What are the side effects of taking nugenix?

As you may already know, Nugenix is a popular testosterone booster. It’s marketed towards men who want to increase their energy levels, libido, and muscle mass. But what happens when you take this supplement? Is it safe? And most importantly, what are the side effects of taking Nugenix? We’ve got all the information you need below.

Introduction: Does Nugenix Actually Work?

Before diving into the possible side effects of taking Nugenix, let’s address if it works or has some miraculous benefits like regrowing hair or adding extra fingers.

In short – yes! There have been many studies that suggest that the ingredients in Nugenix can help improve testosterone levels for certain people. However, there is no guarantee that everyone will see those results as hormones vary from person to person.

So now let’s move onto why we’re really here…


One common side effect of taking Nugenix is headaches. When your body experiences changes in hormone levels especially with increased male-sex hormone production can trigger headaches including migraines which could be disruptive on daily activity.

If you find yourself battling frequent headaches after starting a course of supplementation with this product consider a sitting phone consultation from your primary care doctor before continuing usage.

Gastrointestinal Issues

Another common issue users experience when starting Nugenix supplementation journey are gastrointestinal issues such as stomach cramps and diarrhea. This usually occurs during transition phase into introducing new supplements into the body when it’s not used to these sudden changes in routine so always introduce each new nutritional compounds slowly & carefully under supervision when just incorporating experimentation products like this test enhancement line!


Unfortunately for those hoping for clear skin while boosting their testosterone level acne flare ups are one possible {albeit} smaller observed side effect using nugenix which otherwise apparently performs wonderfully…I always tell my customers that clear skin comes at a cost so adding multiple physiological adjusters to your daily routine may increase the chances of running into some undesirable flare ups.

Reduced Appetite

Several Nugenix users have reported experiencing reduced appetite, which could be an issue especially if you are actively exercising and trying to build up muscle mass!

If one already has trouble with keeping up calorie intakes then reducing appetite might further impact energy levels..so pair better nutritionally caloric-dense foods for meeting the overall goals

Sleep Disorder

Some people also experience sleep disturbances when they start taking Nugenix, including insomnia (difficulty sleeping) or hypersomnolence (excessive sleepiness). While there is no known fix for this specific “supplement-use-induced” condition try incorporating unconscious stress reducers such as meditation, white noise machines or setting aside dedicated non-screened downtime prior in bed can help calm racing thoughts etc. related to altered hormonal profiles from supplementing with testosterone natural enhancers like Nugenix.

Cardiovascular Issues & Blood Clots

A less talked about side effect associated with increasing T-levels {with the use of} test enhancing supps is cardiovascular issues and blood clots potential risk as mentioned by various medical officials. The relation lies herein: higher concentration of male-sex hormone production leads to increased arterial wall thickening, thus restricting blood flow gradually leading towards formation of clots inside arteries potentially causing strokes or heart attacks! Always, always discuss any drastic changes/introduction of supplements with a qualified medical professional before mindlessly conducting experiments on yourself because who knows what would happen next!

For example cigarette smoking combined with elevated testosterone level risks amplifies concerns…reverse engineering habits like quitting smoking before giving ever-increasing intensity enablers as Nugenix would score high on preventive measures list against underlying health deterioration signs over time.

Be smart – monitor your body regularly and consult medical professional before starting supplementation!


Finally one more rare side effect reported by some Nugenix users- extreme fatigue along with moody swings although this may take place because of other routines..like previously discussed sleep disturbances or inadequate diet and hydration so it’s always best to get into the habit of keeping a meticulous tracking diary detailing everything happening at each point in life.

Conclusion: Is Nugenix Safe?

Ultimately is taking Nugenix safe? That depends on what you mean by “safe”. Believe me, there are many supplements/ ingredients out there masqueraded as helpful which later down end up “Biting the hand that feeds”…but fortunately for us, most people have shown no negative effects from supplementing with powerhouse testosterone booster like Nugenix {or we would’ve heard about multiple lawsuits against their manufacturing brand}. But nobody is impervious to accidental undoings; thus make sure to monitor physical response alongside consulting doctor’s guidance!

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