What are xanax bars prescribed for?

A Xanax bar is a street name for alprazolam, a prescription medication that’s used to relieve anxiety. Like other benzodiazepines, Xanax calms a person by slowing the central nervous system. Because the drug works quickly and effectively, it can be a godsend for individuals suffering from panic attacks and other debilitating types of anxiety.

What kind of pill is a Xanax bar? A Xanax bar refers to the shape of a pill. The bars are long and thin. Xanax bars mg normally contain 2 mg dosage amounts. This means most bar-shaped tablets are filled with a high dose of alprazolam.

What do you need to know about Xanax? Understand what Xanax is prescribed for. Most often, Xanax is prescribed for anxiety. You may also have it prescribed for panic disorder, though sometimes doctors are reluctant to prescribe it for this condition, as you often get panic attacks when you are relaxed.

What does a pink Xanax bar look like? Pink Xanax bars are the most common forms of the drug. These bars contain.5mg, which is the dosage most experts recommend to treat panic and anxiety disorders. These pills come in round or oval shaped. They look similar to a football.

How much Alprazolam is in a green Xanax bar? Generally, green bars contain 2mg of the medication, which is similar to the amount found in yellow and white bars. You should know 2mg is a high dose of alprazolam. Anyone taking this amount should be constantly monitored by a medical professional. Green Xanax bar effects can vary from person to person.