What are the side effects of taking ibuprofen long term?

Welcome to my hilarious and informative guide about the effects of ibuprofen on your long-term health! I’m here to answer all your questions, fears, and doubts in a language that you can understand. We’re going to explore all the side effects that you may encounter from consuming this medication for an extended period. So let’s grab some popcorn, settle down on our couches, and enjoy this little ride!


Ibuprofen is one of those magic pills that we pop every time we experience pain or inflammation; it’s like opening Hogwarts letters every time Harry Potter receives them – so many surprises await! In general, people don’t think twice before popping two Advils whenever they have a headache or sore muscles.

But what happens when you consume ibuprofen regularly for days? Weeks? Months? Is it safe in these scenarios?

Let us take a closer look at what science has discovered below.

High-Risk Groups

Before diving into possible symptoms of prolonged ibuprofen usage let’s discuss who might be high-risk consumers:

  • Alcohol drinkers
  • Elderly population
  • People with medical conditions
  • Pregnant women

These are some examples where professional advice should be taken even if not using regularly yet alone as long term treatment.

Now onto our main topic…


The first symptom often associated with chronic use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as Ibuprofen involves ulcers. Regular users must beware as their stomach lining becomes more susceptible to erosion over time which makes ulcers more common than expected whether small or large.

Consistent Ibubrofin intake irritates gastrointestinal nerves making a range G.I problems likely especially after multiple rounds ranging from cramps () vomiting (), indigestion(), diarrhea () all playing a key role in reducing the body’s immunity.

Cardiovascular problems

For those who may like to live on the edge or prefer living dangerously (Long nose grows, Pinnochio), Ibuprofen tablets raise the risk of heart attacks and strokes; it increases blood pressure above average rates. Doses larger than your doctor’s recommendation can cause terrible cardiovascular issues and lead to fierce stomach ache with some lucky ones even experiencing dizziness()…A small price for pain reduction right?

The exciting part is that anyone using ibuprofen daily over long periods faces an increased danger of developing cardiac issues as compared to non-users(). But hey, since folks from Northern Italy tend to be known for our love of lasagna just sprinkle water on napkins and power through another packet!

Asthma complications

Cause if one lung disease isn’t enough? (double sigh!)
Taking ibuprofen creates asthma-related health hazards too(!) The drug hinders lungs’ protection during a severe bout which causes breathing difficulty(
)and makes it more likely that you will have asthma attacks frequently lower respiratory infection often drags users back into hospital no sooner after leaving! Recommended dosages vary upon individuals but don’t hesitate consulting help should usage increase rapidly – breathe easy.

Just when you thought we couldn’t possible pile any other effect onto the list…. ta-daaaaah
It turns out overdosing again raises concerns as it damages your liver! Did I mention overdose? That means excessive intake~ yep reading pills bottles does matter sighs.
Regular doses alone prompt warning signs such as dark urine(), yellowing skin/tongue/eyes () , easily bruised(!)skin changes etc. So say bye-bye eventually to these normal functions due to impaired functionality from abuse- Congratulations now have been upgraded from Red alert to Amber (not a good sign) status.

Menstruation Issues

Ladies, do you already have enough period cramps and heaviness on your plate?
If yes, Great! just ingest some ibuprofen for fun; it helps reduce inflammation in the body. Unfortunately long term study suggest this regularly could lead to menstrual irregularities and worsen incidents like PCOS becoming more intensively painful()… Yeah – every person’s nightmare during that time o’ month… all hail pain!

We may store two but are we taking care of our pair adequately as we should? Your kidneys can get damaged due to the manner by which non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) function inside your body when extra molecules block out natural blood flow reducing oxygen levels which puts immense pressures onto internal organs(). Bear in mind constant usage creates higher chances of blocking overall kidney functionality thus leaving substances unfiltered leading into harmful consequences later.

In conclusion, this magical pill may give incredible relief from hardship however going beyond mean dosage or an excessively long duration state means risking irreversible damages within ourselves.It proves crucial seeking medical know-how if any uncomfortable symptoms arise persistently which allow users to stay within safe health management conditions. Stay attentive towards your own bodies peculiar reactions while consuming medication so as not generating complications abruptly.

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