What can i drink if i have diabetes?

If you’re living with diabetes or know someone who is, then you know how tricky it can be to keep your blood sugar levels under control. One of the essential parts of managing diabetes is being mindful of what you put in your body – and that includes what you drink.

In this article, we’ll explore some popular drinks recommended for people with diabetes and what they bring to the table. From water to options such as smoothies and cocktails, there’s sure to be a beverage out there that will satisfy your cravings while helping you maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

Water: Your Best Bet

We’ll start with almost everyone’s favorite plain Jane –water! While it may not seem like the most exciting option on the list (because let’s face it- who gets thrilled about drinking plain old zero-cal H2O), water earns top points when it comes to staying hydrated without any added sugars or calories!

Drinking at least eight 8-ounce glasses (that’s 64 ounces) a day can help ensure that overworked kidneys are functioning correctly by flushing excess glucose from our system- trust me on this one; nobody wants an angry bladder!

Dehydration also causes headaches which mean being irritable–and nobody loves spending time around Grumpy McGrumpface. So crack open a bottle/post-it note/glass/cup (delete as appropriate) filled with crisp thirst-quenching liquid every so often throughout the day. Bottoms up!

The Skinny On Juice

Let me introduce my dear friend– juice: delicious but loaded with natural sugars called fructose which are known to raise blood sugar levels quickly— not exactly ideal for diabetics. Some juices have less natural fruit sugars than others; here are some examples:

Apple Juice

This particular juice has been linked closely associated elevated risk of developing type two diabetes relating high sugar levels consumption on blood masses, insulin resistance and being overweight.

Grapefruit Juice

On the upside, grapefruit juice contains a flavonoid called naringenin; which helps to reprogram liver cells to make use of circulating glucose better. However, it’s essential not to consume too much as it can interact with certain medications interfering with their effectiveness. As little as one glass per day could pose risks in people using medication such Statins used for high cholesterol or blood pressure drugs.


Milk provides an excellent source of calcium and is undoubtedly hard to resist when added ice-cold refreshing milkshakes that aren’t packed with sugar but stuffed full of lip-puckeringness are tempting! Now how about some alternative milks…

Almond Milk

Originated from Italy known as latte di mandorla often enjoyed alongside espresso shots– almond milk has become highly popular over recent years due growing trend adopting health-conscious lifestyles!

Meanwhile dairy products are FULL fat unsweetened almond/soya/oat-milks have no more than 30 calories per serving making them brilliant possibilities drink wise if looking feel super charged without too many extra carbs or calories thrown into body system mix! Just be cautious around flavored varieties—extra sugars may sneak past you under the guise delish taste – always check nutritional information first.

Refreshing Unsweetened Tea

While tea is rarely recommended when consuming fruits that contain caffeine at night times sensible approach taking caffeinated versions during daylight hours ensuring wind down periods sleep time remains unaffected waking gets easier. Plenty vitamins antioxidants completely calorie-free chance go crazy choosing pick-your- favorite flavors sweetening techniques without feeling guilty afterward!

  • Green Tea

Owned by all-around wellness expert green tea (for obvious color reasons only) perfect variety case need help combating inflammation redness caused pimples age faster take action vital ingredients present combat chronic diseases more good bacteria while reducing fat tissues

  • Black Tea

This drink has been extracted from leaves of shrub called Camellia sinensis packed filled polyphenol antioxidants that help prevent further damage caused by inflammation active controlled metabolism considerably lower risk heart attack this means weight measurement perfectly normal.

  • Chamomile Tea

Without taking chances albeit commonly consumed before bed, chamomile tea helps reduce anxiety eliminate bloating issues occurring in abdominal area swelling gastrointestinal issues other minor health complications.

Yay or Nay: Diet Soda and Diabetes?

So I know what you’re thinking–if diet soda does not contain sugar free then surely it should be a safe option for managing diabetes! Unfortunately not the case. While branded sugar-free? diet drinks have no immediate effect causing spikes glucose intake- studies consistently reveal correlation between daily diet consumption type 2 risks developing metabolic syndrome such complicated diseases affecting state physical mental wellbeing! It’s better to avoid Artificial Sweeteners altogether without getting too bogged down through copious links published research –you cannot overestimate how imperative avoiding their use is!

The Alcohol Dilemma

“So with juices rather high sweetness levels being avoided above love pint was bit of no-go list, any chance can enjoy few alcoholic beverages?” Never fear dear reader as answer, surprisingly yes indeed-liquor permits moderate amount alcohol drinking even supposing amount limited here details on thoughtfully assembled array recommended options:

  • Dry Wine/Spirits: In moderation binge-drinking off limits, spirits dry wine great way boost mood plus added bonus digestive enzymes like decent level potassium essential powerful micronutrient known regulate insulin sensitivity shown increase absorption beneficial nutrient amino acids regular basis surely sweet sipping excellent solution!

Beer (Yes You Read That Right!)

As long done cautiously little beer doesn’t hurt statistics show slightly sluggish alcohol metabolism whilst brewing reduces potential cardiovascular benefits somehow counters associated favor curing Type two along hyperglycemia congestive heart failure! Grown up root beer, anyone?

Keep On Drinking!

There you have it— a few beverage ideas for thirsty diabetics to enjoy without fretting about sky high sugar content detrimental wellness effects! Just remember- eating diet full nutritious foods as here today actually fruit tomorrow when comes food side things keeping activity levels topped while staying hydrated perfect way get lifestyle progression on right track becoming happiest healthiest version self possible.

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