What can cause low vitamin b12?

Are you feeling tired, weak, and forgetful lately? Maybe it’s just your body telling you that your vitamin B12 levels are low. But what causes vitamin B12 deficiency in the first place? Don’t worry; we won’t leave you guessing like a game of chance.

Let us explore 16 common factors that can cause low vitamin B12 levels:

The Meat Factor

Sorry vegans and vegetarians, but if animal meat is not part of your diet or severely limited, then maybe lacking ample Vitamin-Believe could be linked to minimum meat intake. Our liver stores vitamin b-12 for 3 -5 years. It seems logical to recommend starting with some all-natural organic grass-fed beef burgers.


Feeling faint or short of breath frequently – this could indicate that anemia may be present causing red blood cells to decrease in number as well as physically shrink which may lead indicators to evaluate further for lower than average doses of B-vitamin ten plus two.

Suffering From Crohn’s Disease?

Intestinal health must never take the back-burner.(Not that we recommend throwing any other valued organ on there either) Crohn’s disease would create inflammation within the digestive tract henceforth affecting proper digestion and absorption routes resulting in depleting quantities from nutrients including – yup Vitamin Boo-Twelve itself!

In summary: watch where you put those intestines after processed turkey sandwich… Eww err… Watch-out consuming processed foods high fat particularly refined sugars!

Let Us Be Frankenstein About Your Alimentary Canal

Yes! We know exactly how it sounds… Alimentary canal….. Many people avoid looking too closely on their toilet contents each day(who does!). Going beyond everyday operations here; debilitating disorders such as GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease), wherein strengthening muscle surrounding esophagus and stomach that diminishes ability for periodic releases thereby leading to longer term retention.

A necessary acid inside the stomach help with normal absorption via oral methods, so don’t suppress this acidity! More particularly it is vital for handling of Vitamin B12… okay digestive system let’s do our most impressive work to keep BOO-twelve in check!


Medicines make life easier — In more ways than one, but some including Metformin commonly prescribed by doctors regardless of age or lifestyle require extra attention as medicines can provide difficulty processing nutritional status. First step inspect their effects on your body slowly after stable intake periods.

Always talk with medical experts regarding medications periodically; remember the following are potential culprits:

  • Diabetic medication
  • Acid-suppressive drugs
  • Chloramphenicol
  • Antibiotics such as Tetracycline or Cotrimoxazole

The overuse of certain antibiotics off-label has been a topic buzzing here at vitamin HQ – Don’t forget vitamins along your journey either! It’s all good when you’re healthy and taking prophylactic antibiotics-but we never know when we need higher levels.


Cheers Mate! But whoa slow down cowboy, too much booze could cause problems both in developing neuropathy (nerve damage) which affects nervous impulses needed to walk, move muscles properly affecting sensory thought processes – potentially causing issues with myelin synthesis(don’t worry, i’ll explain later).

Simple solution tune down alcohol consumption becomes proactive about maintaining healthier habits like drinking water every so often instead?

## Weight Loss Surgery

Surgery helps many people overcome medical mountains mainly weight loss surgery; proven success rates however assistance may still be needed post-op from nutritionists who check progress towards reaching potassium supplement & iron deficiency goals among other things including proper fat sources protein staying level always aim for fresh organic vegetable juice drinks regularly!

Elderly Citizens Above Age 50 (Even Divas Could Be Affected!)

As age increases, absorbing vitamin B12 simply becomes more difficult too. The key is whether maintaining right dietary choices and practices to mitigate the effects ever since younger days; Older people may also benefit from supplements counseling by your designated healthcare provider.

Fractures account for many old-timers in part due to a lack of proper vitamins such as this one which certainly affects general bone health wellness but definitely have no shame continuing that singing career Shakira we still believe!

Genetic Factors

Genetic factor means you are born with deficiency genes within our D.N.A. impacting genetic migration-possibly deplete stores or difficulty processing overall micronutrient absorption Due diligence: asking family members about potential risks passed down during conception stages possible chronic symptoms individuals experience partially because there may be genetic links involved; speak directly for doctor referrals on particular problems like pernicious anemia pertaining specifically but not limited including:

  • problems making intrinsic factor
  • Methylmalonic Acid(MMA)

Testing inside lab distinguishes other separate methodologies necessary to understand malabsorption trends can make all difference in challenges faced head-on now affecting future decisions.

Vegan Vitamin B12 Deficiency

Hold Up! Not once has been sourced dairy or meat products acknowledged throughout usage? This strict vegetarian ideology hardly incorporates serving size distribution compared others so these preferred meals could disrupt non-appearance of certain low calorie high fiber plans deserving more consideration on synthetic provisions.

Sufficient intake levels predictable standard consumptions? Weighing options and realizing consuming never been provided informally cause veganism most likely alters predicted absorption rates ability relating higher physical activity levels long-term research impacts drastically lifestyles created around us anywhere with anything practically requiring nutrient tracking!

FYI – increased urbanization & use of foods is perfectly fine happen – adding isolate sources also help alleviate concerns surrounding digestive system better manage varying amounts vegetarians who consume unnecessary fat unsaturated fat & saturated in other categories when proper planning giving way.

Fiber Rich Foods First

Interesting fact: Dietary fiber hinders absorption of almost all vital valuables molecules! Including vitamin B12 – oh, no! Take the opportunity to optimize lifestyle choices daily life. Leaving best nutrient advice being a morning smoothie combined with oats or yogurt will be more than helpful by providing adequate digestion guidance tips while helping certain jams like basilicillin stay on top-spot rankings too!

Oral Contraceptives

`Ladies you might want to pay attention as well’- Initially presumed affecting hormonal levels overall can limit options leading insufficient nutritional awareness that generally happened gradually(can add second ‘generally happened suddenly’) moreover could lead dietary concern changes resulting in suppressing appetite leaving general malnutrition along the way potentially robbing myelin sheath growth necessary for brain booster minutes shielding nervous system moments here and now;Don’t miss even one recommended serving green tea bag fruit, brown rice drink intake. Proper planning ahead helps prevent these symptoms from becoming full-blown deficiencies.

A bit ambiguous but are we sure whose supplement plan we should follow? Stay proactive understanding risks regularly monitoring aware alterations taking personal responsibility towards happier healthier choices once again always consulting expert opinions whether need adjustments were constant progress incoming solutions where needed exists around ever-tricky vitamin mines.

Inflammation Near Pylorus

Pylorus is muscle located near the stomach that needs Vitamin b-twelve help properly processing carbohydrates fats proteins consumed within our bodies.By accepting regular medical examination aids many issues somewhat solves itself maintaining healthy weight inside pyloric sphincter area could do wonders calming inflammation promote protein synthesis required optimal absorption nutrients making whole body feel revitalized agaain!

Keep an eye out Symptoms consist of:
– Indigestion
– Heartburn
– Nausea
Possibly Presence Helicobacter Pylori bacteria – ingesting probiotics suppresses causing flare-ups!

Helicobacter Pylori Bacteria

Fire away those antibiotics H. pylori represents bacteria secrete and contain ammonia in the stomach upon digestion follows creating inflammation towards sympathetic gastric nerves producing certain physiological responses threatening overall absorption nutrients ;too much of these pesky little guys may cause pernicious anemia.

Probiotic supplements balance gut flora reducing harmful bacterial growth intended specifically for digestive tracts addressing symptoms chronic gastritis moreover positively impacting painful side effects wrapped up against lower levels Boo-Twelvy can even reverse potential long-term issues as needed(when your fingers need a break from typing that phrase!) !

Celiac And Gluten Sensitivity

Yikes!Celiacs disease affects individuals similarly like Crohn’s Disease This disorder is associated with barley rye wheat along any other gluten-linked items. Intolerance disallows intestinal lining damage from occurring responsible facilitating food consumption; Gluten sensitivity creates something known “Leaky gut syndrome” whereas undigested particles can pass bloodstream resulting immune system fighting foreign agents wrongfully creating dangerous ethical ramifications.

Always researching dietary changes seeking professional advice on altered consumption habits improvement strategies (such as nutrient deficiency counseling) may bring health-positive results keeping life entertaining neverending adjustments always made available for us so play around different vitamin-packed recipes!

Maintaining good overall health & nutritional intake vital thing anyone could possess safeguarding more sensitive areas genuinely deserves attention we put forth adequate effort ensuring positive outcomes whether consuming regular servings fresh greens, free-range meats or other natural sources while challenging substances diagnosed needing stronger moderation plans implemented when needed checking medical exam results consistently knowing risks proactively check prevention methods staying frequently active holding accountable fast-paced world ourselves continue learning adjusting making smarter choices far into future starting today they are waiting eagerly ahead…

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