What are the early signs of thyroid cancer?

So you’re here, reading this article. Are you worried that you might have thyroid cancer? Or perhaps you just like to read funny medical articles? Either way, we’ve got your back with all the early signs and symptoms of thyroid cancer (trust us on this one).

Before we dive into the early indicators and red flags for thyroid cancer, let’s first discuss what it is.

First Things First: What is Thyroid Cancer?

Well, it’s when your thyroid gland goes rogue and starts growing uncontrollably. The lump formed by the overgrowth is called a nodule (or as I like to call them – grape-shaped mutants on my neck); most nodules aren’t cancerous but some can be an indication of malignant growth thereby leading to thyroid cancers.

The three main kinds include papillary (which affects 80% people), follicular and medullary carcinomas. Anaplastic carcinoma also exists where abnormal cells increase & divide rapidly in their spread/behaviour beyond control unlike rest being not agrressive.”) which progresses very quickly which could be fatal

Okay…Now On To The Fun Part!

Alrighty then! Here are some signs that could indicate whether or not there may be something rumbling in our thyroids:

Swell City!

The most common symptom is indeed a swelling sensation at base front side part of neck popularly called as adenopathy that often prompts people towards investigation”. It can happen so slowly that others won’t even notice it until later on down end stage phases later so vigilance counts 🙂

Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked

Thyroids are responsible for our body’s metabolism rate; i.e., making energy from food consumption. If yours’ working double time, then sleeping can become a problem – You may not be able to nod off easily (thanks thyroid!). Now that kind of sucks if you’re one of those in dire need of loud snoring sessions with your partner.

Sweaty Betty

Feeling hot and extra sweaty today for no reason? Is it more than regular workout involvement or side effects from pre work outs ? Maybe it is time to investigate further. Thyroid cancer could result in excessive sweating which may take quite some while to recover & talk about sticky/icky clothes!

Wow! What A Voice

Voice alters are symtptomatic changes certain patients go through so If pitch in the voice has been fluctating a lot/frequent high intensity speaking involved , investigating possible disorders (including sleep apnea) due to thyroid dysfunction should be prioratised .

Meat The Weight Scale

You feel as though the scale numbers have suddenly gone up outta nowhere despite adherance towards excercise regimes adn diets? Hmm…The disrupted hormone function brought on by thyroid cancer culminates into weight gain; sneaky bitch, she is

Before we move on back toward fun topics ; here are come additional signs indicating potential issues:

  • Chronic coughing for which entire family / neighbours knows.
  • Swallowing difficulties when you try swallowing food leads to gagging feeling at least once/twice still worth noting particularly If combined against other tell-tale indicators.
  • Pain who loves pain right ?
  • Breathing problems ( always respect freh air )

Okay now lets dive deep again

We hope this article helped spur some questions and understanding concerning early symptoms related to Thyroid Cancer; but this does not necessarily mean that having any/all these symptoms will lead you straight down ‘ole malignant street either so don’t jump too far ahead as collection/set of symptoms indicate positive diagnosis and even then – don’t over panick, Get in touch with your trusted doctor for a proper diagnosis.

And remember: if all else fails, blame it on the thyroid!

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