What can be done for low blood pressure?

Most people know the feeling of dizziness or faintness that comes from standing up too quickly, but some unlucky few live with low blood pressure (also known as hypotension) every day. Whether it’s due to medication side effects, dehydration, nutritional deficiencies or other health conditions, having consistently low blood pressure can make your life pretty tough.

But don’t worry – we’re here to help you rise above this affliction and give you practical tips on how to increase your blood pressure naturally! Read on.

Hydrate Like a Camel

You might’ve heard that you should ‘drink 8 glasses of water per day’ like clockwork. But if you have low blood pressure, aiming for even more hydration is key. That means drinking enough water to make a camel jealous! Not only will it raise your blood volume (hello higher BP), but staying well-hydrated also helps support healthy digestion and kidney function – both important factors that affect BP regulation.

Electrolyte Drinks: Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That

While an occasional sports drink may be helpful after vigorous activity in the heat when poor hydration leads to drop in blood pressure along with restlessness,in reality most electrolyte drinks are loaded with sugar , making them less than ideal for daily consumption.

Instead you can try eating high-potassium foods such as bananas, spinach, avacados, sweet potatoes and salmon . These minerals play pivotal roles in maintaining sodium-water balance thus regulating our body’s fluid levels along-with contributing towards normalizing resting B.P readings.

The Salt Shakedown

Here’s one time where increasing salt intake is actually good (shh…don’t tell anyone!). Adding extra salt to everything isn’t advised; however,a slight upping of the intake would surely help matters. As our body needs sodium to maintain fluid balance and healthy blood pressure.

Just pack away the processed junk food with their excess salt , instead try adding a sprinkle of tasty Himalayan sea-salt to your meals .

Munch on Mid-meal Treats Such as Dark Chocolate & Nuts

Here’s an excuse many wouldn’t mind — increase steady snacking! Eating several small low carb-protein rich snacks at regular intervals rather than two or three larger meals’ help in preventing dips and surges in BP. But don’t let this opportunity turn into overeating sessions !\
Foods such as dark chocolate, almonds and walnuts not only add variety but are also power-packed nutrient-dense toppings that will be sure rouse your taste buds too!

Caffeine? Only if you Can handle it..

You might love coffee, tea or other caffeinated beverages like colas for that occasional energy boost; however people who have hypotension should consume wisely.They sure do spike up B.P readings but effects can differ from person-to-person depending on tolerance levels. Check what works best for you without going overboard!

Note: For individuals who rarely drink caffeine,Taking the occasional cup may lead them towards heart palpitations.

Get Moving With Exercise

Getting regular exercise helps raise both resting blood pressure -which is usually lower-than-average when active- plus it enhances vascular function so the heart isn’t pushing around stagnant blood through idle veins(ew).

Treat yourself by starting slow.Select exercises that help build strength which entice better lifestyle habits-Strenuous kettlebell-swinging moves and heavy deadlifting aren’t necessary here! Start with light-moderate yoga,pilates,Walking, cycling hikes among others.A 20-minute session atleast thrice weekly would really get your energies soaring!.

Yoga and Pilates :Low-Impact Fitness alternatives

Yoga poses and pilate moves that focus on breathing, circulation of blood that improve balance are important for hypertensive individuals.

Standing postures such as Tree Pose or Warrior pose develops strength in stability in legs an improves lower limb body mechanics.Reducing physical stressors helps decreasing fatigue and improving energy too.

Say Goodbye to Booze

While it can be tempting to drink liters of beer or become one with your favorite whisky= , consuming copious amounts is a strict no-no for tiding over low B.P issues.

Given alcohol’s adverse effect on BP,Best you consume these drinks optically may just save you from embarrassing confrontations. Those who keep drinking under control often note their reading in normal ranges.Feel like experimenting? Monitor yourself while small dosage {naturally occurring antioxidants} red wine provides!

Although the above-listed tips can definitely help raise your blood pressure naturally,it’s still always best to visit your local health care practitioners.If conditions worsen symptoms begin escalating beyond management home remedies.Call out shenanigans and see a professional before things spiral out of hand!.