What are the symptoms of fistula?

If you’re here, you probably have a feeling that something is not right down there. Well, don’t worry! You’re not alone. In fact, over 3 million people in the US alone suffer from fistulas every year. So let’s cut to the chase and see what symptoms you should watch out for.

The Pus Party

One of the most common signs of an anal fistula is pus discharge. Yes, you read that right – pus, coming out of your bum. If this weird stuff is happening to you (and no one wants it), then it’s highly possible that a tear has occurred between your anal canal and skin or muscle surrounding the anus.

This pus can be yellowish, greenish or slightly bloody in color depending on how serious the infection has become.

Kudos to all those who’ve made it this far without fainting or running away ashore!

Pain in all Glory

Are you experiencing a sharp pain around your butt? No folks we are actually asking seriously here! This terrible sensation could literally cause discomfort when sitting down or just being still meaning nothing good for work meetings/outranging Netflix streaming sessions at home either way around (trust us; distracting as hell)!.

You may also notice some intense throb especially during bowel movements due to increased inflammation and irritation within these same areas . Yaaayin short phrases: Anal pain + Bowel problems = Gloom ?

Thus said enough…Moving On..

Swoll Up???

Have you noticed any swelling Recently? Gentle nods , if affirmative please!!

The thing with them FiSTULAS(actually sorry but I had been waiting eagerly for mentioning them” FISSURES”) (Did You See That??!!)is- They Love To Be A PAIN IN…well places they shouldn’t!!

Swelling around where aforementioned discharge or painful sensations have occurred , an external abscess has developed because of which ouchhie tenderness as well.

Sphincter Muscles – The Jobless!

The anal sphincter is a small but mighty group of muscles tasked with controlling the flow (if you know what we mean). Their job becomes quite difficult when fistulas form, since these little tunnels can create multiple openings to your rectum and screw up this delicate system.

If you notice any difficulties in keeping control over bowel moments it would be wise to look into whether we identify here Fistula’s entry!!

Imagine how great life could become without this bad boy in our private area!!!

Plus One

Another lovely thing that comes along with the already mentioned symptoms is fever (precise, right? We knew you’d appreciate that).

Fistulas are essentially deep infected tears within skin gaps – meaning they provide all kinds of wonderful opportunities for bacteria/viruses/etc.to take root including fevers from infections running rampant throughout our bodies just another “fun” part!

Typically, surgery will be required to remove the affected sinus tracts completely as otherwise chances run high at recurring cases due to improper cleaning for example; failed antibiotic treatment may succeed in most people’s situations but not always!. Ain’t technology grand???

So Here Is Some Good News- How To Prevent It??

Healthy bowels start with healthy eating , imagine if yu had thought about such things earlier! Regulating fiber intake keeps digestion on track so irregular stools don’t lead directly toward developing chronic inflammation + increasing risk factors(by disheartening amounts!). Drinking plenty fluids helps keep stool soft/combats constipation; And did I mention Prevention Is Always Better Than Cure??

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