What bra sizes does victoria’s secret carry?

Get ready to explore the incredibly alluring world of lingerie! Oh, yes… we’re about to discuss Victoria’s Secret and one of its hottest topics: bra sizes. From A cups to DDDs (and beyond), this article will cover everything you need to know about what bra sizes Victoria’s Secret carries in-store and online.

Before we dive into it, let us take a moment to appreciate more broadly how bras have impacted our lives as women over time. Bras are an essential intimate item that plays an important role both physically (in providing support and comfort) but also emotionally (in boosting confidence). They come at different shapes, designs, materials and styles so as any female would say — there is no hurry like finding the perfect fit.

Now with that out of the way – on your marks….set….scroll!

What Is Victoria’s Secret?

For those who may still be unaware despite having only 11% body fat while eating pasta every single day, welcome to planet earth where ‘Victoria’s secret’ is something other than just being totally incredible yet appearing completely effortless.

In fairytale language terms, VS is a lingerie brand known for their posh assortment of pieces ranging from racy underthings like thongs with rhinestone-paved straps which BTW Rihanna wore during her sizzling Savage Fenty show; satin pajamas; leather bags; clothes etcetera etcetera. But enough small talk – onto business!

Bra Sizing For Women

But first things first..bra sizing 101 real quick: Most experts recommend going for a fitting at least once per year or if major weight changes have occurred because get this– breasts fluctuate too throughout life (sorry boys). This exercise aims at ensuring finding well-fitted bras ultimately scoring best comfort level amongst ample other benefits including improved posture/daily functioning/.

Alright back to VS!

Victoria’s Secret and Bra Sizes

So what bra sizes does The Lingerie Industrial Powerhouse’s inventory boast of including? Well, let’s break it down for you:

Victorias’ Secret Size Range Cup A Cup B Cup C Cup D Cup DD
B Y or N
C Y or N

Note that the above may not be an exhaustive list of every single size range cut out since they are known to update their sizes as trends evolve. Also note that styles found in each cup size may differ though molded cup bras generally run true-to-size.

Keep reading below to learn more about some of the most popular Victoria’s Secret bra styles along with examples by both type and occasion/needs needed.

The Fit

Not all bras fit or feel good on everyone– so we’re here bearing helpful tips on things you want to emphasize when picking your perfect fit . According to real ladies reviews, it is recommended that :

  • One goes up a back band size, thus adjusting one smaller or bigger depending from there.
  • Take time to scoop into them cups and adjust yourself until no bulges are showing. Make sure straps aren’t too tight either.

T-shirt Bras

Typically worn under fitted tops; these babies ensure looking smooth without any lumps/bumps included beneath those fabrics. Our top recommendation is…

Body By Victoria Perfect Shape Bra

This signature t-shirt style comes with memory foam padding which makes wearing them quite comfortable despite the ‘perky’ shape provided underneath clothes plus guaranteeing an uplifted look earlier hinted at being another benefit standing proudly amongst comfort elements.

Push-Up Bras

Think cleaving-filling bras also providing an instant lift. A basic rule here? The more padding, the bigger enhancement expected it offers due to their underwire padded cups hence accentuating your bust line substantially which come in handy If you’re wearing something low-cut/dddddress as well as helping balance out outfits like oversized shirts/tops.

Bombshell Bra By Victoria’s Secret

This push-up bra not only provides all of the benefits mentioned above but has the addition of removable air pads allowing for flexibility in giving that custom made kind of shape and support needed/ wanted (the air pads are yet to be included on medical records though.. just saying). And if anyone asks “are they real?’- EMBRACE IT BABY!

However we do sense some of our ladies (possibly those who fall into cup sizes beyond DD) will need extra boost…and hey darlings- trust us — there is always a way!

Sister Sizing

Here’s where both quirks about breasts and math meet happily for once – introducing sister sizing, kids! In searching for availability across online/catalogue stores versus physically going down into one, this concept comes into play meaning one can find compatible sizes by moving up/down a band size or finding alternatives with different cup sizes still ensuring you have utmost comfort when needing/wanting varieties. So before ruling certain styles out because proper sizing is far off – search further; That bra could actually exist wavey hand


So now let’s put aside our VS controversial statements surrounding body representation etc mainly so many folks are asking themselves how proceeds from ‘Secrets’ is affecting planet & its inhabitants while continuing their passionate plunge ahead and discovering exciting new ways to wear fabulous lingerie. We hope this article was informative, useful, engaging and funny …. or should we say BRAVOURING?

To sum it up:

  • Victoria’s Secret offers an extensive inventory of bras that cater to a wide range of sizes, from A through DD
  • Styles and fits vary across different cup size ranges but molded cups are generally true to size.
  • Helpful tips mentioned will enable finding the right bra for every occasion or need.
  • Sister sizing is an option if exact fitting isn’t available

Ready to find your perfect fit? Look no further… just scroll on down into those stores.

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