What can i take for a runny nose?

Ah, the dreaded runny nose. It’s not glamorous and it’s certainly not fun, but unfortunately, it happens to the best of us. Whether you’re down with a cold or simply suffering due to allergies or other irritants, there are plenty of solutions available that can alleviate your symptoms and get you back on track to feeling like yourself again.

Understanding Your Symptoms

When dealing with a runny nose, it’s important to first understand what exactly is causing the problem. This will help you choose the right solution based on whether your symptoms are caused by an infection or irritation such as pollen in spring season – this could be irritating without doubt!

Allergies vs Infections: Know the Difference

Allergies are one common cause of runny noses. If you experience sneezing, itching eyes/nose/throat and general upper-respiratory discomfort during particular time periods such as fall/spring seasons when trees release pollen into the air, chances are high that allergies could be responsible for your symptoms.

Infections however present differently than alllergy-induced sneezes/runny noses which tend to come and go but infections persist for several days hence making mucus turn yellow-ish/ greenish if concentration becomes high enough in amount produced from sinus cavity thus discoloration being observed . Typically bacterial infections also have additional characteristics including fever, fatigue and body pain confirmable through diagnosis in medical facilities similar case almost experienced with covid-19 victims . These may require medicinal intervention via over-the-counter drugs or sometimes prescription anti-biotics depending upon severity.

It really puts me off how – “trees releasing pollen into air” <- like why now might we blame animated beings?

Natural Remedies & Home Treatments

If you prefer natural remedies/haven’t got medication at hand yet still battling stuffy-runny-nose hiccups, fear not for the below alternatives could within reach:

Salt Water Rinse

This is a tried and tested remedy that involves rinsing your nasal passages with a blend of saline water. The salt helps to reduce inflammation, while the liquid flushes out any obstructions around your sinuses.

To give it a try at home simply mix 1/2 teaspoon of iodine-free salt with warm distilled water together then using bulb syringe ,souliton cup or neti pot pour up to nostrils creating light pressure thus allowing rinse gush through so as to ease containment.

Side Note: Be keen to use only sterile/distilled water in preparation for saline fluid-making and during actual nose irrigation; tap water bearing bacteria which could exacerbate sinusitis symptoms if introduced into process.


Dry air is known aggravant when dealing sinuses through triggering allergies /irritations,hence causing constriction,colorful mucus or even blood-induced drying on walls . Using humidifier can relieve such dryness + ease breathing hence stopping excess drainage by directing infected particles away from respiratory tract helping one sleep much better in relaxing environment .

Medicinal Options – Over-the-Counter Rememdies

If approachable medicinal shops pharmacists consultants do recommend heading over tye counter they may offer varying options some explained here below :

Antihistamines and Decongestants

We know you hate them but antihistamines/decongestants tend work best especially where runny noses originate from allergies more than infections. They generally come in several forms including pills & liquid consumed orally,nasal sprays giving instant relief when taken since they remove irritation/sources responsible for rashes,coughing,sneezes etc..

Name Pros Cons
Chlorpheniramine (Chlor-Trimeton) Effective,Affordable,treats allergies, relieves hives and itchiness Causes drowsiness for certain individuals , dry mouth=dry throat
Cetirizine (Zyrtec) Less side effects,dries or newbies unfamiliar with antihistamines suitable Not effective in twenty minutes like others since most cases seem delayed,involves avoidace of alcohol

### Nasal Steroids

Steroid Nose Sprays work to reduce inflammation around nasal passages as asthma among other conditions while short-acting versions may cause little damage overall. Users of these sprays have shown decreased sinus pressure and improved breathing after just a few days’ use! . Here are some notable options:

Name Pros Cons
Fluticasone (Flonase) Offers Relief within 24 hours,Treats seasonal allergy symptoms,Long shelf life expiration date is desirable some users experience nose bleeds temporarily/delayed effect in comparision to other OTC’s.
Triamcinolone (Nasacort) Comperatively mild long treatment times,Suitable for all ages Rarely causes headaches although that mostly depends on one’s body reaction.

Prevention Tips

One important aspect of dealing with runny noses is prevention. If you can manage to prevent the onset of this issue at its core,you won’t need Googles assistance again therefore here’s what experts recommend :

Keep it Clean

Cleanliness is key especially when It comes down to sanitizing your space on regular basis.Consider using disinfectants such as bleach wipes/alcohol wipes where applicable including common surfaces/coldsheet areas shared spaces etc. Also,sanitize your hands regularly using hand sanitizer/ soap+water.

Exercise & outdoor activities regulary

Regular exercise flushes out infection from respiretory system through breathing thus improving lung’/cardiovascularsystem health,hence increasing possibility in reducucing severity and increasing the occasional interval between allergy seasons if that’s what you suffer from.

Side note: If going outdoor,confirm first in your expected route to deter presence of high pollen count/ pollution otherwise consider wearing face mask especially for those with respiratory complications.

Rethink Your Diet

Believe it or not,diet could affect one’s immune system hence having a consideration on what we eat/things we consume. Fruits rich in vitamin C countering infection susceptibility also foods with flavonoids (eg apples) such prevent infections including allergies/migraines occurrence thus It is worth giving change like incorporating chili pepper dishes for example!


In conclusion, dealing with a pesky runny nose doesn’t have to be a headache-inducing experience.Remember,the reasons running noses happen vary as much as potential methods of elimination/seizing their frequency thus trying out different remedies until finding fits our noses!

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