What are the four types of heart valves?

The heart is not just an organ in your body, pumping out blood to keep you alive; it’s also a symbol of love and emotion. And what lies at the center of this powerful emotional expression? Your heart valves! These tiny flaps may seem insignificant, but they play a vital role in keeping your blood flowing smoothly through your circulatory system.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the four types of heart valves that operate around-the-clock to keep us ticking!

Aortic valve – King Of The Hill

If the heart was Game Of Thrones, then the Aortic valve would be Jon Snow- king or queen (we don’t discriminate here) of them all! This valve separates our left ventricles from our aorta which distributes oxygen-rich blood throughout our body. It sits like royalty atop our entire cardiac-system with no one to dethrone its reign.

An Aortic valve has leaflets that open and close with each new heartbeat caused by ventricular contraction. Fun fact: these leaflets must withstand tremendous physical pressure when opening up – equaling almost about 70 millimeters per mercury.

Why ‘Aotic Valve’ is called “King”? Is there any Queen as well in this race?

  • Well, frankly speaking among those four values for sure ‘Aotic Valve’ stands sharply aloof since many factors have been taken into consideration.
  • Does it mean other valves here are gender-oriented roles? Absolutely not!

What exactly are Mitral Valves?

Move over Doctor Dolittle…we’ve got something even cooler- Mitral Valves. Also known as bicuspid-valve, these beauties resemble wide-eyed butterflies fluttering away in some exotic land/planet passing energy through us mortals simultaneously💜

It operates between left atriums & left ventricle groups [left side of our heart] and prevents the backflow of blood when the left ventricle contracts.

In simpler terms, think Mitral Valves as if they’re bouncers trying to keep ruckus drinkers out from entering a fancy party.

Fun Fact: Got butterflies in your stomach before an interview? – well now you know who’s saying hi!

Tricuspid Valve -The “Three-some” Operator

Surprise! Surprise! There are more than two valves in this world worth knowing. Next up, we have the Tricuspid state council- consisting of not just one but three tiny flaps that separate right atriums & right ventricles keeping our bodies flood-free from bad times brewing ahead.

These guys do all heavy lifting on your right side by allowing oxygen-poor blood [coming back into lungs for replenishment] into it; pumping it forward through pulmonary arteries having picked up fresh oxygen along its journey.🔥 Fun fact: They operate under 20% pressure compared to other valves (when closed) similar to how some folks can handle more pain than others without breaking a sweat.

Trivial point aside,
If these valves were worlds…the ‘Tricuspid’ would be Pluto.

All Hail Pulmonary Valve

Pulmonary may sound like something that accompanies pufferfish or porcupine fish breeds (because PUBG punishes us keener!) – but allow me to introduce you to Pulmonary valve which keeps your respiratory system sailing smoothly with each breath.

Generally speaking, organisms put too much emphasis on their mouth breathing thus overlooking thier nasal ancestry roots grown deep inside them👃 !

So let’s give a short nose-flick salute towards reminding everyone why taking care of these little valvular is so damn vital😉 .

This valve works for commutation between Right Ventricle > Lungs> And Back To Left Atrium. It also helps in keeping bad times at a bay (think) by acting like protective custody with zero tolerance policy for backflow.

Fun Fact: Pulmonary valves operate not much more differently than your standard ‘Shower-spout lever’ at home… just imagine opening or closing one!

Valves- the engine of our Cardiovascular System

Our hearts are marvels of nature; beating around seventy-two times per minute to keep us up and running throughout our lives. And yet, even this incredible organ would be nothing without the humble heart valve!

So let’s honor these tiny flaps that work 24/7 to ensure we live healthy and full life . They may seem small, but they play an essential role in keeping us ticking!

Remember always take care health and love your own thumper💖

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