What are the bad side effects of crestor?

We’ve all been there before. Your doctor hands you a prescription, your local pharmacist is happy to oblige, and before you know it – you’re on the magic pill known as Crestor. It’s supposed to do wonders for lowering high cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke. But wait! Is there something else that comes along with those fat-lowering benefits? We hate to break it to you, but yes – there are some not-so-pleasant side effects that come with taking this medication.

In this hilarious piece, we’ll take a deep dive into Crestor‘s side effects and show why laughter may be the best medicine when dealing with its numerous downsides.

What is Crestor?

Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s first discuss what exactly Crestor is doing in our bodies (and causing so many unfortunate outcomes.) This medication falls under the HMG-CoA reductase inhibitor drug class which helps lower blood cholesterol levels in patients by inhibiting an enzyme responsible for creating cholesterol within the liver.

But hey – who cares about how medical jargon works when we could instead talk about its funny side-effects?

The Good(ish) News

Lower Risk of Heart Attacks & Death

Many people start taking “the crestor” in order to decrease their risk of developing heart disease via lowered LDL bad  cholesterol numbers among other necessary steps such as lifestyle changes etc.

Helps Control Cholesterol Levels:

One reason why so many Americans turn towards (symbol)Crestor is due  its heightened control over one’s cholestrol levels- helping them meet certain goals without any diet restrictions whatsoever!

Bad Side Effects: Buckle up!

Now here’s where things start getting interesting….

Don’t say “we didn’t warn ya.”


There are not many things worse that one can imagine in life than headaches- unless of course, you’ve had a Crestor-induced headache. In which case the worst thing imaginable would likely be developing another one.

Muscle Pain & Weakness

If you thought getting up off the couch and walking was already hard enough – try doing it after taking Crestor! This medication causes muscle pain and weakness as time progresses.


One could argue there are moments where dizziness is part of our everyday lives especially when we’re stuck in a relationship with awful partners or dealing with way too much work on their plate!! However these situation differ from being affected by Crestor relating to dizziness in any instance. Sudden jerks/spinning motions for lack of better words define this symptom.

Let’s Laugh It Off!

We know what you might be thinking now: “Wow, taking ‘the crest’ sounds like going on an unwanted adventure.” Though we respect your concerns about some of these odd happenings caused by this medication, let’s focus on finding true joy within them instead!

You can’t really plan things completely  as life hit us all unexpectedly, eh? Well lucky for you here’s a small list(provided below) to downgrade those groaning instances while watching ‘Suits’, excessively reading comics or perusing through other hilarious but effective alternatives.

Side Effect Cure
Headaches Laying down in silence drapes bottle over forehead.
Muscle Pain Unknowingly exercising more till body improves
“Spins” Call up Funny Friend

Important disclaimer: make sure that if reactions get severe or no laughter point happens whatsoever – call up advice hotline provided with prescription immediately.

At our endorphin inducing summit today please keep both ears fully open; because as we can see there really is no end to the ridiculous humor in life. Even negative situations shouldn’t be taken too heavily(and fortunately laughter do help reduce stress levels).

So thank you for joining us on this journey! Let’s hope your next pill “joyride” isn’t quite as wild (but if it is, just bring out the jokes and keeping laughing).

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