What are the different types of rn nurses?

Are you thinking about becoming an RN nurse but have no clue where to start? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered, fam. In this article, we’ll be discussing the different types of RN nurses and what they do.

First Things first: What is an RN Nurse?

Before we dive into the different types of RN nurses, let’s define what a registered nurse (RN) is. According to the American Nurses Association, “An RN license permits you to work as a registered nurse in your state.” Basically, it means that as an RN nurse, you have passed your state’s board exam and are legally certified to practice nursing.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way let’s get into our main topic!

Operating Room (OR) Nurse

Operating Room (OR) Nurses are responsible for taking care of patients who need surgery. They assist physicians during surgical procedures and help prepare patients both physically and emotionally before a procedure.

Fun fact: OR nurses are often referred to as “Scrub Nurses ” because they wear scrubs inside surgeries.


According to PayScale, operating room (OR) nurses earn on average $78k per year in the United States.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) Nurse

Neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) Nurses take care of newborn babies who require serious medical attention such as premature birth or complications from birth.

Common Conditions Treated by NICU Nurses

  • Premature birth
  • Respiratory distress syndrome
  • Heart defects
  • Brain injuries

Type Of Specialized Training Received By NICU Nurses

  • Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP) Certification.
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS- Neonatal) Certification.


According to Nurse.org, the average annual salary for a NICU nurse in the United States is $74,538.

Emergency Room (ER) Nurse

Emergency Room (ER) Nurses work with patients that have serious injuries or are suffering from life-threatening illnesses. They need to be quick on their feet and equipped to handle unpredictable situations every day.

Fun fact: Many ER nurses also train as an EMT (emergency medical technician).

Skills Required of an ER Nurse

  • Ability To Handle High-Stress Situations.
  • Have Excellent Decision-Making Skills.
  • Have Strong Communication Abilities With Both Patients & Physicians.


According to ZipRecruiter’s research, the average annual salary for emergency room/nursing staff is $91k per year in the US.

Geriatric Nursing

Geriatric nursing focuses on caring for elderly patients who may have complex health issues due to aging such as mobility challenges, weakened immune system along with other age-related difficulties.

Common Services Offered By Geriatric Nurses

  • Assisting with basic needs like bathing and dressing
  • Administer medication regularly
  • Chronic Wound Care

### Geriatrics Challenges That Face Nurses In The Field
– Providing quality care while respecting patient autonomy
– Managing chronic conditions within complicated care planning mechanisms

### Salary

Accorsing To Data From 2019 Bureau Of Labor Statistics The Average Annual Wage For A Registered Nurse Working In Skilled Nursng Faculties A.k.a Geriatric Nurse is $65,770 In United States

Mental Health Nursing

Mental health (MH) nursing deals with patients suffering from different mental disorders such as depression, anxiety and other forms of severe psychological distress.

Common Skills Required of an MH Nurse

  • Empathy
  • Strong social skills
  • Ability to identify patient’s symptoms and carry out treatment effectively

### Specialized Training Received by MH Nurses
– Certification in Psychiatry & Mental Health
– Completion Of Degree or Specialty Certifications As Part OF Continued Educational Requirements

### Salary

According To Glassdoor, On Average,MH Nurses earn at least $90k annually in the US.

Pediatric Nursing

Pediatric nurses work with babies, children and adolescents all the way up to young adults providing care for various medical conditions like specialized treatments related to oncology,surgery etc.

Common Duties And Skills Required By The PICU(Nurses)

  • Assisting Parents In Providing Pain Relief Intervention Techniques To Children.
  • Compiling Patient Medical Information Accurately & Relaying Such Data To Physicians Efficiently.

### Salaries

If you choose a career as pediatric nurse, according %Smartnurse program%, the annual salaries break down depending on your years of experience:

Experienced (in practice for over 5 years): AU$75K – AU$110K /year For US: Median salary : USD $72,190(May 2019 BLS.gov).

Congrats! You made it through our list of different types of RN nurses. We hope this provides some insight into what roles exist within nursing beyond just servicing regular hospitalization needs.

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