What are the side effects of amisulpride?

Are you on amisulpride? Or are you planning to go for it? Well, if yes, then we must say this – wait a sec. Do not rush right away. Hold your horses and take some time out because today we’ll share with you some side effects that might make you cringe or giggle like a teenager.


Amisulpride is said to be an atypical antipsychotic drug that works by blocking specific dopamine receptors present in our brain. It’s primarily used in treating chronic psychosis disorders including schizophrenia and other psychotic symptoms.

However, as with all medication of its kind and magnitude, there are few adverse effects that one should be aware of before taking it regularly.

So folks! Tighten your seat belts; we’re about to dive into the pool of real-life horror stories/experiences – the side-effects.

A Quick Glance at Some Commonly Experienced Side-Effects

Let’s start with an overview of common amisulpride negative outcomes:

  • Weight gain
  • Agitation
  • Anxiety
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Nausea
  • Prolactin increase causing gynaecomastia (breasts enlargement)

Seems manageable so far? But honey! Trust us when we say this – these are merely tiny pieces from the basket full of potential consequences.

“The cake has just been baked; now let’s add some frosting”

What do ya say?”

The Baneful Consequences Lurking Ahead!

Fasten up guys! Things might get bumpy ahead – ADVERSE EFFECTS ARE UP FOR ACTION NOW!!

Gastrointestinal Issues: The Silent Killer!

The most commonly reported side effect related to digestive systems includes:


Okay okay, so nothing is new about constipation except for the fact that we all hate it when “nature’s call” is hushed away. But more severe or prolonged constipation can lead to colon issues like:

  • Chronic or acute painful diverticular disease
  • Bowel obstruction due to an excess of waste products accumulation.


Amisulpride-induced diarrhea impacts many people, leading them to the frequent bowel movement which might be rather uncomfortable and embarrassing.

Sleep Disorders: The Nightmares About Dreams

Insomnia is a common symptom reported by people using amisulpride® as its effect on dopamine levels also affects our sleep-wake cycle. So folks! No matter how much you want to snuggle with your bed, Insomnia wouldn’t let you have this peaceful night dreams’ experience, for now at least!

Neurological Issues: Welcome To My World Of Dizziness And Tremors

Migraine headaches are usually seen in female patients; A mild headache may be observed after starting amisulpride treatments. However, some patients might witness chronic fatigue syndrome prompting daily tiredness affecting their day-to-day quality of life.


If shaking hands or fingers vigorously bothersome then get ready amigo! You’re not alone… Amisulpride could make things worse by showing Parkinsonian-like symptoms including muscle tremor (shaking), making us feel miserable about every waking hour.

Movement Disorder/Dystonia

When facial muscles contract involuntarily, creating twitching effects rapidly -it results from dystonia. It could affect the mouth causing involuntary bites and grimaces.

Reduced White Blood Cells Count – Let’s Thank Amisulphid!

Another rare but dangerous side effect includes decreased white blood cell count exposing the immune system vulnerable against viruses/bacteria attacks – Yikes!!

Conclusion Time – Should One Take Amisulphid?

Welll..Depends on various factors; Your medical history, the severity of psychotic disorders, and last and most important medical expert’s recommendation. But do not worry about it guys! After reading these amusing stories/disasters- ” Do you think anyone here would want to take Amisulphid willingly on their own?”

A big NOPE!!


Bold Text Highlights:

  • Because no one should be missing the fun.

Table for Side Effects: As it’s a more organized way of presenting information!

Amisulpride Common side effects Serious side effects
Digestive System Constipation & diarrhea Bowel obstruction
Neurological System Tremors & Dystonia Fatigue etc
Others Weight gain, nausea, prolactin increase etc Decreased white blood cell count etc

Now if this table doesn’t prompt some laughs at least we don’t know what will… 🙂

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