What are the side effects of high blood pressure?

High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is a silent killer that has caused many heart-related diseases over the years. If left untreated or unchecked, high blood pressure results in severe health problems such as kidney failure and stroke. However, there are several natural and scientific methods to keep blood pressure levels within a healthy range.

So folks, today we’re going to explore the side effects of high blood pressure while hopefully having some fun along the way.

What Exactly is Hypertension?

Before diving into the disturbing details surrounding hypertension’s harrowing effects on the human body; let’s attract some knowledge about this medical condition:

  • Blood Pressure: The force exerted by your circulating blood against your artery walls.
  • Systolic BP: Top number indicating heartbeats per minute (BPM) when pumping maximally.
  • Diastolic BP: Bottom number indicating BPM during resting periods between beats

When either one of these indicators rises above 130/80 millimeters of mercury (mm Hg), you run afoul of hypertension! Pretty dangerous stuff if you ask me.

The Silent Killer – Why Worry About Hypertension?

Interestingly enough (or not so much), most people don’t notice any symptoms until their situation becomes critical, thus earning its nickname: “the silent killer”.

Let me elaborate with few common examples (Note: There may be mild differences between individuals):

Number One: An I-Witness Account

Recently an individual called ‘A.’ claimed they had no idea they were suffering from high bp until extensive tests at a routine checkup exposed their secret ailment after ages thanks to their lackadaisical approach to self-care practices.

Number Two: Fighting-Fit Fitness Fanatics aren’t Immune Either?!

It might come as surprise to all those fanatic gym-goers out there, who think they’re the epitome of healthy living. Little do they know that hypertension can actually be more common among fit people than those not exercising regularly; if you push yourself overboard!

Number Three: Organ Casualties

The body is like a well-oiled machine and every gear has its role to play. But when one breaker starts malfunctioning others tend to follow suit (Note: not very different from IT systems). Hypertension characteristically targets important internal organs such as your brain, heart, kidneys etc.

Warning Signs You Can’t Ignore

Okay! Enough talking about ‘what’; let’s jump into something that concerns everyone – ‘when’. Here are a few red flags which suggest someone might have high blood pressure:

1) Chest Pain: The force against artery walls causes narrowing of arteries elevating the possibility of chest pain.
2) Irregular Heart Beats (Arrhythmia): Due to excess pressure on your heart muscles it may begin beating irregularly or abnormally so keeping tabs on any odd changes is critical.
3) Lightheadedness : Going short on oxygen due stunted blood supply normally leads individuals susceptible to fainting spells; It’s time get yourself checked up!

Your health should always come first so do take time out for self-check ups/issues in general ensure your continuous chirpiness!

Long-Term Effects Arising From High Blood Pressure?

Sadly enough hypertension allows room for many long-term implications in adults especially after crossing their 50s.( Oh No!). Following are some major effects one can expect:

Cardiovascular Diseases

High blood pressure notably contributes significantly in aggravating cardiac issues such as :

  • Coronary Artery Disease (CAD)
  • Chronic Heart Failure(CHF)
  • Myocardial Infarction(MI)

Nobody wants even an inkling of these deadly diseases looming over them like Damocles sword!

Organ Complications

Hypertension damages major internal organs of the human body including but not limited to:

  • Kidney Disease (hypertensive nephropathy)
  • Brain Aneurysm/Stroke
  • Retinopathy (a condition that injures retinal blood vessels)

Note: These don’t have short term aftermaths so people become complacent and fail-safes find themselves in such positions.

Risk Factors for Hypertension?

The following factors alter your risk likelihood percentage when it comes to hypertension, thus warranting utmost care:


As time passes by our bodies decrease rates of smooth functioning leading to intensifying blood pressure risks. It’s an uphill task as dealing with age is trickier than dealing with hypertensions.

Tip: If you’re getting along in the years or not pushing young then consult a medical practitioner ASAP!

Inactivity: Not Moving Makes You Wobbly!

Physical activities are amongst necessities ensuring healthy living; however low levels contribute considerably increasing bp rates. Even simple exercises like taking a walk after supper or cycling around block can work wonders on reducing those pesky high numbers.

Our Best Friend – Alcohol Consumption

According to studies, men drinking more than two drinks per day while women having only one drink a day resultantly increase their chances of high BP. Let’s keep alcohol restricted solely for recreational purposes!

The Wrap Up – Set Realistic Goals & Stay Committed

High Blood Pressure if approached casually might rob you off a chance at prolonged happy life(oh dear!). Therefore always consider maintaining healthy habits ensuring its avoidance aforementioned hazards& consequences :

1) What Goes Inside Matters: Focus on your salt/sugar intake levels as they play strategic role pile accumulating fats clogging arteries which pave ways eventual bp attacks.
2) Modification For Solution(Fix Yo Self) : Attempt making changes before resorting meds options:
– More exercise
– Quit smoking (if you haven’t already)

3) Blood Pressure Medication: If circumstances still don’t improve then medication might be a boon for one’s health! Consult with specialists before figuring out dose!

Better late than never – make sure to give yourself due care because true prevention starts at self care itself!

(In case you weren’t keeping up, this article has detailed the side effects and long-term consequences of high blood pressure after elaborating on its definition. It also explained warning signs that suggest high BP is present in your body whilst including some risk factors which contribute towards it’s likelihood. Finally providing tips to prevent which should always supercede searching how to cure!)

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