What are the signs your blood sugar is too high?

The human body works in a strange way, and our blood sugar levels play an essential role in maintaining good health. When it comes to managing diabetes or keeping tabs on our glucose levels, we often focus on low blood sugar. But what about high blood sugar? There are several telltale signs that you need to keep an eye out for—you don’t want to be caught off guard during a glucose spike!

High Blood Sugar: An Overview

Before diving into the signs of high blood sugar, let’s discuss what constitutes “high.” Most people have fasting plasma glucose (FPG) values between 70-110 mg/dL, but anything above 140mg/dL qualifies as hyperglycemia.

Hyperglycemia can occur when our bodies struggle to process excess glucose, leading to a buildup of sugars in the bloodstream. This condition is common with people diagnosed with diabetes but can also happen due to other factors like stress or illness.

Now that we know what classifies as high blood sugar let’s take a closer look at some surefire symptoms that indicate your glucose level might be soaring:

Dry Mouth And Increased Thirst

One of the most noticeable symptoms associated with high blood sugar is dry mouth combined with unquenchable thirst. As more water consumed by an individual goes away through urine, leaving no moisture behind – this pees person off!

While occasional thirst isn’t something you need to worry about; if you find yourself drinking fluids constantly without satiety/with little relief from dehydration—with excessive urination—it could suggest elevated glucose levels.


We all feel tired once in awhile and may blame long days or lack of sleep –But sudden fatigue even after getting rest/sending many hours resting may signify higher than expected amounts of bloodstream-sugar hanging around unchecked!

Our muscles use insulin to convert glucose into energy. When insulin is insufficient or absent, the body burns fat for fuel, producing ketones that contribute to fatigue and feelings of sluggishness.

Blurred Vision

Another common symptom synonymous with high blood sugar levels is blurred vision. The excess glucose in your bloodstream can damage your small blood vessels’ walls, including those attached to your eyes—making it difficult to focus and leading many diabetic-ps suffer from bad sight-humor as essential for their lifestyle!


Mood swings happen for a variety of reasons – but when they’re accompanied by other symptoms like frequent thirst/leg pain/cramps –It’s no longer just grumpiness; instead, that means a spike in blood-sugar could be behind the change one’s disposition.

High sugar levels affect insulin production messily within our bodies (resulting in wild fluctuations)—dramatically impacting our emotional state & reactions-making us feel more irritable than usual.

Increased Appetite And Hunger Pangs

A common sign of high glucose levels is an unexplained increase in appetite/hunger pains–One might find himself frequently snacking, re-checking the pantry/fridge after having meals continuously throughout the day/night because you never feel full!

When there isn’t enough circulating-insulin pushing those sugary molecules out into cells/false signals show up telling brains need now—Patients often describe this feeling similar if not worse than being ‘hangry.’

Frequent Urination At Night Time

If you’re waking up every night to use the bathroom/tropic-like calls-of-nature— There’s a possibility elevated-glucose-levels are causing kidneys negatively impacts bladder functions dramatic/sleep depriving effects costing u precious hours needed restful-recharge time necessary each day for basic-functioning-friendly-existence?

The extra sugars present in your bloodstream cause your kidneys to work overtime filtering out toxins resulting/help-excreting waste-falling asleep difficult.

Numbness Or Tingling In The Hands And Feet

A lesser-known symptom of high blood sugar is tingling or numbness in the hands/feet. High glucose levels can weaken and damage small blood vessels and nerves—restricting circulation/blood flow & impacting sensations readers feel/touch, leading to feelings like pins-and-needles that are virtually just as disruptive!

If you’re experiencing these symptoms with an uptick in thirst/hunger-trips-in-the-rearview/how-about-familiar-or-new-fatigue,-these signs likely point to elevated-glucose-levels being behind your woes.

Wrapping Up

As we’ve shown here today, there are several signs that indicate high blood sugar – dry mouth and frequent thirst/fatigue mentioned above as well-numbness worth noting because they affect body parts people rely upon steadily daily functioning properly! But if any/all of these indicators resonate within–THEN-BE-SURE-To-catch up necessary regular-medical-practice-follow-ups adjusting-yours-lifestyle-pursuits-whatever-it-takes maintaining healthier-path-specifically-fit-for-U!