What are the best free fitness apps?

Are you a couch potato searching for the best fitness apps? Besides being funny, I’m going to be your guide to getting fit and healthy without pulling out your wallet. Let’s not waste any more time picking up those dumbbells.


Before we dive into the world of free fitness apps, let me warn you that you’re in for a treat. You’ll find a variety of colorful apps to pick from—all aiming at helping you get into shape. Now don’t worry if this will end up feeling like a boot camp – it won’t! The aim here is to have fun while still reaching all your workout goals.

Why Do We Need Fitness Apps Anyways?

As humans evolved, our daily lifestyle became sedentary with desk jobs, food ordering on smartphones and having everything within reach in one click due to improved technology. This kind of lifestyle can lead to various health ailments like obesity, heart issues or weak stamina making us feel unfit both mentally and physically.

But thanks be unto mobile technology which keeps users updated their posture status while sitting or help people start exercise routines from scratch giving them an extra boost when struggling with motivation . All these kinds of functionalities are consumer-friendly especially during desperate times when actual gym memberships aren’t convenient because they save individuals time money in other things outside workouts overall healthier approach lives.

Top 6 Best Free Fitness Apps

After serious consideration (or maybe just after digging around) I narrowed down some top free app options deserving attention, so check them out below:

MyFitness Pal

This app made by Under Armour helps count calories better whether dieting restriction recommendations types keto low fat balance or whatever nutrition needs user prefer.Users upload info about what they plan on eating throughout the day and then input exercises done too—anytime before/during/after meals—which helps calculate how many remaining snacks/calories/events should come later taking certain form so individuals don’t slip into unhealthy cravings saved record data makes this app become a fully functional weight loss management tool.


With a name like that, you know it’s gotta be an entertaining fitness app for starters. Ready to begin exercise routines at home or while taking a break from office work? Look no further! SWORKIT has provided over six million pre-set workouts including yoga, stretching and strength training options which can customize depending on preference and free time available. Users follow instructions of professional trainers just like in-person sessions teaching modifications & variations for every move keep putting right foot forth (or left if dictated by fitness level) until one becomes stronger each day.

Not feeling workout pressure? Relax then and switch modes more with meditations; have some self-loving intentions such as breathing mindfully guided through focused mental imagery exercises.

Couch To 5K

Be truthful—are you the kind who hesitates when deciding whether they should lace up your sneakers because of your lack of motivation ? No worries, the “Couch-to-5K” is here to help all newbies lift their energy levels and enjoy jogging safely .

This beloved beginner-friendly running platform takes users exercising step-by-step gradually increasing distance/strength building also modifying distances when needed explaining proper alignment completing runs according latest guidelines . Whether potential runners eventually lead local races, compete virtual ones share knowledge friends together , there’s bound something fun struggle-free within anyone’s reach!

Zombies Run

Even though Halloween season’s may long passed, but we still need to prepare against the zombie apocalypse —just kidding! With people looking for much-needed encouragement staying consistently active amidst lockdowns or general laziness, now operates key component: RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!

Joining communal contests is past its due date – capture instead sense adventure motivated app introduces narrative supplemented sound effects depicting fictional end times via music tracks lets incorporate HIIT themed workouts too. How’s that for boring? Turn them off and seek out other groups while jogging somewhere magnificent or treadmill interval training where necessary!


Do you love working out but normally like to do it in privacy ? Whether it’s yoga, hip hop dance classes, sculpting core challenges or bodyweight strength building sessionsin company of virtual pals ?? FitON has got ya covered!

Led by celebrity fitness stars with upbeat playlists personalizing touches app supplies on-board nutritional coaching meal planning diverse post-exercise stress relief techniques as well offering users soundest personalized advice adjusts fluctuating energy levels more. You can track your achievements individualized approach records measurements reflecting your progress diligently.

Nike Training Club

We all know that just being active isn’t enough—it’s also about breaking a sweat and targeting specific muscles during each session. That’s exactly what Nike Training Club (NTC) offers its users—options to choose among courses whatsoever desired difficulty level endurance/time commitment goals.

Whether preparing a marathon burnout additional calories stretches are key before beginning an intense workout regimen amirite?. Aside from cycle & strength exercises NTC provides multi-day bootcamp programs ,clean recipes focus trying different ones challenging gym buddies whenever possible.

Final Thoughts

If you’re still living under the impression that staying healthy costs money then my friend, allow me to tell you one last time: IT IS A MYTH! Download any of these free fitness apps now – right this second—so have no more excuses flaking on exercising due to tight budgets availability is about high functionality which means No Time can never be used anymore as an effective ‘if-only’ alibi.Most importantly though, always remember why starting any kind self-improvement journey—in this case getting fit is crucial because overall strong physique = stronger mental regards making individuals feel good . Remain resolute in reforming lifestyle cultivating healthier choices make permanent difference in everyday living higher quality of life experiences for years ahead.

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