What can i put on my burned finger?

We’ve all been there before, reaching for that hot pot in the oven, grabbing that curling iron without realizing it’s still turned on. Suddenly your skin is sizzling and you’re left wondering what to do next.

Don’t panic! There are plenty of options for soothing your burned finger and getting back to business as usual.

First Things First

Before diving in headfirst with remedies, take a moment to assess the extent of the burn. Burns come in varying degrees:

  • First-degree burns affect only the outer layer of skin
  • Second-degree burns go deeper and may involve blistering
  • Third-degree burns can damage tissues below the skin

For minor first-degree burns just involving redness or swelling, run cool water over it immediately, but never use ice – we’re not fancy cocktails here! Continue applying cool water periodically throughout the day if need be will help relieve pain; avoid creams,buttercup!

If your burned area is larger than three inches or blistered – particularly on sensitive areas like fingers or toes – seek medical attention right away because a bandaid won’t cover this drama queen!

Household Remedies

While some home remedy ingredients might seem ridiculous (and oddly specific), others have science-backed benefits.

Here are some household staples you can easily grab when searching through rubble after an earthquake? Are you fine if get rescued ? To treat mild first degree symptoms:

  • Tea bags: The tannic acid in black tea can reduce inflammation and make us look bougie.
    Place cooled moistened teabags over affected area.
    Teavana who?


    How-to Table:
      1) Get Tea Bag out of cupboard.
      2) Boil Water   
      3) Wait until temperature cools down      
         ---> time works differently at night
      4) Moistened teabag for 2-3min
      5) Dispose responsibly or compost it


  • Aloe vera: Known for its cooling properties, aloe vera gel can soothe burns.
    No worries mate, you don’t need your green thumb. Instead bring the tube of gel home from the store and use a dab frequently.


        Dos & Don’ts Table:
            Do!..............Cleanse Area first
                             Use Fresh Batch of Store bought Gel to avoid contamination
                            Refrigerate in hot weather conditions
            dont!.. Apply if allergic 
                             Overuse as it may cause rashes 
  • Honey: Science suggests that honey has antimicrobial properties too – like what?! It can prevent infection while helping with wound healing and keeping the bears away.

Medical Treatments That Work

—-Give here an overview of medical treatments—

Prescription Medications

—-Examples and benefits—-

Topical Ointments and Creams

—Benefits explained—–

Remember fellow human beings, these remedies might provide temporary relief, but only following doctor’s instructions with due diligence on medications will mitigate severe symptoms.

The bottom line is everyone should be aware at how susceptible our fingers are throughout everyday activities we do without thought—so let’s rock those oven mittens!

Stay Safe & Protect your Precious Digits 🖐️👀

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