What are the three main parts of the brain stem?

So you may have heard that we humans love to use just 10% of our brains, which is a load of horse manure. Even though, scientifically speaking, our entire brain is used for performing various functions like breathing, digestion and spitting out random facts about llamas at parties.

One part of the brain responsible for these involuntary body functions is the Brain Stem! And guess what? It comprises not one..not two..but THREE main parts: The medulla oblongata (cue flashback to middle school science class), pons and midbrain!

Medulla Oblongata: Just call it MO

This little dude’s got some serious responsibilities under its belt. Be ready to swoon over how efficiently MO manages all kinds of bodily sensations! Starting with:

Cardiovascular System

No beating around the bush – if it weren’t for North Korea’s heartthrob leader Kim Jong-Un and his beloved cardiovascular system manager (read – medulla oblongata), he wouldn’t be alive to guide us into World War III.

MO regulates your blood pressure by controlling your heartbeat rate on command; So when you’re sprinting up that pizza delivery guy in a drunken haze because he forgot extra cheese again…your poor medulla oblongatas doin’ everything possible to keep your cardiac muscle functional. Hands-up guys if having productive night-outs were this easy!

Digestive System

Have you ever seen Little Shop Of Horrors? Well, let me tell ya folks- When my own digestive system decides It’ll fill anyone’s appetite whilst simultaneously hosting Dance-off events between good-bacteria names Carl and Larry from “Number Two Suite”, I remind myself ‘Thank god for Medullas’.

The SLC12A3 Gene located in MO ensures sodium renewal during kidney functioning; then gives instructions to regulate intestinal movements while breaking down food so all citizens of the gastrointestinal tract can get some well-deserved nourishment. And you thought your parents were needy!

Respiratory System

Breathe in….exhale out!

This respiratory system celeb controls our breathing rhythm and regulates O2(ideally) & CO2 levels during miracles like laughing without throwing up, scuba diving or simply taking nothing for granted.

Pons: Simply ELEVATED!

You’d think that being sandwiched between MO (the go-to guy for most functions!) and midbrain could be a difficult place to be but not Pons, it does its job with quite the efficiency.

In fact, it usually sends mixed signals just to maintain excitement in our lives..for instance:

REM Sleep Phase Control

When we sleep there are two phases namely: Rapid Eye Movement(REM)and NREM(non-rapid eye movement phase)- causing gruesome days where we’re tossing restlessly due to lack of quality sleep.

Pons keeps us interest when he acts as a kid playing with light switch repeatedly; alternating muscles tensions that induce paralysis during REM shift-taking no daily work-home workload into consideration sigh.

However this exciting roller coaster reminds us even our brainstem has an eventful life outside ours.Next time you have a weird dream blame pons,lol!

Trigeminal Nerve Sensation Control

Trigeminal nerve? Now ain’t THAT impressive!

But what exactly is trigeminal control? To put it briefly – think sensations related to touching/feeling on your face. The kind resulting from getting pepper sprayed straight at ya face by prank-loving buddy Tommy ‘Dickhead’ Tutone,ouchhh!.

The neat thing about this is how Pons helps Regulate Jaw Muscle contractions allowing you comfort while chomping away endlessly chewing gum OR complaining in detail about “OP.” (Please leave me alone Kelly, I know what you said about my blog post)

Respiratory Control System continuation from MO

With its BFF medulla oblongata Pons manages the respiratory rate (measure of breaths/minute) and makes sure we’re well-maintained. Now before some overambitious reader starts making their own roadmap for life: “Aaah so this easy! When I’m low on motivation, All it takes is to control mosquitos blow darting at your face simultaneously eating 10 tacos then proceed to conquer the world”. Don’t get too crazy here; breathing may be a birthright but if not taken seriously these meddling little tasks could have our head up-in-the-clouds fantasising instead.

Midbrain – A Lil’ Above The Rest

Now Let’s talk MIDBRAIN shall we?

In poetic words – It sits quietly inside us always in support; regulating eye positions while tracking moving objects-then controlling pain levels by focusing attention towards isolation!

Humm….reads back..well that wasn’t expected. BUT STILL let’s take a deeper dive nonetheless!

Reflexive body movement

It’s impossible NOT to err without including midbrain whilst discussing reflex actions like sudden placement-hands-outward when catching something or suddenly jumping due loud bang’s sound (heck sometimes even just imagining big sounds!). Our very own superhero acts as natural barrier during dangerous situations where drastic movements are involved compared playing Twister at home.

And the fact it coordinates with higher brain regions upon command such as squinting canary-whistling crush will confirm zodiac signs never lie!!!

Visual And Auditory Systems Function Regulators

Midbrain isn’t satisfied working only with body systems praise.It also ensures all five senses – sight/hearing/tasting/smelling AND feeling are in sync before going out into real-world drama.

But hey!, Hold Your Applause… It goes beyond barriers by enhancing those senses giving Sports Fans a thrill during live games! Elevating Music Lovers mood upon hearing favourite tune on radio!

B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L right? The Brain Stem – an organ that multi-tasks all SO others don’t have to work relays messages between body systems while keeping our involuntary functions in check…And Now not just happy knowing your restin’ periods might be more comfortable ?😉

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