What can help me gain weight?

So you’ve been trying to put on some weight but none of your tactics seem to work? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Most folks think that gaining weight is a piece of cake; can be achieved by merely eating more food or being inactive. However, this isn’t true for everyone. Ever met those people who eat everything and still look like toothpicks? Yeah, we know it’s frustrating.

But guess what buttercup? All hope is not lost. With these tips and tricks in our arsenal, you’ll soon start seeing some healthy physical changes:

First Thing’s First: Know How Much You Need

Ever heard of daily caloric intake-goal (DCI)? Well if nope, then better sit down my friend because we’ve got some serious talk here.

Your DCI depends on various factors such as height, weight, age gender and activity level. A general calculation says men need around 2500-3000 kcal/day while women require about 2000 kcal/day.; taking into account all other variables mentioned earlier.

This number means how much calories your body should take up in one day keeping in mind your current visible stats.

Now for someone skinny or underweight than the “normal” spectrum; consuming roughly 500kcal extra every day may make them go from looking like a Halloween prop to filling their clothes amply.

You must also figure out how many meals per day fit best with fast metabolic rate etc., which leads us to point number two!

Smaller Meals May Fail

Are you forcing too much food down yourself at each meal when hungry just once a day instead?

We hate to say it but Nana was right! The kicker boils down to small frequent meals throughout the day increasing calorie consumption along with teaching your metabolism that there are more things on earth aside exercise than speedups only—unlike Usain Bolt — thus, enabling the body to use its nutrients much efficiently all along.

It is recommended by nutritionists that one should eat a new meal every 3-4 hours at least.

This way, you won’t have to experience the distress of eating too much in one go. Instead, it will be like a broken chair and having direct contact with your ‘Bottoms’ becomes smooth; allowing digestion to keep moving without getting sluggish about the process.

You won’t feel bogged down or bloated after each smaller portion of food either. Also keeping in mind here that— DO NOT overwhelmed yourself eyeballing what some have tagged as “healthy portions.”

If we’re going down this route there’s no need for an official quantity control mechanism being active right now, because ultimately: it’s important how you look , not cheating with fake nutritional norms!

What Goes In Must Come Out

As opposed to popular belief of nothing bad ever comes out from our bodies we must tell you otherwise!

We know blah—it might sound gross but tracking what goes out gives us insight into how well things are absorbing inside our bodies.

Nope—I’m not talking about checking if everything flushes alright; folks I mean adding fiber intake increase amongst other things.

Fibrous foods positively impact bodily functions while making sure fats and carbs don’t merely skim through your arteries rather get assimilated where they oughta (mostly around thighs hahaha!). Healthy gut equals healthy digestive tract! Don’t worry next step lands closer home than these biological terms.

Protein Rich Diet FTW!

Just as people engaging on strenuous exercising regimen resort to excessive protein shakes; those wanting “the butt” still reside unawares behind plant-based diets missing out on meaty proteins essential for muscle building endeavors.

What can we do? Eat more animal by-products such as chicken beef fish etc., take protein supplements or scoop up a spoonful of peanut butter here and there.

Having breakfasts like scrambles with added cheese, mornings beloved EGGS— imbibed in milk-shakes will have your gaunt figure gaining the curves you deserve!

It enhances heart health while also imparting several benefits simultaneously since poultry fish eggs etc., are zinc rich sources food having healing properties as well.

A Little Support for that Body!

Sure, it might be tempting to just lie on bed all day long and not move at all (haha), but being both active and passive can do wonders.

With lots (stress on “Lots”) of resting periods while also sweating from time to time; mindfully indulging in physical exercises or light work-outs reinforces building muscle mass where you want them.

One may opt for—for instance; Running weight lifting Pilates walking yoga etc.

So now grab those running shoes tea kettle and sweat it out!

Saying YES To Healthy Fats

It’s an age-old promise made by skinny people around: “I have high metabolism so I don’t get fat”

Sounds familiar right? Gosh! The frustration level only knows how many degrees higher I scale then.

In times such as these —we must keep our cool head intact—not indulge in self-deprecating jokes when staring at ourselves caught off guard behind a dressing room mirror, taking each step forward confidently instead!

Now let’s dive into munchies laden with healthy fats which yield energy boost carrying over their goodness values towards body mechanics whilst making sure cholesterol levels stay within safe margins.

Items ranging from chia seeds walnuts salmon tuna flaxseed oil avocados till peanut-butter loaded spread-out toast helps hush-stuff down your anxiety fueling calorie bumps decreasing after eating what we knew was bad for us.


Timing is Key

Consuming 5k calorie debris before bedtime is much more damaging than 5k calories consumed mid-day.

Getting up early achieving the task and letting your body get a chance to burn them off is what sets things in motion.

But don’t be too hard on yourself either (as we like to say yin-yang baby) fluctuating between both extremes would do just about fine.

Bottom line—we must ditch normal knee-jerk behaviors and make every second count for that belittled tiny figure painstakingly hiding somewhere inside us!

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