What can dry up runny nose?

As the seasons and weather change, so do our bodies. And nothing is more annoying than waking up to a runny nose that just won’t quit. But fear not! There are plenty of ways to get some relief from this drippy situation.

Why does my nose run?

Before we dive into how to stop it, let’s first explore why your nose is running like a faucet in the first place.

Your body responds to allergens or irritants by producing excess mucus in an attempt to flush them out. This can happen due to allergies, infections such as colds or flu, changes in temperature or humidity levels, spicy foods, and even emotional reactions like crying.

All of these factors can cause inflammation which leads to increased blood flow and production of mucus – hence a runny nose!

So… what can I do about it?!

Fear not! There are plenty of solutions for getting rid of this pesky problem:

1. Stay hydrated

Drink water like your life depends on it!! Not only will staying hydrated help prevent dehydration (duh), but it will also thin out mucus secretions making them easier to blow out or cough up.

2. Blow your nose

Blow that schnozzy baby!! Don’t let all that snot sit there festering- blow frequently and gently until there’s no more residue left behind.

Be gentle!

No one wants a bloody Kleenex as evidence they blew their honker too forcefully!

3. Keep tissues handy

Make sure you’re stocked up on soft tissues- both at home AND on-the-go.

Because let’s be real…. when isn’t our face running off with us?

4 Use saline nasal spray/drops

By now most people recognize saline solution as saltwater Drops/sprays are great for flushing out mucus that’s stuck in the nasal passageways. Bonus- it even helps alleviate sinus pressure!

5. Warm compress

This solution is as old-school as grandma using a potato poultice for everything from headaches to goiter! A warm compress applied to your nose and forehead can greatly soothe inflamed nasal passages.

Add Epsom salt!

For an extra bonus, add Epsom salt to the warm water you’re soaking your washcloth in.

6. Chicken soup

Sneak some chicken noodle soup into your diet while combating a runny nose; Body maintenance & vitamin-rich

(We enjoy science-free remedies here at FunnyInFingers)

7. Spicy foods

Crank up The heat with spicy dishes makes everything melt… including excess mucus from your sinuses.

  • (but watch yourself — too much spice can lead to heartburn)

8 . Apple cider vinegar

Talk about useful household products that keep reappearing over time!! Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) has been hailed for centuriesas having healing powers due largely adding it immune boosting possible improve sinal congestion

Take one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar three times daily mixed with honey, diluted in water or swigged straight-up if want taste-testy_

When should I see a doctor?

Most cases of runny rose clear up within days without treatment, but if sinus pain, persistent fever, earaches/ throat inflammation persist on book appointment__ >.<

Remember: looking like you just left Everest isn’t worth waiting at home watching Netflix & hoping every minute√ but(ideally not Hustler either..)

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