What can get rid of sharpie?

Sharpies are a great tool for labeling, writing, and drawing on almost anything. But when they end up in the wrong place or you make a mistake, it can be frustrating to try and remove the ink. Fear not! In this article, we will explore some creative methods that can help eradicate Sharpie marks from various surfaces.

The basics

Before diving into more unique solutions, let’s review some fundamental tactics to tackle Sharpie stains.

Soap and water

Good old soap and water is an excellent starting point for removing Sharpies from most surfaces. It may take a bit of elbow grease depending on the surface material but using hot soapy water with a cloth should work well. Not only is this method effective but it is also cost-effective!

Rubbing alcohol

Rubbing alcohol has been used for years as an alternative method if soap and water don’t do the trick. Simply apply any type of rubbing alcohol onto a cotton ball or pad then gently rub over the marker stain until it disappears.


It might come as something new to you but toothpaste works better than regular cleaners when trying to eliminate sharpies stains especially on plastics items like mugs where other liquids won’t work well due to their texture stickiness . Use plain white toothpaste; simply apply enough paste onto your finger then scrub gently over affected areas until desired results appear.

Advance tips

If these traditional processes aren’t working out several advanced techniques can come into play:

Mr.Clean Magic Eraser

The Mr.Clean® Magic Eraser offers another level of cleaning power- making tough cleaning jobs seem easy! Made from melamine foam which acts like super-fine sandpaper allowing dirt particles responsible for producing tough stain buildup – both during installation & maintenance–to release quickly ,leaving surfaces looking as good as new ..

Just dampen the sponge with water, squeeze out excess liquid, then work over the sharpie marks in circular motions- and watch as those stains disappear.

Baking powder

Baking soda can also come into play when trying to get rid of Sharpies. Mixing some baking soda with a bit of warm salted water until it forms a paste-like consistency. Apply the baking soda mixture directly onto any hard surface under cooler conditions , like countertops or plastics surfaces . Let sit for 10 minutes before wiping clean.

Window cleaner

Window cleaner is another great way to combat tough marker stains including dried-out ones that are almost impossible to remove. Simply make sure you use an ammonia-based cleaning product designed specifically for windows, spray on affected areas and let sit for two-three minutes before scrubbing away!


This kitchen staple can actually double as an excellent solvent in removing permanent marker from furniture or even refrigerators. Simply mix equal parts vinegar & cold water and apply directly onto sharpie-stained areas using tap-water moistened cotton balls – this should do it right.

Things to avoid

While there are plenty of different options available when dealing with stubborn Sharpie marks, there are also some things which should be steering clear:


Although nail polish remover works wonders at taking off unwanted varnish; applied wrongly using acetone removers on painted walls tends to lift paint residue along with staining markers leaving ugly smears of stain creating extra expense..

Extreme heat sources

Using extreme temperature variations such as ironing or blow-drying may make things worse especially if all they end up doing is melting plastic items .better yet Avoid these methods unless recommended by professional restoration service providers . You could end-up spending more than expected.


In conclusion, getting rid of Sharpie doesn’t have to be challenging! Although each solution listed above has its quirks due proprietary conditions preferential to what works best on certain materials, personal experience can be rewarding through trial & error in testing each solution until the right answer is found. Fortunately, these methods provide a good starting point for DIY techniques at home or office; so have fun experimenting and don’t give up – the perfect cleaning method may just be around the corner!

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