What Are The Signs & Symptoms of Rejecting Belly Button Rings?

Actually, belly button piercing rejection might occur when your body might not accept strange object that could be placed in the skin. Your body might see strange object as the thread and it might resort to defense measures like pushing object out of skin. Rejection is considered as the slow process and you might not realize it when it is happening. The symptoms of the navel piercing rejection might include:

  • Belly button jewelry at your navel hangs loose
  • Piercing holes in areas slowly maximizes in the size
  • Skin where piercing could be located is very sore and sensitive
  • Keloid is forming in the pierced area
  • Skin becomes thin and you might see the jewelry through it

Remember one thing: symptom might be varied and it might depend upon person and their body might react to the foreign objects. The main reason that your navel piercing might be rejected is you will choose the wrong jewelry for it. At the same time, you might choose wrong type of metal as well as wrong size of jewelry.

Common signs and symptoms of rejected belly button piercing

Once you pay attention for your piercer about what’s normal and how to choose the piercing then you can easily find out the rejection in the early stages. This kind of the rejection might happen at any time so you must aware of it. If rejection begins then you might notice some symptoms which include:

  • Migration
  • Over the top soreness
  • Hanging loosely
  • See it with your own eyes
  • Maximize in piercing hole size
  • Formation Keloid or scar
  • More discharge

Migration is happened when your belly button jewelry could be pushed closer toward surface of your skin. Remember one thing; some of the migration is normal because it is not reason to panic. In case you start to notice bar at your belly button piercing jewelry is visible via your skin then it is the clue that migration is happening. Once the rejection is underway then the jewelry might not tight when you first got it.

In case, you see any formation of the scar tissue across your belly button piercing, you must check it carefully. Keloid is either big or small. When it comes to the symptoms of the naval piercings includes yellow to greenish discharge, redness, mild to moderate pain across the naval and movement of the piercing location. If you wish to prevent body from rejecting the bellybutton ring, you must clean it daily with the anti bacterial soap. Try to apply sufficient amount of liquid to your hand and you must not use washcloth or sponge because it might carry bacteria. Majority of the piercings might last for long-time especially with the optimum care.

Causes of piercing rejection

There is no specific cause which might lead to the piercing rejection. It might happen because combination of the specific factors which includes:

  • Material of jewelry
  • Shape and size of jewelry. Ill-fitting jewelry might be the initial cause of the migration
  • Some of the people might heal differently rather than others
  • Tautness of skin
  • Weight changes. Obesity and pregnancy might cause skin to stretch that might put pressure on piercing
  • Emotional or physical stress

It might be frustrating when your body might reject the piercing but there is no danger rather than scarring. You are advisable to try new piece of the jewelry in different gauge, size, shape or material. If possible, you can talk to the qualified piercer to get advice. Try to use nonirritating plastic bar or ring.

If you are doing some research in online then you can easily find out the best piercing jewelry based on your needs. To reduce the chance of rejection, you must choose larger width or gauge that could be helpful to you. At the same time, you are advisable to stay healthy, avoid stress and eat well to get rid of from rejection. Piercing is one of the best ways to express yourself and adorn the body. Migration and rejection might be the serious complications that might result from the new piercing.