What are the symptoms of breast cancer in women?

Breast cancer is not a laughing matter, yet it’s important to be aware of its signs and symptoms. If caught early enough, most breast cancers can be treated successfully. That’s why I’m here to give you an informative yet funny rundown on what you should look out for.

The Boobies: A Short Introduction

Before we get into those pesky symptoms, let’s take a quick moment to appreciate our breasts. Breasts come in all shapes and sizes; there are big ones and small ones, perky ones and saggy ones (don’t judge). But one thing they all have in common is that they deserve our attention.

Detecting Breast Cancer Early

Mammograms may not be everyone’s idea of ​​a good time (who wants their boob squeezed like grape?), but regular screenings can help detect any lumps or abnormalities before they cause serious harm.

It may sound scary (it kind of is), but catching breast cancer early means a better chance at survival (treatable things usually).

Let’s Talk about Symptoms!

Now onto the fun part – identifying potential symptoms!

Lump(s) or Thickening in Your Booboo(s)

One symptom that perhaps stands out more than others is finding a lump (or multiple!) when examining your breasts yourself.

If it helps you remember this symptom better, try singing:


But seriously though – if you find any abnormal bumps or textures while doing a self-exam or just throughout daily activities (like bouncing up the stairs) , don’t hesitate to talk with your healthcare provider because yolo !

Changes to Nipple Appearance

Another sign we must discuss relates directly  to nipple variety – like icing tips options;

Have really dark nipples? Maybe your nipples have already faced the dark side. Actually, any changes in nipple color, like flaky or redness surrounding it — can signal an issue.

Discharge That Isn’t Milk

No matter how tempted you are to perform that party trick of squirting milk from your nipples (childhood memories eh?), discharge other than during breastfeeding is never normal.

And while we’re on the topic, let’s remind ourselves: No squeezing! Regardless of who needs milk for their coffee around here, try not to put unnecessary pressure onto your nipples as this could lead to tissue damage.

Swelling and Breast Pain

Breast swelling might be an obvious symptom right? Kinda like when those girls visited that Brazilian surgeon 🙊 , but usually only one boob swells at a time if cancer is present. Also keep note if there’s breast pain – especially if persistent or only appearing in one area.

Did someone say Cleavage Cysts ? These fluid-filled sacs develop inside breasts, typically among women aging over 35 years old; they don’t always cause soreness or even noticeable symptoms (though some may have lumpiness). So I guess it’s just another surprise gift we get with age 😒 .

Creative Summary

So there you have it – four common signs of breast cancer to look out for:

  • Lumps / Thickening(s) Different Than Usual Dormant Lumpies
  • Changes In Nipple Shapes And Sizes (without asking)
  • Irregular Discharges From Your Mams
    • Anything except mom kryptonite
  • Boob/’s Pains Or Swellings

Remember (like Chewbacca yelling his name) that these are not definitive single indicators and just because you’ve caught an abnormality does not mean it’s definitely cancer (cue big sigh of relief after sweating nervously).

But do be consistently vigilant about conducting self-examinations so if anything pops up – you can speak with your healthcare provider and take any necessary precautions. Take care of those ta-tas! 🎉