What are side effects of heat exhaustion?

It’s the heat that makes summer more exciting, but it’s also the same thing that can cause problems. You’re probably wondering why? Simple, heat exhaustion does not discriminate and it happens to even the toughest of us. Here you will learn everything you need to know about this discomforting condition.

What is Heat Exhaustion?

Let’s start with what causes it. Have you ever been outside on a sweltering hot day and felt like your body was melting? That feeling might just be heat exhaustion (not fun at all).

Heat exhaustion occurs when we overexert ourselves in high temperatures leading to overheating our body beyond limits of regulation resulting in a series of side effects.


One way or another we always find out we are suffering from Heat Exhaustion eventually by these symptoms:

Sweating Tons

Sudoriferous glands do their magic as soon as your internal temperature begins reaching its peak capacity. Meaning sweat-drenched clothes will most likely expose those extra layers underneath which never gets aired out.

Temperature Dysregulation Issue

The inability for one’s core temperature to regulate normally could indicate an underlying issue such as having dysautonomia or hypovolemia making things much worse entirely.

Accelerated Heart Rate

Have you ever gotten back up after being seated for long hours only to have instant light-headedness combined with heart palpitations? Yes! That may well mean your heart has increased output so it can try its best against dehydration caused by your sweating profusely.

Nausea And Dizziness

These vile demons come together quite predictably causing great unrest due to drop-in blood pressure hence lack of enough oxygen pushingly goes straight virtual blood rushes in ones head!

It appears pretty irritating right?
Now let’s move onto some other lovely side effects…

Other Side Effects of Heat Exhaustion

Severe Headache

Congratulations!!! You have just unlocked a Migraine – Heat Edition with higher voltage due to the skyrocketing heat (Jokes Aside, please drink water and let that love flow!).

Pro tip: Add Lemons to your water as it is known for its cooling effects.


Let’s face it… All day fun in scorching sun will leave you feeling exhausted even after having 8-10 hours of sleep along with an extra mid-day nap! The heat can be quite demanding which leads our body into expending more energy trying to deal with these warmer conditions.

Loss Of Consciousness

One minute you are enjoying yourself sipping some lemonade then the next thing; everything goes dark, leaving you wondering where am I and how did I get here? Well, folks this calls for seeking immediate medical attention or taking a long break from all activities on that jolly sunny day!

Prevention Is Best Cure

Much better off safe than sorry right?! Here are tips & tricks:

  1. Stay Hydrated:
    Drinking plenty of water helps keep fluid levels up in one’s own personal “ocean” decreasing chances of dehydration.

  2. Proper Clothing :
    Honestly Guys its summertime no need for over-layering clothes! Dress appropriately in light-colored breathable fabrics providing good ventilation turning us into beautiful conductor boards letting excess warmth escape.

  3. Plan Outdoor Activities Sensibly:
    Why roam around during peak hot timings when risk rates spiked beyond acceptable limits?! Schedule outings wisely instead going at coolest portions during morning or evening times if possible avoiding direct sunlight whenever feasible.

  4. Make Use Of Shades And Sunhats:
    It may appear trendy but actually does act as life savers against UV rays emitted by sun hence preventing overheating altogether whilst equally keeping everyone fashionable too!

And last but not least…

  1. Avoid Over-Consuming Alcohol & Soft Drinks:
    Oh come on… Did you think they would not make this list (Jokes aside, yes we know how comforting a cold beer can be though moderation is key especially in these hot circumstances!)


It’s hilarious discussing undesirable side effects of Heat Exhaustion but it’s no laughing matter when suffering from them! It’s best staying alert and taking preventive measures for any potential risks than seeking medical attention afterwards.

Stay safe!

Remember: Stay cool, stay hydrated- don’t become your own personal radiator.

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