What are the best fruits to eat when pregnant?

Being pregnant means keeping a lot of things in’ check. You’ve got to keep your emotions stable, watch what you eat and try not to slip on any puddles or stairs (good luck with that)… Oh! … and there’s something else you need – fruits.

So, which are the best fruits for pregnant women? In this article, we’ll explore these fruity gems and why each one should be making its way into every mama-to-be’s diet plan.

Apples: The Crunch From Heaven

Apples make outstanding snacks throughout pregnancy. Why? Because when it comes down to nutritional value per calorie ratio – apples have it in spades!

Let’s break it down;

  • They’re low in calories
  • Rich in fiber
  • Loaded with antioxidants
  • Vitamins galore
  • And even come tied up with their very own natural sugars

Now that sounds like nature’s candy already doesn’t it?

But wait! There’s more…the soluble fibers found in apples can slow digestion, preventing those blood sugar surges from happening; effectively evening out energy levels for all my pregnant peeps out there!

Also worth mentioning is how apple consumption has been associated with lower asthma rates among babies. If that isn’t a reason enough for eating an apple a day…I don’t know what is!

Avocados: Yes Please

Some may call them ugly while others just simply adoring them– though either opinion holds weight-the avocado pear deserves the utmost respect when considering top-tier fruit picks – especially if one wants ‘healthy fats.’

That unique blend of lusciousness makes avocados ideal as an ingredient substitute (buttery-faux mayo anyone?) or as creamy addition whenever guacamole isn’t at arms reach (shameful,I know).

Did I mention they are packed brimming with healthy monounsaturated fats or that they come with a side of virtually every essential nutrient you could ask for in both an avocado seed and flesh? Better yet…even with all this goodness…the average avocado serves satisfaction without any added guilt.

Bananas: A Slam Dunk

Ready to meet the fruit king? That’s right, it is bananas! Sorry pineapple lovers we get it, but for now, bananas reign supreme amongst pregnant peeps when considering fruity nourishment.

Not only are they cheap (yes!) and convenient as heck(Yes yes!), but a banana has enough fiber to keep your belly feeling comfortably full while also providing potassium – all while sitting pretty at just about the perfect amount of calories one can veer from throughout pregnancy. Plus…they’re even simple to digest.

So what does potassium do exactly?

Well here’s a brief rundown:

  • It helps regulate fluid balance during periods of hormonal fluctuation
  • Can help prevent leg cramps
  • In cases where high blood pressure may develop -it aids in keeping one on guard

With such benefits wouldn’t you say girls go bananas for them don’t you think?

Citrus Fruits : The Tangy Treat Your Taste buds Love

It cannot be emphasized enough how crucial vitamin C is especially when pregnant since; not only does our immune system need it more than ever before…but so too seem some key fetal development markers according to research evidence out there. Enter citrus fruits!

Citrus brings much-needed zing into stolidness diets whilst simultaneously being jam-packed full of vitamins like Vitamin C alongside nutrients capable of boosting absorption rates (cue Bioflavonoids). Also worth noting is how these tangy treats provide natural energy boosts-a huge plus point especially in that third trimester fatigue-exhaustion fog (YES), this saves time off important chores without having mommy-to-be feel run down by midday).

The next time Y’all go shopping, try stocking up on;

  • Oranges
  • Limes
  • Grapefruits
    Of course, lemons are in this mix too!

Berries: Small and Mighty

Whoever said big things come in small packages was definitely talking about berries. These petite-sized superfoods would work wonders when snacking at any given moment throughout pregnancy.


Because they tackle so many of your daily vitamin requirements head-on.

Berries come with a bevy of antioxidants like anthocyanins while also bearing fiber that keeps the calorie count low…great for munching without any guilt pangs cropping up later! They are even capable of correcting iron deficiencies since no pregnant mom should needlessly suffer from anemia -at least not over something as commonplace as berry consumption (ABSOLUTELY).

Let’s do some comparisons:

A single cup comprised only blueberries provides 24% RDI(Vitamin C),36% (Vitamin K1) alongside multiple minerals like manganese thereby marking them a potential cure-all fruity options distinctly worthy to incorporate wherever possible.

Of course, there is more to choose from here; you could try strawberries or raspberries too but why stop there? Out foraging yourself and wondering which bush bears what cherishable kernels? Keep scrolling down then because we have more to uncover!!

Dates : The Sweetest Fruits Making Rounds

Dates aren’t indigenous staples per se/the typical go-to snacks where snacking behavior(especially during pregnancy) goes-but OH BOY!’ You betcha bottom dollar they are sure worth considering especially if sugar happens to be craving’s slayer –you know what I mean ladies-

Just two Medjooldates serve 18g or nearly 50 percent RDI levels, dietary fibers at merely whopping ~7g plus other loads of mineral & vitamins crucial by anyone nutrition standards…occasionally giving expectant women an easy pass they deserve when something sweet is much and compulsive snacking is rife.

Grapes : A Sweet Grape Treat

Away from the wine(we know it can be tough…it’s red…it tastes great!)..a handful of seedless grapes ought to do your taste buds some culinary justice. This fruit has been reported as supplying a flavor burst, mineral-&-fiber-packed power worth every bite…as well providing oodles of resveratrol which may potentially benefit easing issues like preeclampsia; However, extensive research must still be done as this confirmation remains pending (Even the vibe makes us say ‘SIGN US UP’).

It would not hurt even bad cholesterol reducers across diabetes-inclined individuals appearing same goes for pregnant women in search of wellness goodies like. Let’s try squeezing more grape juice out -not that we need an extra reason-nor helping ourselves with another glass full!

Kiwis: The Fruits With Insoluble Fiber Goodness!

Remember that time you went on holiday…I bet a kiwi was served alongside breakfast plates apart from cuppas tea? Ah! Definitely one delicious way to start any day unwinding before tucking into today’s plans.

But did you also know eating kiwis bears unrivaled nutritional content essential for pregnancy within its perimeters?

From digestive support where constipation reduction (thanks to loads fiber) by embracing these fruits’ insolubility or rather nutrient loadout includes potassium –great at keeping blood pressure flows controlled-it seems our green friends won’t ever disappoint (I dare anyone contradict me here, puts feet up!).

Oh muh lord…and I haven’t even broached ig’s Vitamin C levels yet…with 75 percent RDI served being common placing them among our citrus category counterparts-maybe just instead think lowkey lime substitutes if needed.

That said-notice how above all benefits none mention seeds removal kerfuffle nor peeling hassles. It’s that fuzzy exterior; this fruit variety kind of rocks!

Mangoes: We Are OBSESSED!!!

First Date Fruits and now we get to divulge about the exotic sweetness of mangoes! Trusty companions on a hot summer afternoon, bearing such an incredible burst of savory-sweet flavor-so much so it’s almost too difficult having just one piece (SERIOUSLY THOUGH).

Meet the trending MANGO-mama-to-be-friendly junk food replacement you would never expect it was loaded with vitamins A & C for immune support alongside fibers guaranteed to keep your digestion in check. Moreover, see how their insanely tender flesh offer iron levels capable of curbing expected low iron count-lowering occurrences-an obvious thing leading up to welcoming babe.

And are there more reasons stacked away at our mango leaves? Of course!! But do let me not digress here.

Melons : The Hydrating Fruit Yummy All Around

Can I please hear a resounding VIVA all pregnant mammas out there making healthy foods choices every day?? Thanks alright great because today’s winner out here goes- Melons


Because they bring essential fluids into momma bears’ body like no other fruits can claim (they’re ~90% water!) thus preventing dehydration whilst keeping skin looking radiant too-well hydrated/ happy hormones/skin glows -pure magic right there sis-

Also worth examining is how eating melons can aid weight management through shedding off those calorie counts-where metabolism triggers are pushed higher profiting even further overall pregnancy experience as it balances sugar cravings by staving them when served chilled or frozen thus ideal highsummere weather delicacies-yum before yeasts!

If need be try kicking up heat all year round you won’t regret trying:


Passionfruit may also work though its protein and iron levels are not as high compared to these other three

Pears: A An All Seasons Letdown- Yes We Said It

Appearances can definitely be deceiving…when it comes down to the pear fruit one would readily declare that they kind of bring everything you need whilst miss none-and rightfully on queue mostly!

From regulated blood sugar levels-because no pregnant woman wants unexpected highs or crashes adding extra trips for ice cream stops when tired-for fiber and flavonoids.

Here’s a fun fact -did y’all know pears correspondingly may even improve gut bacteria relationships all this while providing appropriate hydration value?

So ladies let’s stop hunting down excuses for following what moms have long attested true:

“eat a pear day, keep nagging cravings at bay”

Well…I might’ve added the nagging bit-but am sure our mothers’ wisdom implored similar tidings too (why breaking tried & tested mantras after all!?).

Pineapples + Papayas & Back To Celebrating Sweetness!!

Aaahh…the two golden tropical fruits capable of crisp changes made through recipes…

Pineapple can add some zing in any stir-fry sauce. On the other hand perfectly flavorful papaya –When combined with curdled milk –provides curry dishes so distinctively satisfying keeping taste buds guessing where flavor notes are sprung from-Talk about diversity!!!

Moreover, just because we’ve arrived here doesn’t mean savor-worthy functionality is gone-below is why-

Bromelain compound available in those delicious-in-taste pineapples aid indigestion support-after all how irrelevant sounding gum struggles get often during pregnancy owing particular periods like first trimester nausea.

While away at papayas’ sweet milky fragrance besides sundries like vitamins A&C…that Vitamin C hit? There you go again girls-I told Y’all citrus didn’t just belong there alone where vitamin Cs go-set off these two on their own and explore paradisiacal depths!

Plums: Come What May

Well…the verdict out here sharpens around fruit capable of guaranteeing the strengthening of a sidekick organ –The liver-which in turn promotes better self-health-

This amazing feature is thanks entirely to plums having high chlorogenic acid levels suitable for cleaning up-toxins wastages ensures peace-of-mind – if only all our problems could go down that drain(We can dream though,…we can dream…)

What about blood sugar control capacity? Not on this tree variety unfortunately…but all you have to do is mix matches with options like pears, apples or mangoes every once in a while keeping those belly cravings satiated.

Overall, Its fun ticking different boxes worth uncovering new sensations from unchartered fruits varieties. Oozing sumptuous hydrating qualities amongst others along multi-faceted progressive benefits caring potential don’t matter how they’re served so long as one’s dietary needs are catered for satisfactorily-addicts we’ll forever remain then! (HEAR HEAR)

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