What are the signs of having ulcers?

The word ulcer may give you a feeling of discomfort. And, unfortunately, it’s every bit as uncomfortable and painful as it sounds! For those who don’t know what an ulcer is – (just like me until five minutes ago!) It’s a sore that develops usually in your stomach lining or small intestine. This can cause severe pain/discomfort and sometimes bleeding.

Like most things in life, prevention is better than cure- hence keeping yourself updated on the warning signs is key to avoid any hassles down the line. That being said; let me share with you today all about how to identify if you have ulcers.

But first…What causes ulcers?

Just so we’re on the same page: there are two primary causes of stomach ulcers:

1) Infection: Helicobacter pylori (H.pylori) bacteria live inside your digestive tract wreaking havoc causing infection leading up to Ulcer formation.

2) Acid imbalance: Our usual gastric juice contains hydrochloric acid which can digest food and destroy germs but when excess acid accumulates in our stomach lining then this harms delicate tissues making our tummies like volcanoes ready to sign out lava-stomach-lining.( Fun Fact: A PH balance between one-two helps dissolve metal).

So now that we know what leads up-to ulcers forming lets get into ways we could spot them early & take action.

Burning sensation

For those who face ulcer issues, they would confess this symptom as #1 on their list.The burning sensation could be mild at its onset then steadily grow over time leading upto extreme levels.

If you experience anything remotely familiar indicating mild fire ignition leading towards full-blown conflagration –in your tummy region-then pay attention because it might be high time to get things checked.

Pro Tip: If you experience periodic relief from this pain on consuming antacids or avoiding acidic foods, then definitely check with a physician.

Your stomach feels bloated

If your meals give you an inflated feeling -well that too could be attributed as a starting symptom of ulcer onset.Sometimes setting up alarms for earlier actions like alkaline intake or antidote pill consumption.

SEE! Tummy problems don’t always toss-and-turn about ending all stay-at-home Netflix watches.

Pro tip: Suppose you’re suffering in silence (speaking aloud can cause emission) due to unavoidable and embarrassing flatulence-fret not; better start taking note of dietary triggers leading-up-to the gassy situation(as eating those beans might have been one step forward towards enjoyment but may take 10 steps back when it causes trouble later)

Vomiting tendencies

“Check yoself before you wreck yoself!” If the previous symptoms were harmless little butterflies grazing past your gastrointestinal tract-this symptom is more like Hulk ready to bust out.
Vomiting after meals/completely randomly should ring alarm bells because it’s a solid indication something isn’t normal.Having nausea/motion sickness/uneasiness while eating/gulping-down-a-glass-of-h20-as-if-your-life-depends-on-it situations are also red flags screaming –(END GAME-Visit Doc.)

Word of caution : Never downplay vomiting sensations especially if blood accompanies them.

Let’s go over some questions and answers that give us an idea if we are at risk.

Do You Smoke? Yes/No
Do You Drink Alcohol ? Yes / No
Are Antacids A Part Of Daily routine? Yes / No
Have We Experienced Black Stool/Melena? Yes / No
Do We Have A Family History Of Gastric Issues? Yes /No ( be honest)

Apparent stomach ache

You know the feeling where you want to GIVE up on everything but guess what, your tummy isn’t aligned with your thoughts and wants to WAKE UP for a morning drill.

Unexplained stomach ache or the pain carrying as far down under could hint at an ulcer onset.These episodes are sometimes intermittent and of mild intensity-which may lead us to ignore their importance.Maybe it’s time we listen if our belly is telling us something other than ‘feed me’.

“I’ll have a side order of headaches please!”

While headaches don’t directly relate to ulcers; they may signify Zollinger-Ellison Syndrome. It’s always best not to self-diagnose since doing so will only do more harm than good – like walking into the wrong party dresses in sweatpants.

Bright red blood upon vomiting

Vomit/diarrhea this one doesn’t holdback!There is no hiding around when there is any sign of bloody flesh being thrown-out rather dramatic,revealing that maybe it’s high-time for a check-up !!

Pro tip: Remember even without severe symptoms visiting-the-doc routinely after certain age groups/seeking regular medical treatment-can save-you-a-lot-of-trouble-in-the-future.Don’t just wait until shit hits fan.”


With all said-and-done having awareness about our bodies remains key.Being aware “in itself” does take off some burden from ourselves.

So BE aware, HAVE fun stuffing yourself –but before anything else-listen-to-your gut!