What are the health risks of tattoos?

Are you ready to make a statement? Do you want a permanent reminder of that one wild night in Cabo or the name of your significant other who may or may not leave you for their yoga instructor next month? Then it’s time to get inked baby! But before you head down to your neighborhood tattoo parlor and sacrifice your dignity, let’s talk about some troubling facts (because we all know how much I love facts).

Is Your Tattoo Artist Trying to Kill You?

Tattoos have become increasingly popular over the years. In fact, according to a survey done by Statista, 30% of adults in the US between ages 18-29 have at least one tattoo. That means nearly 50 million people walking around with permanent designs etched into their skin.

But did you know that getting inked carries some major health risks? No really, I’m serious. It is like playing Russian roulette with bacterial infections.

Contaminated Needles: A Surefire Way To Get Hepatitis

Most reputable tattoo parlors sterilize their equipment after each use but not all parlors are created equal shocker. Sterilization regulations vary from state-to-state meaning if your idea of research involves googling “tattoo shop near me,” good luck avoiding dirty needles (1).

Chemical Allergies Can Ruin Your Masterpiece Forever

Do ever feel like living on the edge and experimenting with different ink colors than black (oops there goes my trust fund)? Well listen up folks because this can lead to major allergies sometimes causing redness and blisters which does not look dope at all (2).

The type of dye used can also vary depending on whether an artist works predominantly with organic vs synthetic dyes thus exposing clients more susceptible allergies (3).

For example, Black tattoos accounted for the majority of allergic reactions with Red and Blue following closely behind. But the worst ink culprit by far is Green, which provided to be almost twice as likely to cause an allergy (4)!

Tattoo Discrimination: Tough Luck Job Seekers!

Another fact that most people overlook when getting a tattoo is how it can potentially affect one’s career prospects ugh why are you stressing me out bro?. In today’s work environment, employers are becoming increasingly strict regarding visible tattoos. As much as we’d like our jobs not to influence who we are or what we stand for, tats may lead you down a different path sometimes helpful but mostly hurtful.

No More Careers for Handsome Jacks – Tattooed Professionals Unwelcome

In a survey conducted by Harris Interactive in 2012, over 38% of Americans between ages 18-29 stated they have at least one tattoo compared to only about 10% just ten years prior (what can I say Millennials love tattoos). The same study showed that among those without tattoos only around half would consider hiring someone with noticeable tattoos.

That percentage drops significantly in fields where appearances matter more i.e any industry involving customers.

When it comes down to brass tax corporate culture values appearance over character excuse me while I drink my face into oblivion.

Are Tattoos Really That Terrible?

The increase risk or chance of discrimination should never stop anyone from doing things they want. After all “it’s your body your choice” (or so every basic actress on TikTok tells me) Ok ok maybe not everything guys (5)

I’m going off topic … anyways don’t let these facts scare you away from living on the edge and carving gorgeous pieces into yourself permanently…because YOLO right?