What are the benefits of black currant seed oil?

Do you often find yourself searching for a magical elixir that will fix all your health problems? Something that can take care of everything from your hair to your toe nails? Look no further than black currant seed oil! This oil is like a superhero, with the ability to improve everything from skin to joint health. Not convinced yet? Well then hold onto your hats folks because we are taking a deep dive into the world of black currant seed oil and its many benefits.

What even is Black Currant Seed Oil?

Before getting into why this oil is so good for us, let’s talk about what it actually is. So bear with me as I try not to bore you senseless like those old chemistry teachers used to do in high school.

Black currants themselves are kind of interesting little guys. They’re small berries that grow on shrubs and have been around for hundreds – if not thousands – of years. These tiny fruits contain seeds which are packed full of fatty acids (omega-3s and omega-6s). And these fats happen to be crucial components our body needs in order function correctly and stay as beautiful as possible [1].

Nowadays you can get black currant seed oils at specialty stores, drugstores or even online shops easily! The trick here lies within finding one that guarantees no additives, fillers or synthetic compounds whatsoever.

But…why consume more fat when we’ve long lived through years upon years telling people “fats make us sick”? Well simply put; different fats carry different properties [2] don’t go mad scientists on me please!

Oh Mega Omega:

The essential fatty acids found in the seeds contain omega-3 & 6 polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) whose metabolism plays an important role in inflammatory processes which play out inside our body [3].
PUFAs cannot be produced by our own bodies themselves and must come from external sources you heard right, I know it is hard to imagine grandma ever needing those fats – but she did!

Omega-3 fatty acids are also known to prevent a host of diseases such as heart disease, stroke and even cancer! Plus they assist in reducing cholesterol levels [5] that’s like eating your cake and having it too I can hear the dietitians arrrrivinggg.

They don’t stop there though. They promote better cognitive function,which will help you realise why people get tickled over pineapple on pizza for instance, improve mood disorders (bringing back joy into skipping into the park), fertility issues & many more!

Benefits of Black Currant Seed Oil:

Skin Health

Alright, so let’s start with what everyone wants: good ol’ vanity health! The essential fatty acids found in black currant seed oil can actually benefit your skin big time. These fatty acids offer moisture which makes skin soft & supple while helping reduce sebum production (adios oily peeps) & aiding against inflammation; preventing conditions such as acne or dermatitis [6].

And men pay attention here – this includes beard hair too because hey you need some moisturizer love for that bushy friend hanging under your chin!!

But never forget folks consistency is key when implementing something new to your routine especially if we’re talking about things sinking into our largest organ laying outside 😉

Goodbye Joint Pain!

So maybe these days instead of wanting beauty products a lot amongst us want pain relief due to either joint ache or post-exercise soreness so bad?! Inflammation causing chronic systemic changes may lead towards premature aging signs, osteoarthritisand even cardiovascular risks; all on top of constant discomfort slowing us down physically & mentally[7]no one really enjoys physical therapy do they?

The gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) produced by omega-6 in blackcurrant oil has been suggested to be beneficial for reducing rheumatoid arthritis & relieving joint discomfort caused due to such symptoms [8]Woohoo!. A GLA-rich diet can serve as an alternative therapy or combination therapy [9] fancy term, but basically it means including this in your eating & drug plan both.

Brain Food

Okay let’s chat about the brain a little now because goodness knows we could all use some productivity help during these endless Zoom meetings!

As mentioned earlier Omega-3s contain polyunsaturated fatty acids that play important roles when it comes to cognitive processes [10] . So not only does black currant seed oil help keep our heart functioning smoothly, but it also helps promote better memory retention and mental clarity.

Keep in mind, supplementing itself isn’t going to raise Einstein out of you overnight – brain health takes consistent improvement over time. But rest assured knowing those past mistakes where you forget which day was trash day happen with less frequency!

How To Use Black Currant Seed Oil:

Now before jumping into buying bottles upon bottles of the oils stock up, there are crucial points one must know beforehand:

  1. Carrier Oils: Vitamins such as E&A need fats around them so they don’t spoil instead act like antioxidants themselves(regular Joe Bloe stuff). Thus mixing with carrier oils suggested include grapeseed, rosehip & jojoba.
  2. Dosage: General average dosage level 400 mg is advised however doses vary between conditions keeping health status checked will come handy too!
  3. Storage: Keep the darkness on its side folks! Heat &, bright light sources tend cause rapid oxidation making oily acrid smelling quick-burners so then ensure storing somewhere cool and dark.

These pointers weren’t just included here seemingly out of nowhere. By following the usage tips above, you can ensure maximum benefits from black currant seed oil.

Wrapping Up:

Thus we have concluded why blackcurrant is definitely a force to be reckoned with: aiding in our skin health (no more dry patchy faces!), relieving arthritic pain and reducing risks towards certain disease / conditions.

So remember folks/black current-enthusiasts raise your hand if this article has convinced you!, embrace adding some of these powerful little guys into your routine!

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