What are symptoms of pancreatic pain?

Are you feeling some pain in your upper abdomen area and unable to pinpoint the cause? Well, there’s a chance could be caused by pancreatic pain. The pancreas is an elongated gland organ located below and behind the stomach that produces insulin and enzymes responsible for digestion.

If this sweet little guy starts hurting, there are several symptoms associated with it; let’s dive into them!

Location of the Pain

Pancreatic pain is usually felt in the upper abdomen area, with most patients feeling discomfort around their belly button or slightly above it. The location becomes more specific as the condition progresses. Of course, other conditions mimic this symptom – so don’t get ahead of yourself thinking you are Celine Dion because your heart will go on!

Degree of Pain

When dealing with pancreatic pain – just like most other types of body pains – how much it hurts ranges from person to person and situation to situation. However, people dealing with acute pancreatic inflammation typically experience sudden pancreatic organ swelling coupled with severe abdominal discomfort.

Although comparatively less than acute situations, chronic cases may still experience dull persistent pain without any warning signs- just like listening to Christmas songs outside December!


Vomiting can accompany 45% percent individuals experiencing intolerable levels (depending on who cooked your meal)of pancreatititic agony. Additionally alongside vomiting: nausea- one step before throwing up/helicoptering food indoors can come about at varying degrees – sometimes mild enough only resulting in loss appetite.

The degree(spirit molecules) varies depending on individuality and level(seasoning). Extra advice :pregnant women should consult their doctor before taking medication if they suffer from nausea constantly not related childbirth cravings(even though ice cream is craving inducing).

Appetite Loss/Fetish Change?!

With intense pancreatitis comes decreased desire concerning consuming edibles.. meaning that you may show excitement in food but the thought of actually ingesting it is non existent. One more thing: there’s a chance new cravings arise – like Rick James jonesing for Charlie Murphy’s couch!


Jaundice happens when too much bilirubin(what makes your poo brown) accumulates in your blood due to liver cessation/deterioration . When this compound turns yellow, eye whites or skin might change color be less appealing anymore than a Charlie Sheen love interest list.

In some cases of pancreatitis, there could be blockage(stopping moving poop bizness) inside bile ducts which causes dilatation making eyes and skin appear extra yellow!

Commentary: If it goes untreated until later phases, jaundice pains can worsen – treatment becomes different because no one wants to look like a Simpson; make sure you seek medical attention quickly if symptoms persist!!

Itchy Skin

Although uncommon, individuals who have biliary obstruction related jaundice may experience itching sensation all around their body due to elevated pro-inflammatory cytokines. (see-we told you we’d use big words!)

The person would feel itchy anywhere on their body –head down to toe- without any rash visible anywhere else nearby..

We want everything under good greasy control/not looking Medieval dressed people coming at us with torches.

Now that we’ve laid out common and not-so-common symptoms associated with pancreatic pain or inflammation let’s dive into ways doctors treat these issues:

Pain Management

Most patients receive moderate-to-less-severe pain medication through injection.They also prescribe medicine/drugs containing oxycodone(a powerful opiate known as percocet!) used just after receiving an operation.

They prefer using codeine products which are less potent than oxycontin however side effects such as drowsiness tend emerge slightly higher resulting in an Enter the Dragon dojo state of mind.


Doctor’s treat those suffering from pancreatic pain through surgically inserting a catheter or different endoscopic treatment methods to inject anesthesia directly inside areas traditionally hard to reach through conventional methods!

Helping with severe(5/5) and long-term discomfort- It is crazy how injecting foam like substance(relax, it’s medicated foam) around that sweet little pancreas can lessen your disruptions!

Infra-red Coagulation

When dealing Biliary obstruction hiccups let infra-red coagulation take care (both literally & metaphysically!) used to dry out leaking vessels near outlet where digestive enzymes leaks(get this – caused by mini earthquakes that takes place)!

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