What can help with a migraine headache?

Migraines are the devil’s way of reminding us that life is not always pleasant. The intense pain, nausea, and sensitivity to light can be unbearable, forcing you to hide in a dark room for hours. No one wants to deal with migraines. Unfortunately, they’re more common than we’d like them to be.

The good news is that there are some things you can do to alleviate your symptoms when they strike. So if you’re tired of popping pills or hiding under blankets each time your head starts throbbing, keep reading!

Understanding Migraine Headaches

Before discussing how to relieve migraines let’s first understand what it really is. Migraine refers to a recurring headache which comes along with symptoms such as nausea and sensitivity towards light and sound.

Sometimes people describe these headaches being ‘splitting’ – this term reflects the severity of pain felt during an episode.

Migraines stem from vasodilation (widening) and inflammation of blood vessels in our skull enveloping nerves that cause pulsating pain around either side/both sides at various intervals/bouts.

And did we mention these bouts may last anywhere between 2-72 hours? Suffice it says: When ‘if stress doesn’t kill you’, then migraines probably will”.

Why Treatments Of Old Times Were Not Effective

If olden times were anything like depicted on GOT – where medical procedures included drinking soup made from crushed stag testicles , eating grated dragon scales or good-old leech therapy for everything; well thank God medicine has come far since then! Let’s look at some treatments used previously for migranes:

1) Bloodletting :

Yes! You read right Bloodletting was practiced back-in-the-day in order ridding patients off their dosha (Ayurvedic Medicine). Both ancient Greeks & Egyptians believed using sharpened stones or simply, lancets to extract blood from the patient led to more harm than good by reducing total number of healthy red cells causing weakness -who would have thought?

2) Trepanation :

The surgical procedure suggesting a hole being drilled into skull bones was performed because it was believed that spirits could escape through holes; hence pain caused due to possession, migraines or any other ailment related with the head can be relieved

3) Herbal remedies:

Nowadays herbs are making a comeback in traditional folk medicine. People traditionally use feverfew or white willow bark as alternatives/supplements for prescription drugs.

What may cause Such headaches?

Although specific causes cannot be pinpointed but some people experience triggers that may lead them down the path of migraine headache.

1- Genetics :

Plenty of research establishes DNA is linked with occurrence frequency and severity levels when it comes down to triggering off mal-de-têtes. Actually isn’t this brilliant way of blaming something inherently wrong on your genetics Ha! Like who hasn’t?

2- Climate change :

Say Thank you global warming!! Because sometimes sudden changes in weather patterns like barometric pressure drop/rise etc.. Bring out hidden caveman instincts by pushing us towards seeking refuge into dark cold rooms.

3- Hormonal Analogues:

What’s life without hormones? Admittedly they keep things interesting-even keeping our reflexes sharp till we hit 70s but trust us you can do fine without having fluctuating estrogen levels throughout ones menstrual cycle days (shhh…dont tell her I said anything).

4-Stress & Sleep Deprivation:

Life gets hectic at times; deadlines lurking around waiting for last minute submissions, family disagreements, anxiety attacks all culminate towards showcasing their flashy lights behind our eyelids – Which doesnt really work well if we want an uninterrupted sleep.

5-Dietary Deficiency:

When one eats chips/burgers/pizzas/tacos everyday while sitting at desk (a typical work-from-home environment); over-time such diet may lead one to experience Migraines which could have been avoided with nutritional A-dose.

Medicinal Treatment :

If you are in the middle of experiencing a migraine headache or aura, choose from among some of the following –

1- Anticonvulsants

A category of medication initially created for individuals diagnosed with seizures by stabilizing frenzied neurons, has shown would check reduce the frequency and severity levels of migraines as well.

2 – NSAIDs /Triptans:

All hail non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs(Tylenol), aspirin or triptans! They address acute pain episodes rapidly whilst either restricting/broadening blood vessels that cause inflammation.

3 – Beta Blockers :-

Nope this isn’t what Marvel Comic’s Hulk uses but rather beta blockers that block adrenaline hormone used globally for treating hypertension & anxiety.They help control tight muscles throughout ones head causing prevention against onset(during stress)of an episode.

4 – Implantable Devices :

Devices resembling pacemaker(s) (tiny electrodes implanted inside neck/back; can be activated manually) so same electrons stimulate occipital nerves stemming from spine responsible for sensation along shoulder blades alleviating headaches.

5 – Botox Injections:-

Sounds like something Victoria Beckham might do? But if used moderately these injections could limit/block sensory receptors throughout ones forehead leading to less migration ‘feel’.

Alternative Remedies

For people who cannot/would not want conventional medicine/medication here’s list containing five natural remedies (hint hint: Drink plenty water . Underlined items provide additional details –

• Yoga

This ancient Indian methodology towards exercise adopts poses aimed at strengthening ligaments/muscles etc.. Helping relieve tension/stress leading upto migranes

• Herbs/Trees/Shrubs:

Feverfew being amongst he oldest pharmaceutical herb and others such as Butterbur. Feverfew reduces inflammation in blood vessels leading towards migraines. Although Big black butterfly bush (petasites) were initially used along with their relatives for treating common cold now aid migrane sufferers.

• Acupuncture

 Practice of inserting needles inside the body believed to stimulate coherent blood flow/motion leading to restoration health-benefits associated with relief from pains.

• Magnesium:

Histories indicate that simply having enough magnesium levels in ones bloodstream could help decrease migraine frequency while also reducing occurrence severity level

What can a physician do?

All right, readers! If you are experiencing symptoms but haven’t found relief medication/treatment then fear not – In no particular sequence listed below are multiple surgeries & procedures ideal options for customizing treatment specific towards individuals needs-

Nerve Decompression Surgery

Such procedure minimizes/eliminates pain by identifying which nerve dominates majority sensation on forehead/scalp; proceeding further this duct is decompressed allowing release pressure caused due to swelling or any other possible factors

Temporal Artery Biopsy :

The physician might conduct a biopsy removing small piece(s) of tissue at every equally spaced distance along skull temples around frontal lobes region till reaching section nearest ears physically- This procedure is useful when ruling out temporal arteritis(irritation/swelling noted when larger arteries located near temple become inflamed)

Occipital Nerve Stimulation:

This method aims at implanting an electrical device similar-looking pacemaker deep inside neck/back portion continuously sending electrical signals traveling through spinal cord until attentuating nerves worn supplying head-scalp .

Hormone Replacement Therapy( HRT):

Involves using progesterone/estrogen-releasing silastic implants placed underneath skin either shoulder blades/lower about abdomen areas fending attacks inspite constant sleep-hygiene/diet regulation.

A Customary End Note: Yes if you truly want to lead a pain-free life then self-interrogation is crucial: Finding your triggers derived internally(/externally) and working with physician(s) tracking how migraines react acting specific various treatments can help.

Although certain methods may prove outlandish (especially the use of mystical lights/ magnets etc).. Its always better checking involving healthcare experts rather than trusting piece random ‘tips’ found on internet late night bingeing sessions by gaining knowledge one could customized their own Pain-Free story which hopefully will not happen often anymore!


Migranes becoming a common phenomenon due to changing lifestyle patterns keeping one under constant stress, lack-of-sleep or dietary insufficiency; while genetics/changes in weather act as inevitable culprits. But fret not ample medicinal alternatives /natural remedial routes are there(one should be wary before jumping headfirst everytime into outlandish research practices).Having diagnosed themselves, finding experts explaining specific requirements & customizing treatment plans enable us to create pain-free lives- While chances of elimination-may appear remote but reduction in frequency/severity-levels remain plausible dreams”.

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