What are the strongest bones in the body?

If you’ve ever wondered what bones are responsible for holding up your entire body weight, look no further! In this article, we will be discussing the strongest bones in our skeleton system. Buckle up and get ready to have a bone-shattering experience!

The Skeletal System

Before diving into the list of the strongest bones, let’s first understand how our skeletal system works. Our bodies consist of 206 individual bones, all working together to maintain shape and provide support.

But bones aren’t just hard structures that do nothing but sit there like lazy couch potatoes; they’re incredibly complex organs that serve many purposes including protection of vital organs, movement through muscles attachment, storage for calcium and phosphorus as well as blood production (hematopoiesis) within marrow spaces concealed inside some bones such as hipbones etc.

What Makes a Bone Strong?

Although all bones have varying strengths depending on their shape and location within your body, many factors contribute towards making them sturdy enough to withstand daily activities without breaking apart into smithereens!

Here are some features of sturdy old bone:

1- Compact composition
2- Sufficient mineral content
3- Adequate collagen fibers.
4- Proper nutrient supply

This unique combination enhances their strength relative to size & thickness which is necessary because if they were weaker than regular building materials then it would take more material or thicker versions thereof just in order build a frame capable of handling everyday tasks much less more strenuous ones e.g; climbing mountainsides etc.

Let’s Jump Right Into It: The Top Sixteen Strongest Bones in Your Body

1. Femur – Thigh power reigns supreme!

The femur, also known as the thigh bone or upper leg-bone can carry so much weight ! It helps us stand upright while supporting even heavy loads – walking without its assistance is nearly impossible.

2. The Pelvis – Hold Me Tight

If you thought your pelvic bone just held everything else in place down there, think again! This bony structure also provides a solid foundation for our spine and legs to rest on top of it /amazing right?

3. Jawbone – Bite Power Matters

The jawbone, or mandible, might not seem like the epitome of strength at first glance but make no mistake about its ability to hold up against extensive use while performing everyday activities such as speaking or eating ! Important note: don’t try cracking nuts with this one though its still breakable.

4. Skull- Bone Brigade Leader

Next up is none other than our good friend the skull . Not only does it protect our brain, but it also plays a part in hearing & vision ensuring correct balance throughout action packed day/night scenes!

5. Spinal Column – Walking Away In Style

Whether we’re sitting upright or standing tall like mighty oak trees ready to face any challenge thrown at us; we owe our stance balance largely due to an incredible assembly line that’s directly responsible for keeping every vertebra aligned thereby contributing towards maintaining posture over time-/that wonderland known as the spinal column

More Bones Step Up To Play Their Part!

Let’s now explore some more bone history – strap yourselves in folks because things are about take off:

6. Tibia- The Shin Stronghold!

Strong doesn’t begin to describe how sturdy our old reliable shin-bone really is! It helps carry tons of weight from footfalls each journey along life’s various paths whilemaintaining stability.

7./8.Ulna And Radius- Forearm Partners For Life!

The ulna and radius (forearm bones) complement each other perfectly; working together they provide sufficient structural support enough potential side by side movements such as supination and pronation of the forearm-/now that’s true partnership!

9./10. Clavicle And Scapula – Together Forever

The clavicles (also known as collarbones) & scapulas aren’t just bones finishing off our upper limbs; but they provide foundational support across new experiences in life such as throwing a ball or pushing against something / what marvelous inventions of nature.

11.Humerus- Arm It Out!

Time to wake up your biceps because we’re diving right into discussing a heavyweight: the humerus. As one can expect from its role in carrying out arm movements, this bone needs healthy dose daily calcium intake !

12./13. Calcaneus-Anklebone Ace/Fibula-Learn What That Name Means

Though smaller than others mentioned here don’t let their small size surprise you! These connected ankle-bones together aid supported mobility providing structure below inclines giving stability in tilt-laden terrains.

The Last Lap

With only three left to go, we’ll be wrapping up soon – so buckle-up folks:

### 14./15.The Hand Bones Get A Special Mention
Our hands are quite amazing when it comes to dexterity which is partly due to involvement by little soldier-like pip-squecks known collectively & individually as carpal metacarpal/phalanx bones- (That’s a mouthful!)

##16.Last But Certainly Not Least-The Collarbone Reappears This Time With Its Counterpart Left When Joining To Form Our Only Joint Connected To the Scapulae Once Again Reinforcing How Amazing BONES Are At Support

To conclude this exciting article on bone strength, these sixteen bones have been identified with utmost surety for their robustness efficiency unsurpassed durability whether alone or working alongside counterparts within themselves paired together making for better functioning overall-certainly nothing short of miraculous!

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