What can cause your knee to swell up?

If your knee is swollen, you’re not alone. There are many things that can cause knee swelling (and no, winning the lottery is not one of them). In this article, we’ll cover some of the common causes and what you can do about it.

Injury: The Most Common Culprit

Injury to the knee is by far the most common reason for swelling. Whether it’s a blunt force injury or a twisting motion that causes damage to ligaments or cartilage in your joint, an injured knee will undoubtedly lead to some pesky inflammation (peskier than trying to find matching socks at 6 am). Some specific types of injuries include:

ACL Tear

An ACL tear can occur when changing direction quickly or pivoting on one foot; these actions put undue stress on the anterior cruciate ligament in your knees and could make torn dependant happen.

Meniscus Tear

The meniscus serves as padding between two bones in your leg -when this breaksoff, it results into maleolence which may better be termed- swelling up.


This occurs when fluid-filled sacs called “bursae” become irritated duey toenamors issue which they couldn’t bear anymore; often caused by activities like kneeling(though sitting looking time as well)

Other injuries that can lead to sulkiness, including tendon damage or fractures (not talking emotionally even).

Overuse: Don’t Get Carried Away

Another possibility for how come our kneecap looks unusually bloated. It arises from utilizing around more often than needed hence leading our joints looking all puffy like cucumbers before pickling takes place(you know manufacturers pickle does wonders)–especially if you if engage activities vigorously with impact such as running,

Consequently,straining leads agitating over our knees, causing them to swell and making us feel uncomfortable like sitting on a cactus. If you think this is happening to you, it’s important slow things down so your knee can recover.

Arthritis: A Common Character

Arthritis in the knee typically affects those over 50 years of age; however some may experience at early ages. When arthritis impacts your bones/body, moisture in your joints tends to play hooky and seek freshers environment, resulting inflammation which brings with it swelling.


Degeneration of cartilage between bones could be osteoarthritis (OA) putting stress not only halting mobility but leading extreme pain as well.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis results when one’s body mistakenly attack usually harmless cells present around our bodies(acting more like Mike Tyson punching out everything that comes forth ).

Noticing joint will get extremely frustrated always swells up during rheumatoid flare-ups (sounds pretty much looks playing hide-n-seek with grandmother but sadly there ain’t no benefit for winning here).

Gout: Not Just an Archer King

Gout is condition wherein tiny crystals(more spiky than T-Rex’s camouflaged tail)evelop within one’s joints( regrettably refusing vacuum cleaning despite numerous trials being induced) often occurring near the base joint of big toe,and sometimes people tend to develop range-of-knee gour attacks as well.

When uric acid forms into sharp crystals deposited into bursae or synovial fluid–causing serious discomfort(harder than maintaining balance while doing yoga without falling)and intense swelling when these gone wild.

Infection: Personal hygiene Does Matter After All!

Just when immune systems have given their best shot fighting germs/antibodies, infection still finds its way kicking their ass.. In fact a knee infection can even arise similar to an ingrown toenail–sounds pretty resilient doesn’t it?

Red skin accompanied by fever or chills are few indicators one how the knee may experience symptoms. Serious infections demand immediate medical attention.

Cysts: The Black Sheep

Cysts also known as Bakers cyst, are fluid-filled sacs that come up behind your kneecap; putting pressure these often go unnoticed them unless they’re exceedingly large hence leading joint swelling occurence.( It’s like having an unexpected guest and trying not give any signs of annoyance).

Popliteal Cyst

Also called a popit-in-your-knee for kids! A popliteal cyst occurs when synovial fluid pushes through bursae, forming overgrowthlike ball located on the back knee.

Other less common causes could be blood clots, obesity or tumor built-ups,but no worries false turf cannot flourish too long under sun.


Knees aren’t famous for confessing what’s going on inside their thick casings but pay better heed to these signs- stretching around won’t help heal with injuries, arthritis will keep haunting you in early daylight pangs -> giving heads up(consider reducing weight), remembering Personal hygiene is all power >>>>>even our immune systems struggle at times(can verify this by mentioning recent pandemics) which makes timely visits to doctors important- right diagnosis shall eradicate probable cause before collapse.

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