What are six principal functions of the skeletal system?

Yo, humans! Gather around and let’s get down and funky with our bones. Yes, those white things that hold us all together are more than just a Halloween decoration or a chew toy for dogs.

Believe it or not, our skeletal system does many things beyond looking creepy in x-rays or providing structure for that weird bonedance you do at 2 am when nobody is watching (or sometimes even if they are).

So sit back, relax your funny bone (which actually isn’t technically part of your skeleto-muscular system but we’ll roll with it), and check out these six primary bone-tastic functions.

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Supports Our Body

Oh yeah baby, our bones are like the ultimate skeleton construction crew. They team up to form an internal framework that holds everything else in place. Just imagine trying to stand upright without them – you would be a limp sack of skin flopping around like some deranged seal on land.

Not only do they help us maintain posture so we can show off how much taller we are compared to everyone else (#humblebrag), they also provide support for vital organs such as the brain, heart, and lungs which otherwise would have nowhere to call their own.

Helps Us Move With Style

Think about Michael Jackson moonwalking across stage or Beyonce shaking her rump like no one is watching (but really everyone is). Without our solid bony friends this wouldn’t be possible – movement requires leverage provided by muscles pulling against bones aka putting them closer together/tensioning them.

Ribs protect our valuable inner bits from injury while still allowing room for breathing; femurs allow us run after ice cream trucks just before they disappear into thin air; fingers give us freedom to flex on haters with dope hand signs.

Mineral Storage of Champions

Bones are like the storage unit of awesomeness. They keep a stash of minerals such as calcium, phosphorus and potassium to help us absorb these essentials even when we have not had enough through our diet (which I’m sure never happens because you eat super healthy and sophisticated food only). The benefit is that if we need them later on for body function -say after breaking a bone- the reserves can be released back into circulation.

Make no mistake, those little guys they put in milk advertisements exist to make bones withstand assault from their mortal enemy osteoporosis. Don’t say we didn’t warn ya – take your supplements or face oblivion!

Blood Cell Production Center Stage

Our marrow does more than brag about being in French onion soup; it has some game-changing benefits too. Inside the bones lies red bone marrow which sends forth all kinds of blood cells including RBCs (red blood cells) who are responsible for distributing oxygen throughout your bodacious body.

White blood cells come out to play when infection invades, fighting off bad germs while keeping good bacteria safe (sorry hand sanitizer companies!). Additionally, clotting factors ensure that cuts don’t lead to becoming human lawn sprinklers spraying bodily fluids everywhere.

Facilitation of Movement & Muscle Attachment Sites

To get swole one needs both gains bro and anatomical ability – this involves strong muscles anchored by those jiggly things known as tendons or tone defying lines between muscle-bone junction sites making movement across a joint possible . Our skeletal system provides bony points where muscles attach so you could get buff AF with proper training (#fitfam).

Good examples include our patella ie kneecap or glenoid fossa shoulder socket which confer unique mechanical advantages allowing fine motor skills like throwing ball lightning around.

Protection From Injury Like A Pro

The ultimate defence against obliteration – safety is paramount when it comes to our organs (but especially the heart, it’s not like we have spares). Bones act as shields and guards for these vital players; some examples include the cranium protecting your brain from that smart-alec who dared to say you were wrong or those witty rheumatologists blogging snark about their geriatric hip replacement patients.

These days people take full advantage of this feature by sporting customization such as helmets decorated in team logos during sports matches or truck nuts on automobile exteriors.

The Hilarious Human Guide Finale

We hope we kept ya entertained while schooling you today (can’t believe we made learning fun). It’s easy to take for granted what goes on beneath our skin – but truth fact is, a superhero job performed every day without seeking recognition.

Next time someone mentions bones you can look back at all with wonder at how much they contribute! So until next time cheers humans, remember there are more functions yet undiscovered . . . now get up and dance!! Do the bonedance!!

(If anyone asks? We don’tknow her.)

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