What are the side effects of iud?

When it comes to contraception, an intrauterine device (IUD) is often seen as a convenient and effective option. However, like any form of birth control, it comes with a range of side effects that you may not be aware of. Below we have listed some common and uncommon issues you could experience if you decide to give this little device a go.

A Pain in the You-Know-What

If there’s anything all women hate more than going to the gynecologist, it’s experiencing pain down there when they’re not supposed to. While IUD insertion typically takes about 5 minutes, many women report feeling significant discomfort during and after the procedure for up to three months. In fact, most women need medication before insertion just so their therapist can get anywhere near them 😀

Your Body Might Just Expel That Thing

One major disadvantage—or irony—of using an IUD is that your body might expel it entirely rather than keeping it secure in place where babies aren’t made 😵 This annoying mishap usually happens within six weeks from initial implantation but if lucky (ahem unfortunate enough), expulsion can happen at any point thereafter… Usually without warning or invitation 🙀😾.

Behold The Mystery Spotting

Ah yes! Now we are talking about everybody’s favorite thing – spotting messes that force us into endless bathroom trips🤨⌛️An omniscient ability to know exactly when different types and severity levels were expected would save lots of surprises & ruined underwear days. Unfortunately ladies (and gentle humans who menstruate), unpredictable bleeding patterns called “irregular spotting” remains one primary inconvenience associated with using IUDs: Sometimes light..sometimes heavy…you never know 💔!

Congratulations! You Have Acne Breakouts Again!

Let me take a moment here to celebrate with all my acne-ridden friends! Nothing quite signifies your post pubescent adulthood than acne episodes 😒 In case you were planning on using IUDs as a means of avoiding breakouts, newsflash! Some women continue breaking out thanks to these little devices 🥵

Bloating is Cool Again – Thanks To the Evil Intrauterine Device!

If there’s one thing that could be considered comparable to experiencing a pregnancy it is easily when bloating makes its grand entrance 🙄🤷 With an IUD, some women report water retention and weight gain or sudden change in body mass index. Now that’s just swell (pun intended) 👎

Not-So-Sweet Cramps Score Big Points for Being Extra Nasty

Cramps are never pleasant spell Pleasant…but with an IUD in place? Things can kick up a notch from mildly uncomfortable levels to “call-in-sick-to-work” nasty cramping. This can happen randomly and without warning ❌ Higher frequency or intensity might stem from being sensitive towards hormone changes caused by the placement of intrauterine device
Sadly..that ain’t so delightful for anyone involved.

Pregnancy Despite Having An Intruder Inside You?

Let me introduce you to two female enemies: Odds & Probability There may come times when those villains will triumph against even something as potent as an implanted intrauterine device😳 While the probability of getting pregnant while literally having birth control inside sounds like trying hard enough after getting lost, yet goodness knows miracles lol 😝💁‍♀️ Because statistically more than 1% still get pregnant while having their UIDs lodged inside unexpected babies ended up knocking at doors Though studies showed highly rare though results vary based patient’s circumstances


Overall, utilizing the mighty power(and risks)of using this form of birth control depends entirely on how much you are willing to brave through in case of side effects. It will likely take time to find the right form, dosage or contraceptive mechanism that works both for your lifestyle and your body—and is worth considering different approaches if you’re experiencing major internal conflicts with use of IUDs💡Remember – there’s no perfect contraception method out there🔍 – but sometimes just deciding on which pile😉 You want to die on is enough!