What can i put on perioral dermatitis?

Perioral dermatitis is a skin condition that causes red rashes around the mouth area. It can be an irritating and frustrating experience for those who suffer from it. Finding the right treatment can be difficult, but don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with our top recommendations on what to put on perioral dermatitis.

Understanding Perioral Dermatitis

Before diving into treatments, let’s get a better understanding of what perioral dermatitis is. Basically, it’s a rash that appears around the mouth, nose, and chin which results in small bumps or pustules forming below these regions.

It often resembles acne due to its bumpy texture and redness but unlike other types of acnes it can easily spread if not treated properly. These spots may vary between being dry or oily depending upon your skin type. The symptoms might also include itching and discomfort.

Treating Periorial Dermatitis

Now we move onto some recommended ways to treat this pesky rash! First off:

Do Not Use Steroid Creams

While steroid creams may provide temporary relief from those pesky flare ups; they ultimately end up worsening PD over time by disrupting your skins natural balance leaving you vulnerable for more breakouts.

Avoid Using Harsh Cleansers

Avoid using harsh cleansers whilst cleaning your face as they will strip away valuable oils needed to protect against future infections ruining any work put into curbing PD visible effects e.g., ceramides etc.It would do well sticking natural remedies with zero chemical formulae such as honey or oatmeal based soaps instead!

Use Anti-Fungal Creams

This could equip one with having enough weapons at their disposal when treating this inflammatory issue.By focusing solely on extinguishing bacteria present,were left without acknowledging all forms identified thereby resulting in ineffective patterns : cue anti-fungal cures !

These agents specifically target any fungal infection causing PD flare ups ensuring a better healing experience.

Natural Remedies for Perioral Dermatitis

But, if you’re looking to treat perioral dermatitis naturally, we suggest trying out some of our helpful tips:

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera gel is an incredible soothing agent as it contains Catechins.These are anti-bacterial and anti-viral ingredients residing in the supercoiled nucleic acids within their gelatinous textures which can help with inflammation that comes along with this condition. Apply fresh aloe vera gel directly on externally irritated areas with guidance from your local skin expert!


Honey’s always been associated with skincare repertoire owing to its numerous properties such as high concentration antioxidants especially phenolic unit.The enzymes found in honey also help exfoliate dead cells thereby reducing instances sebum build up enabling efficient hydration .Mix raw,brown sugar or turmeric powder and manuka honey together apply them liberally onto clean area then rub until fully covered , rinse thoroughly after 10 minutes .

Oatmeal Mask

Oatmeal is an excellent moisturizing ingredient that helps soothe dryness.It has great absorptive property which mean damp oat flakes pressed into area meant for gentle cleaning will gently sweep way any irritating substances residing on top layer gently without interrupting natural barrier function.Add milk & honies addition boosts texture protein levels resulting in maximized rejuvenation process.Leave paste/facial scrub applied three times weekly until desired effects showthrough.

Apple Cider Vinegar

ACV is known to be exceptionally good at helping us maintain alkaline levels throughout our body due to pH balancing feature.And get this — it’s suitable at maintaining complex dermal health by balancing sebum production AND acts like toner + exfoliant all while keeping bacteria count low.Soak cotton rounds ACV solution diluted once or twice each week found useful for results ratio’s sake!


It can be challenging to treat perioral dermatitis effectively. However, incorporating natural remedies can surely aid in mild cases so you don’t have to turn towards using steroid cream — a welcome change! Remember if opting for cosmo-dermatological solutions make sure active ingredients present in any treatment cures align with skin type (Choose the ones specifically labeled as non-comedogenic) and are prescriptively approved.

Hopefully our tips helped guide you through this irritating experience without costlier expenses afterall , the best remedy is one that makes use of what we already have got !

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