper body strengthening exercises such as bench presses.

Pro tip

Before use ensure with yourself that a full bottle is safe enough to lift overhead.Regulations upon lifting varies upon the user

Clothing Rack

A clothing rack putting aside its main purpose of hanging clothes has an upright structure sturdy enough to be used as impromptu pullup bar especially if assembled properly.The real MVP here though are the hardwood hangers guys; weighting between two and five pounds each they’re easily turned dumbbells.

The Bed

Your bed can do more than provide a good night’s sleep – it can also serve as a workout station. From crunches and leg lifts against headboards/footboards it is cause for infinite possibilities wherever you lie down given stability.

Working out at home shouldn’t be costly nor hazardous.You don’t need expensive workout gadgets or heavy weights- all you need is resourceful thinking.LiveStrong estimates monthly gym memberships cost around $58/month while average yearly expenses exceeds $500 which accounts to an annual flight ticket price.If done right working from home should help cut costs significantly without compromising on quality regimen making staying fit much easier – not only improving finances but relieving stress.Disclaimer: These methods outlined above could potentially pose risks.Be sure before testing them out, consult with your doctor first,last thing wanted would be carrying bags of rice surpassing their weight limits.Don’t forget home workout sessions are also viewed upon as me-time- can’t promise to count you in for rest of the benefits.

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