What can benadryl do to you?

Have you ever reached for that trusty bottle of Benadryl during a bad allergy attack and wondered what it was really doing to your body? Well, do not worry! This article will give you a humorous rundown of all the weird and wonderful things this common antihistamine can do.

The basics

First off, in case, by some small miracle, you are one of the few people who have never used Benadryl (weird flex but okay), let us break down exactly what it is. Benadryl is the brand name for diphenhydramine – an antihistamine medication that blocks the effects of histamine in your body when you have an allergic reaction.

While diphenhydramine comes in other brand names, there is something satisfying about saying “I need some Benny D” when discussing allergies with friends or family members. But what else does this magic elixir do besides alleviate that pesky pollen-induced stuffiness? Let us dive into its side effects together.

Sedation: Falling asleep on purpose

Perhaps one of diphenhydramine’s most well-known side effects is sedation. In fact, many folks use Benadryl as a sleep aid because it makes them drowsy enough to count sheep until they drift off into dreamland peacefully.

But beware – if taken too much/wrongly (more than 50 mg), sedation can go from peaceful slumber to hallucinations or even coma! Sorry dreamers and schizoid enthusiasts; we recommend laying-off using benadryl as both illusion inducer/sleeping agent —unless guzzling purple drank Grinch-style sounds like fun!

Dry Mouth: Moisture cleanse

You know those fancy ‘teeth whitening’ mouthwashes advertised on late-night television? Well, Benadryl has an additional beneficial effect that will leave your mouth drier than a stale cracker. Also known as xerostomia, dry mouth is reported to almost make life seem like you’re back in the Sahara Desert.

But rinsing your mouth with some swill of water (or better yet tequila) after taking diphenhydramine should mitigate the ‘mouth-as-the-desert’ feeling!So stay hydrated buddy

Memory Impairment: Advantageous Forgetfulness

That’s right – forgetful folks rejoice! Another possible side effect of Benadryl use is memory impairment. While some might bemoan these memory lapses — losing keys, forgetting appointments, mixing up names when seeing old friends — this condition could be advantageous if applied to hard-to-keep secrets or any embarrassing photos needing hiding away.\

Just don’t blame it on Benny D if you run off at the mouth afterward!

Urinary Retention/Hesitancy/Urgency: The dribble struggle

Taking benadryl can also affect one’s bladder function by either making it difficult to pee(stress on holding onto pee time), causing frequent intrusive urges or even leading to urinary retention… let us emphasize.. RETENTION!! (ouch!)

While there is no need for concern unless issues present a nagging problem beyond usage expiration date( specified for elderly people over 65), those with pre-existing urological conditions may need something other than dreary ole’ Benny-D!


Benadryl is both a helpful and vividly interesting medication-like dragon-devil-creature! So next time you feel relieved from the constant sneezing/nose dripping with its aid during allergy season; do not forget all personalized effects that come along with using Benny-D.

Adventurous folk out there looking for their next hallucinogenic fix? Or memory impaired individuals needing a leg-up on their covert mission? Well, you’ve found em – trusty old Benadryl. And don’t forget a glass of water to wash it down 😉

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