What can cure gout?

Gout is a type of arthritis that affects millions of people worldwide. It’s a painful condition caused by the buildup of uric acid crystals in your joints, resulting in inflammation and severe discomfort. So what can cure gout? Let’s explore some possible remedies below.

Understanding Gout

Before delving into potential cures for gout, let’s look at the basics behind this ailment. Contrary to popular belief, gout isn’t just something that exclusively targets older men who overindulge in rich foods and booze – anyone can get it! However, there are several risk factors associated with developing gout:

  • Obesity is one common factor (no surprise there).
  • Genetics: Some families have a long history of gout.
  • Gender: Men are more likely to develop gout than women.
  • Medical conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes
  • Certain medications like diuretics (often used to treat hypertension) may also contribute towards higher levels of uric acid production.

Uric acid itself is naturally produced within our bodies during the digestion process as well as when certain cells die off. In healthy individuals, most of this excess waste product filters through the kidneys before being excreted through urine. However, if you produce too much uric acid or don’t eliminate it adequately enough via urine (think impaired kidney function) then those pesky crystal deposits form faster than they’re getting broken down leading to symptoms characteristic with an attack occurring.

So now we know why someone might strike out with a case of excruciatingly painful joint flare-ups due to abnormal levels proteins productions/ metabolic processes (sorry buddy!). But fear not as we dive into how you can mitigate these consequences effectively.

What Are Some Possible Cures For Gout?

Since Uric Acid build-up causes inflammation that triggers pain, redness and swelling ,what can cure gout? Here are some possible remedies:


Yes, there may be something to the old wives’ tale that eating cherries or drinking cherry juice helps alleviate symptoms (however this shouldn’t rationalize any tendency of overindulging in Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia). Some studies have shown that consuming cherries can reduce levels of uric acid and lower inflammation in people with gouty arthritis. The reason behind this is thought to be linked to properties within these red fruits known as anthocyanins which present anti-inflammatory/ antioxidant qualities (think less oxidative stress) resulting in diminishing relief from pain.

Other Fruit Alternatives

While we’re on the topic of anti-inflammatory fruit consumption, other low-fructose options that may also provide benefits include apples, strawberries, blueberries and pineapple. These goodies all contain certain enzymes or flavonoids (known for their capacity to fight off free radicals naturally) that coincide with soothing joint pains by counteracting oxidation through + – complicated metabolic pathways.

What Foods Should You Avoid If You Have Gout?

A wise way towards starting treating your ailment includes eliminating foods high in purines since doing so will lower uric acid production consequently diminishing crystal formation; dietary action should take cue from healthy eating practices such as eating more whole grains/good sources protein rather than going complete cold turkey on all things animal sourced (excessive frugality at the grocery store does us no good).

Here are a few examples of what not-to-eat when you have an attack/have chronic symptoms:

  • Beer: A single 12oz serving contains between three-six times higher amounts purine concentration compared with wine.
  • Red Meat: A big no-no here!
  • Seafood: Specifically scallops/sardines/mussels/oysters/shellfish.
  • Sugar/Maltose/Syrup-laden products including soda/fruit drinks/sugary snacks or fast food with loaded calories.

Not recommended unless your ideology of treatment involves worsening the ailment and loading up unhealthfully on processed junk unnecessarily:

  • Yeast or Baked Goodies (Sorry Bread Lovers)
  • Offal/organ meats like kidneys

How To Relieve Pain During a Gout Attack?

Unfortunately, we don’t have any magic wands for preventing an acute attack. In fact, once symptoms present themselves, it’s too late to reach optimal relief without analgesic anti-inflammatory therapy which may include NSAIDs, colchicine or sometimes oral steroids for more acute flares this needs to be discussed medical provider! However there are some steps one can take while waiting for their prescribed medication to take effect particularly in averting recurrences:

Apply Heat/Cold Compresses

Using a hot compress with epsom salt/or even sitting in warm bath may help reduce inflammation/spasms thereby ameliorating pain; but be careful not get those toes burned doing so as they may become extra sensitive!

Conversely use ice packs/cold compresses if that provides temporary relief.

Elevate The Affected Area

While resting on flat surfaces you could consider elevating affected areas above chest level using props such as pillows (may now might constitute as comfortable sleep arrangements).

Drink Water + Hydration!

Your body requires plenty fluids optimize kidney function the reason why doctors say “hydrate till urinate is clear…”? This will maintain overall health by reducing excessive amounts uric acid filtered from blood flow providing excellent preventive measure especially considering purines found certain foods/drinks like coffee have diuretic effects.

Finally – Lose Weight!

Shedding off excess body weight should be added atop our list no matter how humorous/boring/plain/lame habitually-repeated advice sounds (sighs loudly) since obesity is associated with hyperuricemia compromising kidney’s ability to filter out uric acid. Making a couple of positive lifestyle changes goes along way!

Over-The-Counter Pain Medications

Tylenol is often recommended in smaller quantities while NSAIDs are quite effective at easing swelling and inflammation this needs prior approval from healthcare professionals.

Natural Supplements + Remedies

Things that get green lights for natural relief measures which may be helpful include Vitamin C: This helps lower levels Uric Acid production as antioxidants within cellular body repair itself, reducing oxidative stress physically internal environment keeps mobile machinery maintained.

Other supplements that may help include:

  • Quercetin
  • Bromelain
  • Boswellia
    Their functionality resides with boosting of the immune system aiding overall health homeostasis minimizing another trigger points necessary respond well gout flare ups.

Finally, herbal saponin stinging nettle root extract appears ease pain daily doses/ prescriptions must appropriately allocated treatment routines discussed physicians since ayurveda/nature don’t come equipped supplying us dosages.

In bringing our attention back towards curing gout(s) here are some potential options worth trying before going underground seeking secondary opinions:

  • Cherries/the family low fructose fruits.
  • Avoid certain foods known high purine concentrations such as red meats or beer (grab a cider instead).
  • Compresses including heat/cold methods.
  • Sodium bicarbonate/alcalizing agents have shown promising anti-gouty effects!
    5 .Elevating affected area above heart level
    6 Losing weight and healthy eating habits! (No more midnight McDonalds’ trips buddy!)
    7.Talk to your care provider especially if opting for any type NATURAL REMEDIES WHETHER their EFFECTIVENESS scientific basis justifies allocation resources/time on them.

Remember everybody has different physiologies so keeping track how you feel regularly looking around see what works best long term!

Good Luck with Your Journey Towards Relief!

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